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How to build email subscribers from social media. I remember reading an article years ago about email being dead.

How to build email subscribers from social media

Well…long live email. When you share something out on social media channels typically less than 5% of people actually get to see it. If you’re sharing on email around 20% of people will see it. And… ….there’s also another difference. Seeing something on social media is like seeing a billboard as you’re driving by. 10 Excellent Email Marketing Infographics. Email. From securing buy-in from senior managers to tailoring your content, Southampton City Council guides you through the 10 stages for setting up a new email system for your authority. 1: Influence and negotiate Create a strong business case and present it convincingly to your senior management team.


Rosanna Coppen, Communications Manager at Southampton City Council, says: "Your business case should include an audit of how many group enewsletters / emails your council is sending out on a regularly basis to different audiences via unsuitable platforms such as Outlook, and also what printed items you can move to e-updates creating savings on print design and distribution. " An audit showed that Southampton City Council had a range of email marketing platforms which service areas had acquired over time and were not working efficiently. 10 Tips on How to Reduce Unsubscribes from Your Email List. They say the money is the list.

10 Tips on How to Reduce Unsubscribes from Your Email List

Email addresses are a valuable asset to your business and can help you build new prospects and new sales on a daily basis. However, when potential clients share their email address with you there is a level of responsibility and trust you must earn in keeping in touch with them. Over communicating and not delivering on promises is a surefire way to get people to unsubscribe. Email lists are the digital version of the traditional mailing address list, which means farther marketing reach, but it’s also easier to get taken off of an email list. So, unsubscribes are the last thing a marketer wants to see. Email Etiquette: Formal Or Informal? Finding the right balance of formality when producing any form of content – be it for the web or not ­– is, and always has been, somewhat of a tight rope act.

Email Etiquette: Formal Or Informal?

Social media has given rise to the informal marketing tactic. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube – these are the modern day tools that we use to present the human side of our businesses to our followers and online audience. These are social networks, and so it is no surprise, really, that the type of content that works well for them are the less formal, almost casual, often humorous (though let’s not forget interesting and entertaining) posts that can very quickly garner the much coveted engagement that we are all after from our potential clients.

Indeed, social media marketing is as much about entertaining the masses as it is about flogging our wares to them. Blogs, too, it seems to have been largely accepted, are best off if they are left as informal as possible. But, this blog is not about blogs or social media. Five Email Marketing Practices That Need to Die. More than 122 billion emails are sent every hour, demonstrating that email is a powerful medium that will continue to be a reliable method for companies to gain and retain customers.

Five Email Marketing Practices That Need to Die

With that staggering statistic in mind, marketers must master the art of engaging content when competing with a cluttered inbox. Unfortunately, some marketers still dilute ROI by engaging in email marketing practices that are hurting business. When refining your email marketing strategy, consider leaving these deadly practices behind. 1. Hiding Opt-Outs Modern-day subscribers are pampered and possess very little patience. 28 Excellent Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing. Recently I stumbled on a study from the marketing research firm Econsultancy that confirmed something I already suspected… They asked companies “How do you rate the following channels in terms of return on investment?”

28 Excellent Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing

Email marketing out performed all other channels with 22% of companies rating email marketing ROI as excellent. Personally email marketing is an excellent channel for me and I agree that the ROI of email marketing is excellent. As I have realized the power of email marketing for some time I have studied it extensively and compiled the list of 25 tips below to help you make the most of your email marketing efforts. Enjoy! 1. 10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Email Open Rates. Boost your email's chances of being opened by following these quick tips from Sikich.

10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Email Open Rates

"Before sending your emails, tell your recipients what type of content they can expect and how often they'll be hearing from you," states Sikich. When you do send the email, send it from a real person. Avoid impersonal email addresses. Also, spend time crafting an engaging subject line: "64% of people say they open an email because of the subject line," states Sikich. 10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Email Open Rates. How to Manage Email Deliverability: Six Simple Best-Practices. The email deliverability landscape is in constant flux, influenced in great part by the proliferation of mobile devices and subscriber engagement-based filtering.

How to Manage Email Deliverability: Six Simple Best-Practices

Adapting to such industry changes increases the ability to reach audiences and generate revenue from digital messaging campaigns. But managing deliverability can challenge even the most well-respected brand. Government regulations, inconsistent Internet service provider (ISP) policies, emerging technologies, and changes in subscriber behavior all add to the complexity. As a result, one in six email messages never reaches the inbox, going directly to junk folders or disappearing altogether. 15 Truly Awesome Email Marketing Growth Hacks. 50 Awesome Ways to Get More Leads. With email marketing continuing to be such a powerful medium Forrester research predicts that on average over 9000 email marketing messages will be delivered to every active email address this year.

50 Awesome Ways to Get More Leads

Divide that number by 365 and that’s almost 25 marketing messages per day to each user’s inbox. Clearly the competition for attention in the inbox is intense but email marketing is still a very effective and worthwhile marketing channel and when you discover how to get more leads you can use this knowledge to grow your business and drive sales. In order to combat the ever increasing competition for attention online you will need to capture more leads and follow up with more people. Getting more leads consists of two main components: Get plenty of traffic to your lead capture formGet as many people who see your sign up form to take action and sign up This post contains the most powerful tips and tools that I have used add five figures of free leads to my email list during the past few years. 1. 2.

15 Email Marketing Myths Debunked! How well do you understand email marketing?

15 Email Marketing Myths Debunked!

Even if you think you're in the know, you might be believing outdated or unsubstantiated "facts. " Here's a look at common misconceptions regarding email, according to the following Email Monks infographic. All email recipients who opted in are loyal readers. False. "Some of them opted-in through proxy forms for incentives to surpass premium content gateways," suggests Email Monks. Moreover, the length of time on a list can increase the possibility of spam complaints. The higher the email frequency, the higher the unsubscribe every time. SmartTools: Email List Manager - Marketing Profs SmartTools. Email marketing: it's the most powerful tool in your communications and customer-conversion toolbox. And although creative and engaging emails may be important once a recipient opens your message, your email program's key asset is your subscriber list.

If you don't have a framework to collect, manage, and support new opt-ins, you're only halfway there. Why I Dumped 2,500 of My Email Subscribers and You Should Do the Same. 6 Creative Ways to Combine Social Media and Email. Digital marketers—like you! —are all stars. You have your hands full with all the many ways to reach your audience. At any given time, you may need to be fluent in email, content and social media because your audience is cross-platform. Few people make buying decisions anymore based on information from a single medium. So when marketers focus all their energy on one channel, they could be missing out on other opportunities and the natural rhythms of the buying cycle. Top Six Email Marketing Trends You Need to Keep Pace With. Today's marketers work in an environment in which they have access to thousands of tools and techniques for delivering their messages.

But truly effective marketing campaigns come from first looking holistically and strategically at communication goals, then crafting narratives that best fit various delivery channels, including email. When email marketing expert Tim Watson visited our offices to provide some expert insight into effective email design and copy, he sparked an interesting conversation about how to build a better email. And that got us thinking: What's next in email? Our conclusion: creative custom content on the go! Why? How Six Common Words Influence 1-to-1 Email Open Rates. Should you use, or avoid, certain words in your subject lines when sending emails directly to business contacts? Sidekick, a division of HubSpot, recently examined 6.4 million emails sent by individuals through Gmail, Apple Mail, and Outlook to find out. The emails came from Sidekick's 50,000+ users—including marketers, sales reps, managers, and entrepreneurs—and were all one-to-one messages (i.e., they were not marketing campaigns sent to lists of people).

One-to-one emails with the word "you" in the subject line were opened 5% less compared with those that did not include the word, the analysis found. Emails with "free" in the subject line were opened 10% more. Emails with with "quick" in the subject line were opened 17% less. Emails with "tomorrow" in the subject line were opened 10% more. Emails with "meeting" in the subject line were opened 7% less. Emails with "fw:" in the subject line were opened 17% less. How to Optimize Your Email Campaign through A/B Testing.

Facebook's Reach Is Terrible, but You're Crazy if You Delete Your Page — The ... What’s my favorite piece of Facebook marketing over the past year? When Eat24 deleted their page with a hilarious breakup letter that quickly went viral. (Even CNN covered it.) SmartTools: Email List Manager - Marketing Profs SmartTools. 20 of the Best Newsletters Full of Good Links to Share. The Five Most Effective (and Ineffective) Words in Email Subject Lines. Which words in subject lines significantly increase consumer opens of marketing emails, and which words significantly decrease opens?

To find out, Alchemy Worx used the Touchstone platform to analyze data from 21 billion marketing emails sent by 2,500 brands. The research included an examination of thousands of subject lines, word by word, to determine their influence on open rates. The words in subject lines that increase open rates most, on average, are upgrade (+65.7% compared with average open rate), just (+64.8%), content (+59%), go (+55.8%), and wonderful (+55.1%), the analysis found. How to Connect With Email-Fatigued Prospects in Three Simple Steps.

After surviving the competitive holiday season, many marketers could use a break. Unfortunately, new challenges come with the turn of the calendar page. Many people feel compelled to clean hypothetical house at the start of each new year—purging clutter, conquering unhealthy habits, and opting out of emails from the brands that crammed their inboxes in December. So, how can modern marketers deal with this detox mode—and make sure their messages aren't lost in the New Year's clean sweep? Increase Your (Mobile!) Email Open Rates: How to Optimize the Only Three Line... How to Segment Your Email List for ROI [Infographic] 5 Ways to Grow Your Email List With Facebook Contests.