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Email Attention Spans Increasing [Infographic] Email marketing engagement and response statistics 2018. Email marketers often ask "how do our campaigns compare"? They're looking for email statistics to compare subscriber engagement for open, clickthrough and delivery rates, ideally within their sector. Fortunately, there are a number of good options to benchmark email response across different sectors. The best stats sources are compilations by email marketing service providers who produce statistics across their clients' campaigns.

We have ordered them into the 4 top questions asked: As we'll see, for the most meaningful comparisons we need to go beyond industry averages and drill down to the comparison of email types since transactional emails such as a welcome sequence tend to have much higher interaction and click-through rates than a regular newsletter. Email Statistics - 2018 update Q1. We will continue to update these stats through 2018 as new reports are produced by the main email platforms. Do contact us if you're an email provider with new stats to share. Q2. Q3. Q4. The Ideal Length of a Sales Email, Based on 40 Million Emails. According to TOPO, prospects open less than 24% of sales emails. That means three out of four emails you’ve agonized over and sent to buyers in the past month were likely not worth writing at all. Salespeople today rely on email more and more in their prospecting efforts. But what’s the point of sending emails if the recipients aren't reading them?

With this in mind, sales reps would be smart to look into the factors influencing the open and response rates of the messages they send. If you’ve ever wondered why you aren’t hearing back from the prospects you’ve emailed, I have some good news for you. The data, based on a collection of more than 40 million emails, showed messages that expressed either moderate positivity or negativity evoked 10 to 15% more responses than completely neutral emails. The optimal length of an email has been much debated. Next, the study showed emails written at a third-grade reading level had the highest response rate. Marketing Automation Features — SharpSpring. 5 Things Your Email Subject Lines Are Missing. Ah, the elusive subject line. Just when you thought you wrote something brilliant, you find that your open rates are less than impressive. How could writing 5-7 words be so hard?

You used to write 2,000-word papers in college. You can form a sentence in your sleep. No really, you’re a sleep talker. The truth is that subject lines are the doorway into your email campaigns. If that doorway isn’t enticing, no one will go on to click your emails, let alone buy your products. Let me first reveal that subject lines are everywhere—on billboards, in songs and commercials, magazines, news articles, and even everyday conversations. I’ve spent the last three years working in demand generation with one major goal in mind: crack the code on writing the perfect subject line. 1. You know that one friend who’s horrible at telling stories? Let’s take a look at a recent email from Chase to their Sapphire Preferred cardholders. 2. 3. People love numbers and lists. 4. 5. That’s it!

Leads for SumoMe. 9 Best Email Subject Line Styles to Increase Open Rates. How many unread emails do you have in your inbox? 300? 800? Or maybe, if you’re like me and are on countless mailing lists, 2,644? And that’s after a little Gmail spring cleaning! We get a TON of emails every day, and a lot of them are never opened. People are inundated with boatloads of information – more than ever before in history! Your subject line is your first (and maybe your last) impression on users. There are a few different schools of thought when it comes to creating slam dunk subject lines. 1. There’s a lot to be said for minimalism – users need you to be clear and concise in your subject lines, as time is always an asset. MailChimp conducted an email subject line study and found that short, descriptive subject lines fare better than cheesy lures. Most of these subject line examples involve updates or notifications connected with a user’s social media activity, order status, etc. 2.

A humorous subject line can really stick out among the dry, dull emails surrounding it. 3. 4. The 17 Best Email Subject Lines for Increasing Open Rates [+ Video] By Amanda MacArthur • 09/02/2015 Discover the carefully guarded source of the world’s most effective email subject lines that most professional copywriters don’t like to share What’s the source? Well, it’s no big mystery. It’s simply that all editors and copywriters are veteran thieves. Master SEO content writing, the best email marketing strategies and a long-tail social media formula every publisher should be using when you download our FREE Organic Audience Development Strategy handbook. The average Internet user is bombarded with dozens if not hundreds of email subject lines every day. For both news articles and advertising, 75 percent of your success is gated by your headline. One of my favorite tools to play around with is MailChimp’s subject line suggester which allows you to put in the key words of your subject line and will return the syntax of those words that have performed best in the past for other email campaigns. 1. 2.

Examples of the benefit subject line are everywhere. The 7 High-Converting Places to Add Email Sign-Up Forms to Build Your List - Social Triggers. If you have a website, the best way to get more email subscribers is simple: Use more email sign-up forms. Yes, you can overdo it, but the truth is, even when you think you have too many, your forms may be invisible to your visitors. Question is where do you put them?

There’s 7 high-converting places, and now I’ll go through each of them. #1 The Feature Box It’s no secret. See it here: This example is from Right now, before you continue, think about how you can add a feature box to your site, and you WON’T regret it. #2 Top of Sidebar If you’re not placing your email signup form at the top of your sidebar, you’re losing out on valuable email subscribers. And yes, even if you place it slightly down your sidebar, under some ads, you’re losing email subscribers. I know this sounds like common sense, but even some large blogs fail to gather emails at the top of their sidebar. #3 After Single Post Think about this: So, why not ask them to sign up right after the post ends?