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30 Greatest Online Project Management and Collaboration Tools

30 Greatest Online Project Management and Collaboration Tools
Project management and collaboration skills play a major role in every business and often the outcome of a project is highly affected by the initial planning and monitoring stages of a project. Project management is especially important for small and flexible businesses where all the work is based on a few people who have to communicate and develop the workflow. Globalization has made collaboration even more essential since many modern businesses like web design agencies don’t even have a constant address – people all around the world are working from their home. Web-based project management and collaboration tools are the top choice of hundreds of entrepreneurs and thousands of small and medium size businesses. Continue reading if you’re looking for your first project management app or just seeking to check out alternatives. 1. Teambox is voted the best online project collaboration software for project managers, contractors, freelancers and teams. Features: Pricing: 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Related:  WEB BUILDING

12 Project Management and Collaboration Tools Managing a project has never been easier, thanks to some great online collaboration tools. Whether you’re working on a single project with a small team or scheduling a full slate of group projects, you can access affordable solutions to meet your needs and keep your project on track. Here is a list of online project management and collaboration tools. There are project management suites and workspaces, group task-managers, and collaborative productivity and conferencing applications. Producteev Producteev is a social task management solution for teams. Podio Podio is an online work platform for users to create workspaces and collaborate. Teambox Teambox is a single place for shared tasks, discussions and files. Trello Trello is a free collaborative task and project manager. Flow Flow is a task management tool with real-time collaboration features. Conceptboard Conceptboard provides centralized whiteboards for teams to collaborate on visual ideas. Basecamp BinFire Projecturf Wiggio Zoho Google Apps

Yes, learn basic programming A few people have asked me whether I think programming is a necessary skill for entrepreneurs (or anyone) to have in the future. When I was 14 years old, taking guitar lessons from Tom Pecora, he gave me that this-is-important-so-listen-well look, and told me something that stuck with me for life: “You need to learn to sing. Because if you don’t, you’re always going to be at the mercy of some asshole singer.” His point of view was from a rock guitarist in the Chicago music scene, trying to put together a band, and all that. But ever since then I’ve applied that point to other areas. When I first started CD Baby, I didn’t know any programming, only basic HTML, and quickly had to cry for someone to help me. Later, when I needed a new computer, my friend Tony Benjamin taught me how to build my own from parts. In the independent musician scene, the DIY ethic is strong, by necessity. So... back to programming: If you heard someone say, “I have this idea for a song. And so comes my advice:

Incubatori e acceleratori d’impresa Considerazioni generali Gli incubatori aziendali o d’impresa sono dei programmi progettati per accelerare lo sviluppo di imprese attraverso una serie di risorse di sostegno e di servizi. In Italia ne esistono diversi e alcuni di essi sono anche i primi investitori delle imprese incubate al proprio interno. La legge 221/2012 definisce l'incubatore di start up come una società di capitali, costituita anche in forma cooperativa, che offre servizi per sostenere la nascita e lo sviluppo di start up innovative ed è in possesso dei seguenti requisiti: In Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 91 del 18 aprile 2013 è uscito il decreto attuativo del Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico che prevede un meccanismo a punti, da attribuire in base a una griglia di requisiti, per certificare gli incubatori di imprese start up innovative. Torna su Gli incubatori d’impresa a Roma I principali incubatori d’impresa in Italia Boox | MilanoSpecializzazione: imprenditori di nuova generazione. Link utili

14 Applications for Project Management and Collaboration In this article, we list several great applications for project and time management as well as collaboration between you and your clients. There are free and commercial options available. These project management apps are here to save you time, but they can also be very time consuming and not intuitive. If you have a team who works with you remotely, then this is an ideal choice. If you are a freelancer however, you will have to spend some time learning these as well as teaching your clients how to use and interact with the application. Let’s keep the cons aside and give the apps a chance, you can then see for yourself which ones will suit your needs best. 1. ProjectPier is a free, open source, self-hosted PHP application for managing tasks, projects and teams through an intuitive web interface. 2. Collabtive is a simple to use CMS to help you manage your projects, milestones, task-lists, tasks. 3. Liferay Social Office is an enterprise social collaboration solution. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

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