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Piccolo Home Page How many versions of Piccolo are there? There three versions of Piccolo: Piccolo.Java, Piccolo.NET, and PocketPiccolo.NET. They contain the same core functionality with a few differences. Piccolo.JavaPiccolo.Java is written in 100% java, and the great thing about Java is that it runs on lots of machines including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris. What do you mean by "Structured Graphics"? Piccolo provides support for developers of 2D (+ zooming) object-oriented graphics programs in Java and C#. This simple approach is very powerful because is enables a very decoupled object oriented approach to graphical applications. What development directions are you following? We are continuing to expand and maintain all three versions of Piccolo. How do I get a Piccolo License? It's free! Note that you are not obligated to make your applications open source. How do I contact the Piccolo team and Piccolo users? There are several ways. Where did Piccolo come from? What happened to Jazz?

Mehr als nur Powerpoint-Folien: Tools für starke Präsentationen | Business-Software | Tests & Technik Wer das Wort Präsentation hört, denkt meist an Microsoft Powerpoint. Multimediale Präsentationen haben jedoch oft einen ganz anderen Fokus und gehen über das Präsentieren von animierten Folien durch einen Sprecher hinaus. Wer beispielsweise eine selbst ablaufende Demonstration erstellen möchte, muss eine Live-Demo aufzeichnen können. Größere Projekte, etwa eine multimediale DVD, erfordern die Möglichkeit der gemeinsamen Bearbeitung durch ein Team und die Einbindbarkeit verschiedenster Video-Formate. Mit den folgenden vier Tools lassen sich professionelle Multimedia-Präsentationen erstellen. Sie richten sich jedoch nach teilweise recht unterschiedlichen Aufgabenstellungen aus. Sophie ist ein Autorentool auf Open-Source-Basis zum Erstellen von Präsentationen mit integrierten Text-, Audio- und Video-Dateien. Digitale Präsentationen mit Fotos und Videos und zahlreichen Effekten erstellt Photostage. Turbodemo ist ein Tool zum Erstellen von Präsentationen in Flash.

Research, create, and present school projects online - Biteslide Engage your students When students are fully engaged, they learn better. 87% of teachers we surveyed said that Biteslide has increased student engagement in their classrooms. Develop 21st century skills 21st century skills are increasingly important. Blend digital projects into your classroom to develop student creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills. Research, create, and present Using different tools in your school projects can be confusing for students and difficult to manage. Biteslide makes it a breeze to run your projects from start to finish. It's easy to use Digital tools can often be complex - Biteslide is incredibly easy to use. So what are you waiting for?

Video Tapestries with Continuous Temporal Zoom ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH), August 2010 A multiscale tapestry represents an input video as a seamless and zoomable summary image which can be used to navigate through the video. We present a novel approach for summarizing video in the form of a multiscale image that is continuous in both the spatial domain and across the scale dimension: There are no hard borders between discrete moments in time, and a user can zoom smoothly into the image to reveal additional temporal details. (BibTeX) Connelly Barnes, Dan B Goldman, Eli Shechtman, and Adam Finkelstein. Paper (10 MB PDF) Download Video (73 MB MPEG-4) Streaming Video Additional Results (19 MB MPEG-4)

Zooming into presentations - Zoomit, Prezi & pptPlex In this blog post, I describe 3 different ways to zoom in and out of presentations to increase visibility, and to create a bit of action. The three tools are Zoomit, Prezi and pptPlex. I describe my experiences with them in detail and their pros and cons as presentation tools. UPDATE : John in his comments below suggest that I should have included ahead, a even newer tool that in some respects is similar to Prezi , but which he claims is easier to use than Prezi . Introduction Recently I gave my first ever talk at a local library conference in Singapore - Libraries of tomorrow . While the conference was ran efficiently and I was extremely impressed by the work of my fellow presenters and posters, I felt that the venue wasn't the best place for giving talks, as there was sunlight coming from behind the screen (we were at the top level of a building with clear transparent windows), and the glare made it difficult (at least for me, though bear in mind I have very poor eyesight!) Zoomit Prezi

Educator-recommended Tools to Help Enhance Your Visuals June 17, 2015 Sometimes a good visual has a way of capturing one's attention. This can be important in a room full of varied attention spans. Here are some educator-recommended tools to help enhance your visuals. Create digital stories with text, artwork, and voice recordings. 2- Visme Tell Better Stories and Visualize your Ideas into Awesome Presentations and Infographics. Get help with finding harmonious color combinations. Find and download free vector-based icons. Write text along the path of any shape or curve you can draw with your finger. Want more? 6- Data Visualisation This is curated by educational developer Sue Beckingham.

Tropes: Text Analysis and Semantics Analysis of written or spoken texts requires that certain questions should be asked with regard to certain objectives. To obtain answers to these questions, texts must be reduced as far as possible to their essentials. Designed for Information Science, Market Research, Sociological Analysis and Scientific studies, Tropes is a Natural Language Processing and Semantic Classification software that guarantees pertinence and quality in Text Analysis. Extraction of Relevant Information Tropes can immediately detect contexts, isolate themes and identify principal actors, through the application of three levels of semantic classifications. Qualitative Analysis and Categorization Tropes identifies the Text Style in order to place it in context and rapidly compare it with other texts. Chronological Analysis Tropes carries out a chronological analysis of a text from which the principal episodes can be isolated, the discussion blocks visualized and the development of an idea followed up.

Prezi – Business und Internet Prezi ist ein webbasierter und plattformunabhängiger Präsentationsdienst. Auf einem virtuellen Blatt Papier kann eine Präsentation erstellt werden. Auf dieser kann man sich frei bewegen und in einzelne Ausschnitte hinein- oder hinauszoomen. Die Idee "At Prezi, we prefer not to follow trends. Prezi bezeichnet sich selbst als "digital storytelling tool" (Diamond 2010: 10). Prezi Gründer Somlai- Fischer hatte nach eigenen Angaben oft Probleme mit gängigen Präsentationsprogrammen gehabt. Diese Eigenschaften und vor allem der interaktive Gruppencharakter charakterisieren Prezi. Geschichte 2007 begannen Adam Somlai-Fischer und Peter Halacsy in Budapest (Ungarn) an Prezi zu arbeiten, mit der Intention ein Präsentationsprogramm für Architekturfirmen zu entwerfen. 2008 wurde der Jungunternehmer Peter Arvai mit ins Team geholt und die Software der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt. Mediale Ausrichtung und grundlegende Funktionen Nutzungsbedingungen Die Nutzung von Prezi ist ab 18 Jahren erlaubt. a) Public

emaze - Amazing Presentations in Minutes Zooming user interface Example of a ZUI When the level of detail present in the resized object is changed to fit the relevant information into the current size, instead of being a proportional view of the whole object, it's called semantic zooming.[1] Some experts consider the ZUI paradigm as a flexible and realistic successor to the traditional windowing GUI, being a Post-WIMP interface. History[edit] GeoPhoenix, a Cambridge, MA, startup associated with the MIT Media Lab, founded by Julian Orbanes, Adriana Guzman, Max Riesenhuber, released the first mass-marketed commercial Zoomspace in 2002-3 on the Sony CLIÉ PDA handheld, with Ken Miura of Sony In 2006, Hillcrest Labs introduced the HoME television navigation system, the first graphical, zooming interface for television.[5] In 2007, Microsoft's Live Labs has released a zooming UI for web browsing called Microsoft Live Labs Deepfish for the Windows Mobile 5 platform. ZUI projects[edit] Eagle Mode’s file manager displaying plain text source code directories

ExamTime: creare mappe mentali online ExamTime è una piattaforma didattica online che consente di creare diverse risorse didattiche. Oltre a quiz e flash card è infatti possibile creare mappe mentali in maniera semplice e con un aspetto grafico decisamente accattivante. Con ExamTime la creazione di mappe è davvero semplice e la visualizzazione decisamente spettacolare (con un tocco in stile "Prezi"). Le mappe create possono essere condivise tramite indirizzo URL, salvate in formato immagini, stampate. Per utilizzarlo dovrete registrarvi gratuitamente al serivizo o accedere attraverso il vostro account Facebook. Ecco un esempio di mappa mentale realizzata con ExamTime by PatrickNoonan Articoli correlati

How to Zoom and Pan with SVG This topic shows you how to use Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) to zoom and pan, and ends with an example of a complex organizational chart that can be zoomed and panned. Basic HTML and JavaScript knowledge are assumed, as well as access to a browser that can render inline SVG in HTML5, such as Windows Internet Explorer 9 and later. Introduction In this topic we’ll first discuss how to zoom and pan in SVG using a detailed SVG test graphic. We’ll then describe how to use Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Visio 2010 to create a complex SVG organizational (org) chart, which can be displayed by an SVG-enabled browser. Creating an SVG Test Graphic One of the key features of SVG is the ability to "infinitely" zoom in on a detailed graphic. An acceptable SVG test graphic, appropriate for both zooming and panning, might resemble the following graphic. This graphic was created using the following example: HTML5 Inline SVG Test Graphic. <! transform="translate( -400*(0.9-1), -300*(0.9-1) ) scale(0.9)" <!

Flip Book Maker: software gratuito per creare flipbook Flip Book Maker è un programma gratuito per creare suggestivi flipbook da pubblicare online. Una volta caricate le immagini (max 10 nella versione gratuita) potrete scegliere il tema del vostro libro sfogliabile (flipbook di Natale, di Halloween, libro per bambini a fogli mobili, flipbook per matrimonio, libro album, video magazine. Potrete inoltre aggiungere un sottofondo musicale ed applicare effetti neve, pioggia, bolle, ecc. Al termine potete decidere di esportare in formato html o swf. Per scaricare Flip Book Maker per windows cliccate qui Articoli correlati