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LivIcons - Exclusive Truly Animated Icon Pack!

LivIcons - Exclusive Truly Animated Icon Pack!
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What's Wrong with the iOS 7 Icons? by Ian Storm Taylor “It looks childish.” That was the first reaction I heard to iOS 7. I’m not going to lie, when I saw it for the first time myself, I freaked out a little too. Like any good simplicity-loving designer, I was eagerly waiting for Jonathan Ive to reveal a fresh, clean take on iOS. But the icons that were unveiled feel rushed. My developer friends had similar reactions, but they couldn’t put their finger on why they felt that way. Even designing just one simple, clean, good-looking icon is not an easy task. Poor choice of color. To be honest, Apple’s software has had this problem for a long time. iOS 6 iOS 7 Jackie Anh Calculator is a great example where poor color choice can ruin an icon. On Dribbble, Jackie Anh came up with a much more aesthetically appealing icon. iOS 6 iOS 7 On the opposite end of the spectrum you have apps like Phone, FaceTime and Messages that use extremely saturated and low contrast colors. The Contacts icon is also screaming for some creative help. Camera

Responsive Tables | OCTUWEB En este artículo abarcaremos diferentes opciones para mostrar contenido dentro de tablas html sin perder de vista su correcta visualización en todos los dispositivos si nuestra web es adaptativa. Intentaremos no utilizar frameworks ni lenguajes extras al CSS pero también proponemos opciones para todos. Dentro de las especificaciones de HTML, desde su primera versión hasta la actual, tenemos un tag que, quizás, es de todos, el que peor uso ha recibido a lo largo de los años. Se trata de nuestras queridas (y odiadas a partes iguales) TABLAS. Si bien su uso para maquetación o como estructura de nuestro documento era un error tan grande como un estadio de fútbol (o dos, si me apuras), creo que todos, en cierto momento de nuestra experiencia como desarrolladores las hemos utilizado de manera errónea… el salto a los divs era complicado, hay que reconocerlo, pero cómo cambiaba todo cuando empezabas a hacer las cosas bien. 1.- Tabla adaptativa Pro: excelente efecto Bootstrap Foundation Tablesaw

Blog, Freebies | Icojam - sweetest free & premium royalty-free stock icons Cosmo mini is a free version of Cosmo icons and includes 1566 icons in 40×40 sized pixel-perfect PNG + “testdrive” icons in PSD, AI, CSH, SVG, 60×60 sized PNG. All icons are monocolored and divided into following categories: Baby, Basic, Building, Culture, Devices, Documents, Education, Finance, Food 1-3, Holiday, Layout, Medicine, Mobile, Multimedia, Navigation, Player, Symbols, Transport, User, Weather, Work, Furniture, Appliance. License: These icons are free to use in any kind of commercial or non-commercial project unlimited times.Ammount of icons: 1566Sizes: 40×40File Types: .pngTestdrive file types: PSD, AI, CSH, SVG, 60×60 sized PNG. If you need vector and hi-res version of these icons you can buy them on Creative Market: Cosmo icons.

HTML5 Boilerplate colourcode - find your colour scheme Responsive Data Tables By Chris Coyier On In addition to the techniques below, see this roundup of additional explorations of this problem. Garrett Dimon: Data tables don't do so well with responsive design. Just sayin'. He has a good point. Responsive design is all about adjusting designs to accommodate screens of different sizes. So here's what we are gonna do... We're going to use "responsive design" principles (CSS @media queries) to detect if the screen is smaller than the maximum squishitude of our table. We're being good little developers and using Plain Ol' Semantic Markup here for our table. <table><thead><tr><th>First Name</th><th>Last Name</th><th>Job Title</th></tr></thead><tbody><tr><td>James</td><td>Matman</td><td>Chief Sandwich Eater</td></tr><tr><td>The</td><td>Tick</td><td>Crimefighter Sorta</td></tr></tbody></table> Our regular CSS is nothing special: The small-screen responsive stuff comes in now. Hey what about IE? <! See it View Demo Download Files This isn't perfect... UPDATE: Other ideas View Demo

Cikonss | Pure CSS Responsive Icons 6 ORM en Ruby et PHP Aujourd'hui, le Blog du Webdesign vous propose une liste d'ORM pour vous simplifier le travail avec vos bases de données. Qu'est ce qu'un ORM ? Connaissez-vous les ORM ? Cet acronyme signifie Object Relational Mapping. - Pour commencer, on n'écrit (presque) plus aucune ligne SQL soi-même. - Il est possible de définir des relations entre les objets : Qui appartient à qui, qui possède quoi. - Ils permettent de séparer le code correspondant aux instances de vos enregistrements du reste de la page. - Ils permettent une séparation très claire entre la base de données utilise et les commandes. J'ajouterais aussi, bien que ce ne soit pas réellement un avantage au sens propre : Tous les frameworks ou presque en utilisent un. Quelques ORM pour en savoir plus Pour finir, voila quelques ressources pour vous aider a démarrer : 6 ORM en ruby et PHP Redbean (php) Propel (php) doctrine (php) Ruby Sequel (ruby) Datamapper (ruby) Active record (ruby) Notez qu'il existe aussi un portage php pour active record.

PortKit: UX Metaphor Equivalents for iOS & Android PortKit shows you each Cocoa UI Element in iOS 6 / iOS 7 and its Android widget version, side by side, so you can compare and find the correct equivalent when porting an app. We are a Brisbane based company that develops iPhone & iPad Apps and Android Applications and we wanted a simple way to visualise, reference and compare UI elements, and have quick access to documentation and the respective naming conventions. Due to the popularity of this post we decided to add a tonne of handy resources, tools, and tips that we use day to day available at the bottom of this post. Skip to awesome resources below ↓ iOS 7 UIButton iOS 7 UISwitch iOS 7 UIStepper iOS 7 UISlider iOS 7 UISegmentedControl iOS 7 UIMenuController iOS 7 UIPickerView iOS 7 UIDatePicker iOS 7 UITextField iOS 7 UITextView iOS 7 UILabel iOS 7 UIImageView iOS 7 UITableView iOS 7 UICollectionView iOS 7 UINavigationBar iOS 7 UIBarButtonItem iOS 7 UITabBar iOS 7 UIToolBar iOS 7 UIActionSheet iOS 7 UISearchBar iOS 7 UIScrollView iOS 7 UIPageControl Design

12 Free Responsive HTML5 CSS3 jquery Website Templates We know that templates usually developed by CCS and HTML coding and many website developer providing online free of cost themes and templates, free dose not mean that these templates are low level or worst you can see these responsive templates looks like we bring here some exhibition of themes with jquery Sliders. For New Blogger I suggested This Product Using CTR Theme Plus and AdSense Link-Building Secrets. Click Here All Themes Special Discount Offer Here 12-La Casa – Real Estate HTML template A real estate designed with html5, CCS codes.its has just one homepage and good for business who really want to start online work as a property dealer and real estate. DemoDownload 11-Drifolio – HTML,CCS Template A new good design and all devices friendly layout template to display your own business profile with great animations. 10-Sublime – With HTML5/CSS3 Website Template 9-E-Shopper – Ecommerce HTML/CCS Template 8-Mabur Portfolio Theme 7-Crafty – CCs/HTML Template 6-Urbanic-Template

Unicode character table Про Юникод. Юникод (англ. Unicode) - это стандарт кодирования символов, представляющий знаки многих письменных языков. Кодирование – это сопоставление элементам текста (буквам, цифрам, знакам препинания) последовательности длиной в один или несколько символов другого алфавита. Про символы Юникода. Все символы в Юникоде имеют свой номер и HTML-код. Что есть в Юникоде и чего нет. Юникод включает большинство современных письменностей: латинскую, кириллицу, греческую, грузинскую и т.д. Консорциум Юникода не придумывает новые буквы и знаки. Товарные знаки кодируются только в порядке исключения. PXtoEM