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Generate app icons of all sizes in a click!

Generate app icons of all sizes in a click!
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Infographic: The Web Design Trends Of 2013 Click image to view entire infographic Click image to view entire infographic Put together by the team at Enfuzed, this is an infographic that entails some of this year’s web design trends. However, this infographic is not merely a list but also explains the rationale for certain design choices. For example, taking a minimalist approach is all about keeping things simple, while a fixed header enables people to navigate through websites easily. What do you think—are some of these trends here to stay? View the rest of the infographic below. [via Enfuzed] Receive interesting stories like this one in your inbox

Transitional Interfaces — Design/UX Designers love to sweat the details. Much time is spent pixel-fucking buttons, form styles, setting type, & getting those icons as sharp as a tack. A+, great job, don't stop you guys. ...but there's little consideration about how it all fits together outside of a static comp. Oh, ok sweet. How? Folks keep throwing around the word “delight” when referring to animation and cute interactions. Animation leverages an overlooked dimension — time! Let's take a look at some simple ideas: In traditional animation, a breakdown determines how a mass moves from Point A to Point B.

Jonathan T. Neal | Understand the Favicon When Alec Rust asked the HTML5 Boilerplate project to switch to a HiDPI favicon, I realized how little I knew about favorite icons, touch icons, and tile icons. When I decided to dive in a little deeper, things got interesting. The classic favicon.ico is a 16×16 ICO file, often served in either 16-color or 24bit alpha-transparency format. More recently, favicons have been served as 32×32, which is appropriately scaled down in all major and popular-legacy browsers. The rel attribute of a favicon is a product of evolution. The type attribute of a favicon is about as useful as the type attribute of a <script>. Good news, everyone! Bad news, everyone! This really depresses me, because Chrome, Firefox, Opera 7+, and Safari 4+ all accept the PNG favicon, but Chrome and Safari will opt to use the ICO favicon when both are presented, regardless of the order in which they are declared. How do these PNG-favicon-compatible browsers determine which favicon should be used? One. You. Related Articles

Review: iOS 7 Gives Us Insight Into the Future of Mobility As team lead in user experience for SAP’s Mobile Design Center, I recently spent time familiarizing myself with Apple’s latest release of iOS 7 in order to gain better insight into how this new mobile operating system will affect users. iOS 7 is being touted as the first major update to the look and feel of Apple products since the passing of Steve Jobs, who was known for his love of “skeuemorphic” design, in which user interface elements are designed to mimic real life. Think of the cheap pine bookcase background in the iBooks library, the stitching on the edge of the calendar app, the notes app that looks like an old-fashioned legal pad, or the green felt background of the Game Center app. All of these design elements speak to the user in a language distinctly Apple, telling them that this is not only a genuine Apple experience but a reflection of the imagination, care, and meticulous attention to detail in design that the company is so famous for.

App UI 設計超詳解!該怎麼設計行動商務 App 才不會惹火消費者? | TechOrange《 商業、設計、軟體服務 | 行動商務市場潛力無限 俗話說:「一機在手,希望無窮」,擁有一支智慧型手機或平版,就像擁有行動辦公室一般,不論身在何處都能快速處理工作。 而且別說是行動辦公室,在上面簡直就是一個小型生活圈:聊天、看電影、購物等等日常事物都能快速滿足,拿著智慧型手機或平版,彷彿讓你走遍天下暢行無阻。 智慧型手機和平版這麼夯,這也難怪許多電子商務網站都想砸錢投資,行動商務儼然已成為龐大的潛在市場,根據 eMarketer 統計,其在 2012 的全球成長率是 86%,且達到 250 億美元的市場(計畫能在 2016 年達到 860 億)。 行動商務是一個全新的平台,在某個程度上行動商務可說是個毫無邊界的領域。 Christian Holst 的研究團隊測試了 18 個行動商務網站:1-800-Flowers、Amazoz、Avis、Best Buy、、、、Fandango、Foot Lockers、FTD、GAP、H&M、Macy’s、REI、Southwest Airlines、Toys “R”Us、United Airlines、Walmart。 但儘管測試了目前為止最大型的行動網站,但在測試的過程中仍發現有許多有待改進之處。 (以下文字以 Christian Holst 的研究團隊第一人稱撰寫) 讓主頁面一目瞭然 問題: 當你進入主頁面,映入眼簾的是五分八門的圖像或過於簡單的頁面設計時,你還會有意願繼續瀏覽嗎? 如果使用者無法第一時間從主頁面上得到整體概念時,很容易降低使用者對網站的信任感,甚至無法順利買到所想要的商品。 根據測試,70% 的受測者第一次登入主頁面或產品目錄頁時,儘管已知道要從何找到特定產品,仍會先大略瀏覽感興趣的區塊,或者在找到想要的產品後,瀏覽一至兩個其他種類的產品,以便下單前先看看其他選擇,或者藉此來提升對網站的好感。 (上圖,受測者即便已在目錄區找到男裝選項,仍會先大略瀏覽整個網路頁面) 由此可見,第一印象非常重要,能否讓手機用戶第一眼就能在介面上找到他們想要的,即是決定成敗的關鍵,若覺得這樣說不夠具體,那從以下反面的例子來看能讓你有更清楚的概念: 過多視覺元素 避免在主頁放置過多且需要極大專注力的圖像元素,盯著頁面看久都會感到眼花撩亂。 (多數受測者看到 Macy’s 網路頁面,明顯都露出受不了的神情。) 密切注意動畫跑馬燈

favico.js - Make a use of your favicon Badges Animate your favicon with animated badges. You can customize type of animation, position, background color and text color. Slide animation Fade animation Pop animation Pop & fade animation Without animation Position Shape setting Custom font support Color settings Images / Video / Webcam Create icon on the go from images, videos or even a webcam stream Regular image to icon var favicon=new Favico(); var image=document.getElementById('imageId'); favicon.image(image); HTML5 Video to icon var favicon=new Favico(); var video=document.getElementById('videoId');; //stop'stop'); Webcam video to icon This is only for fun but it works :) Works on Chrome, Firefox and Opera var favicon=new Favico();; //stop'stop'); Badge options Bower bower install favico.js Check out also Tinycon, Notify Better or favicon.js. Roadmap More options (Badge position, animations,...) License All code is open source and dual licensed under GPL and MIT.

A Look at Flat Design and Why It's Significant There has been a growing tidal wave of flat designs on the web, and recent trend reports have confirmed that they're only increasing in popularity. Of course it's easy to dismiss flat design as yet another fleeting aesthetic trend. But further investigation into this new philosophy reveals that flat design is a lot more than "just for looks." What is Flat Design? Flat design can be seen as the more sophisticated and versatile cousin of minimalism. Embracing the limits of the screen and working within those parameters rather than trying to disguise them.Using this newfound simplicity as a starting point for streamlining designs, and making websites faster and more functional. Flat design doesn't necessarily mean that anything hinting at dimensionality is out of place. Flat Design as a Response to the Problems of Skeumorphism For every action, there is a reaction. What is Skeuomorphism? The Problems with Skeuomorphism The Solution Found in Flat Design Example #1: Example #2: Conclusion

提升品质!丰富APP动态效果的六点原则 这篇文章是百度云UE负责人@elya妞撰写的,从动效的6个方面详析怎样借移动应用强力提升APP品质!篇幅虽短,但是总结精炼,很值得一读。 @elya妞 :如果想让你的移动应用更活泼更灵动,丰富的动效是不可少的,丰富的动效可以让你的应用更具活力,充满生机;丰富的动效可以让你的应用彰显效率,提升品质感;丰富的动效可以让你的应用充满魅力,引人探索;丰富的动效可以让你的应用减少焦虑,消除等待感;丰富的动效可以让你的应用充满韵味,有节奏感;丰富的动效可以让你的应用有出奇的信息组织,整洁高效。 动次打次再来一篇动感干货: 《掌握动效设计!让你的设计富有未来科技感(上)》 《掌握动效设计!让你的设计富有未来科技感(下)》 《想让网站动感十足? 这里主要介绍六种简单通用的方式 ———— 转场、邀请、过渡、反馈、缩放、吸附。 原则一:转场 由于手机屏幕空间有限,更多的内容会被隐藏在屏幕后边,或者屏幕的左边、右边、下边,转场动效能帮助应用营造一种空间方位感。 原则二:邀请 直接提供邀请,告知用户可以做的事,效果最直观,引导性最好。 原则三:过渡 当应用正在加载数据的时候,一定要给予过渡,让用户知道应用正在努力工作,系统级的过渡分为两种——进度条和菊花转,进度条是用在可预知完成进度和剩余时间的情况下;菊花转是用在无法预知剩余时间的情况下。 不是所有情况下,都要清晰的告知用户当然任务的加载进度的,比如iPhone自带的短信应用,发送短信的时候有一个进度条,本意是好的,让用户知道短信发送的进度。 原则四:反馈 当任务成功或失败之后,需要有办法告知用户。 如果是成功类的提醒,往往只是告知状态就可以了,用户无需执行操作,反馈就可以自己消失。 原则五:缩放 在一寸土一寸金的手机界面上耕耘,恨不得盖个复式小洋楼,一行当两行用。 比如Bluga这个输入框,当你不需要输入的时候,它看起来就是一个输入的入口,但是当你点击的时候,输入的辅助信息都出来了,更大的文字撰写框、位置、图片、发送按钮,你可以打开盒子,编辑一条丰富的消息。 原则六:吸附 任何的动效,都需要经过场景和需求的思考, 在什么样的特殊情景下,解决了什么样的问题,不要为了动而动,WP7的动效,恐怕看久了都会腻吧。 除了界面本身的动效之外,还需要包含震动、声音、手势等等因素一起去考虑,好的动效,配合着合适的音效、合理的手势,才是最自然的交互方式。