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Simple, Fast, Elastic NoSQL Database

Simple, Fast, Elastic NoSQL Database

COUNTERINTUITIVE: Facebook Engagement Goes Up When Brands Are On Twitter And Pinterest Apache Pig HBase - Apache HBase™ Home SimpleDB Amazon SimpleDB is a highly available NoSQL data store that offloads the work of database administration. Developers simply store and query data items via web services requests and Amazon SimpleDB does the rest. Unbound by the strict requirements of a relational database, Amazon SimpleDB is optimized to provide high availability and flexibility, with little or no administrative burden. Behind the scenes, Amazon SimpleDB creates and manages multiple geographically distributed replicas of your data automatically to enable high availability and data durability. The service charges you only for the resources actually consumed in storing your data and serving your requests. The service allows you to focus fully on value-added application development, rather than arduous and time-consuming database administration. Amazon SimpleDB automatically creates multiple geographically distributed copies of each data item you store. Application examples include:

The Apache Cassandra Project Why should we trust Google Drive, or any cloud storage service? Google Drive seems nice, if a bit convoluted in a typical Googley way. It’s great that Google is now giving everyone 5 free gigabytes of online storage, with up to 16 terabytes offered, assuming you can afford an $800 monthly bill. (If you need 16TB, we’re guessing that your music collection is formatted to Neil Young’s liking.) There are likely many fun uses for this new cloud storage program, but if you think that now is the time to start using cloud storage services to house the majority of your private data, you may want to think again. The dream of being able to store a majority of your files online is close to being a simple, affordable comfort for everyone. None of these services guarantee the protection of any files you upload, and there are no promises that these services won’t freely share your files and information with the government or other companies (here are 800+ companies that are aligned with CISPA). No protection from deletion or loss No protection from CISPA

Hive! Ehcache | Performance at Any Scale Document-oriented database This article is about the software type. For usage/deployment instances, see Full text database. A document-oriented database is a computer program designed for storing, retrieving, and managing document-oriented information, also known as semi-structured data. Document-oriented databases are one of the main categories of NoSQL databases and the popularity of the term "document-oriented database" (or "document store") has grown[1] with the use of the term NoSQL itself. In contrast to relational databases and their notion of "Relation", i.e., a tuple (or row) of related strong-typed data items, these systems are designed around an abstract notion of a "document". Document-oriented databases are inherently a subclass of the key-value store, another NoSQL database concept. XML databases are a specific subclass of document-oriented databases. Documents[edit] To understand the difference, consider this text document: Bob Smith 123 Back St. Now consider the same document marked up in pseudo-XML:

Redis Salesforce Moves into the Government Cloud and Social Salesforce.comSalesforce hopes to help government adapt to the technologies being used by United States citizens., best know for its sales, customer service and collaboration software for business, is now entering the government cloud business with a suite of new product offerings that could help the government adapt to today’s social era. The new product suite, called Government Cloud, will introduce a version of the Salesforce cloud infrastructure intended specifically to work with all levels of government — from local to federal — and will help government entities to adopt social and mobile technologies. Vivek Kundra, the newly appointed executive vice president of emerging markets at Salesforce, plans to announce the new products Wednesday at the company’s Cloudforce conference in Washington. In a phone interview Mr. “There is a huge government divide between citizens and how the government talks to them,” Mr. Mr.