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Zooming Around on a Moto

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SIAM STREET-B. These Bros Bought The Cheapest And Most Expensive Pocketbikes On Amazon And Raced Them. The Complete Ducati Buying Guide: Every Model, Explained. The Complete Triumph Buying Guide: Every Model, Explained. Triumph Motorcycles is widely regarded to be one of the world’s oldest and most iconic motorcycle brands.

The Complete Triumph Buying Guide: Every Model, Explained

Triumph began in 1902 by selling sewing machines and bicycles with an onboard motor; over the course of the 20th Century, the company solidified itself in the zeitgeist through racing, TV and film. While the company grew and flourished through the golden era of motorcycling in the 1950s through the 1970s, the company almost disappeared entirely the 1980s due to fiscal problems. Triumph resurfaced in the late Eighties under the ownership of British real estate magnate John Bloor, and has seen continued success since then. Modern Triumph motorcycles are known for their retro style and heritage design while still incorporating modern technologies. Triumph also provides consumers with a collection of performance and adventure / touring motorcycles. The first engine type is a parallel twin that comes in two displacements: 900cc and 1200cc.

Naked Sport Street Triple Speed Triple Cafe Racers. How to Get a Motorcycle License. Triumph Brings Its Most Beautiful Bike to the Next Level. Photos of the Triumph Thruxton R TFC leaked late last year, but now we have detailed, drool-inducing photos as well as the bike’s official performance numbers.

Triumph Brings Its Most Beautiful Bike to the Next Level

Kawasaki ZX-6R Supersport Bike Review. Motor scooters – Quartz Obsession. RMK Vehicles. Honda's CB4 "Interceptor" concept imagines retro cafe racer of the future. Lazareth Wazuma V8F. 2017 BMW S1000R Review: This unassuming German streetbike might be the wildest thing on the road. The 2017 update to this super-naked streetbike is far and away the craziest machine in the BMW stable.

2017 BMW S1000R Review: This unassuming German streetbike might be the wildest thing on the road

And with active suspension, cruise control, cornering ABS and a ton of other gadgetry, it's also got a claim on being the smartest nakedbike in its category. Loz Blain dons the leathers and rides the awesome S1000R. It's been four years since BMW launched the barnstorming S1000R super-naked sportsbike. That thing blew me away when I rode it in 2014, so I was super keen to take the 2017 update out for a spin at the Australian media launch in Tasmania. Focus. AlterEgo Hardware (AEH) is a startup company founded by Alexander Hohenegger in 2014,and soon joined by a small group of very motivated people.


Based in Italy, AEH has a strong link with the rest of Europe and the U.S. We originally developed some novel concepts and industrial solutions, securing various patents in-house. Later on, having acquired extensive know-how about intellectual property and industry expectations, and established sound relationships with the motorcycle industry, we decided to open doors to promising ideas from outside and start a patent brokering activity. We are constantly looking for new technologies, which we carefully examine from a technological and economic standpoint with the aim to fully develop their potential and possibly sell to a relevant manufacturer or supplier. Meet the FGR Midalu V6: 2.5 liters of Czech-built, luxury, exotic, naked grunt. Only one motorcycle company from the Czech republic has ever raced a full season in the World Championships, and it's not CZ or Jawa, which to be frank I never knew were Czech either.

Meet the FGR Midalu V6: 2.5 liters of Czech-built, luxury, exotic, naked grunt

No, it's a plucky bunch called FGR, who came out of 125 GP racing and managed to get a bike together for the 2012 Moto3 series, eventually placing 7th out of 11 manufacturers and generally putting in a very solid showing for a small company. For the last 10 years or so, though, FGR has had another project in mind, and now, it's ready to pull the covers off a truly extreme piece of machinery. The FGR Midalu is a brick poo-house of a naked bike, built around a 2,442cc, 90-degree V-6 engine. With around 240 horsepower and fat gobs of torque everywhere up to a peak of 160 Nm, it's tuned for a luxury ride that can scare the most firmly affixed trousers off whenever necessary. Review: Triumph's Thruxton R is a beauty and a beast. Triumph's Thruxton R is a visual feast for retro bike lovers, of which I am absolutely not one.

Review: Triumph's Thruxton R is a beauty and a beast

I wasn't alive to appreciate the original Bonneville when it took first, second and third at the Thruxton 500 in Hampshire in '69. My grandad never rode one, or my dad or my uncles, I have no misty-eyed recollections of these old gals from the movies and I never lusted after them as a teenager. That's not to say I can't appreciate a good looking machine – and this is clearly one of those.

The wide-open cradle frame, that muscular 1200cc parallel twin standing defiantly erect, the shiny polished triple clamps, the bullet-hole rivets around the engine casings. I thought my dog drooled a lot watching me eat pizza, until I'd seen the reactions this bike inspires in grown men. Video road test: Triumph's Speed Triple takes a great leap forward. Triumph's Speed Triple is one of the original bad-boy streetfighters, a big fat liter-class nakedbike with sportsbike suspension and brakes.

Video road test: Triumph's Speed Triple takes a great leap forward

The concept is so normal to us now that it's hard to recall just what a strange idea it seemed like back in 1994. But as somebody who rides about 95 percent street, 4 percent dirt and 1 percent track, fast nakeds make a lot of sense to me. They make lower speed action more involving, and high speed runs feel downright epic.

With flat bars and spacious seating, they're a thousand percent more comfortable than a sportsbike, but every bit as aggressive on a fast road. Short of a fast racetrack, I'd pick a nakedbike for pretty much any road duties. Here's How Badly an F1 Car Beats a Superbike Around a Racetrack. YouTubeNorth One Television Everyone knows a modern Formula 1 car is fast, but it's hard to understand just how badly it beats everything else on wheels.

Here's How Badly an F1 Car Beats a Superbike Around a Racetrack

We generally see F1 cars racing against other F1 cars, so this video of David Coulthard racing a 2012 Red Bull RB8 against Guy Martin on a Tyco BMW Superbike is incredibly illustrative. Coulthard and Martin knew the F1 car would outrun the bike, so they made things more interesting: In order for Coulthard in his F1 car to win, he had to complete four laps quicker than Martin completed three on the bike. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Review: Lightning LS218 - the world's fastest superbike is electric. Review: Kawasaki's supercharged H2 is an elegant artwork of supreme violence. From its signature silver mirror paint job and sci-fi looks, to its electric green trellis frame and Ninja star wheels, Kawasaki's H2 is all about shock and awe.

Review: Kawasaki's supercharged H2 is an elegant artwork of supreme violence

And none of it shocks more than when you open the throttle and access the roaring excess of a 200-plus horsepower, supercharged, 1000cc engine. Thanks to a fortuitous bit of timing, Loz was able to spend three days in California with the biggest, baddest, buckingest bronco in the Kawasaki stable ... and to answer the question: is the H2 quicker than the Lightning LS-218? Kawasaki has done a pretty amazing job making the US$25,000 H2 look and feel special.

Track Time with the California Superbike School. “What’s everybody’s goals over the next two or three days?”

Track Time with the California Superbike School

Asks Dylan Code, lead instructor at California Superbike School. Some students/riders are saying they want faster lap times, others better bike control. I raise my hand. “I want to get a knee down, for the first time.” Super Simple, “Invisible” Motorcycle Ignores All Rules of Cool. Designer Joey Ruiter set out to make a custom motorcycle that ignores everything that makes custom motorcycles awesome. He took a simple bike and made it as generic and boring as possible by wrapping it in a metal box, obscuring everything but the bottoms of the wheels and the handlebars. No wild paint, gratuitous gadgets, exquisite metal work or crazy add-ons.

The result is not only head-turning, but awesome. Toyota shows the i-Road – a fully-enclosed, tilting, electric three-wheeled competitor for the motorcycle. Toyota rocked the automotive world a few hours ago with full details of a new form of transport it will exhibit at the Geneva Motor Show which begins tomorrow. Toyota's i-ROAD is a fully-enclosed, two-seater, three-wheeled, fully-electric, Personal Mobility Vehicle (PMV). View all The i-ROAD incorporates what Toyota is calling Toyota ‘Active Lean’ technology, which "automatically balances the vehicle when cornering or traveling over stepped surfaces" according to the press statement. BMW shows Concept Ninety R90S tribute. With BMW Motorrad celebrating two significant birthdays this year (90 years since the founding of BMW Motorrad, and 40 years since the launch of the BMW R 90 S), it's understandable that it should produce a tribute motorcycle to the most famous Boxer Twin.

Hence, BMW will show the BMW Concept 90 at the famous Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este on the banks of Lake Como later today. View all Built in conjunction with with Roland Sands Design, the design exercise has indeed produced a modern reincarnation of the famous R90S, though at this stage, it's still a design exercise. For those who have read of the R90S but never ridden one, rest assured it remains one of the sweetest motorcycles ever produced by a company renowned for producing many such bikes. Ghostrider outruns the police once again. World's most famous traffic outlaw giving away his 499-horsepower turbo motorcycle. 50 Most Iconic Motorcycles in History. 50 ways to ride like the wind They are equal parts simple and complex, a mechanical interpretation of form meeting function with attitude to spare.

One Less Car in Los Angeles. Los Angeles county has over 10 million residents, 67 percent of whom commute solo across 21,000 miles of roads and 527 miles of freeway. Suzuki's Recursion – a Buell by any other name. Suzuki's Recursion concept shown at the Tokyo Motor Show yesterday looks very much like it has taken a leaf from the Erik Buell book of motorcycle design – light weight, mass centralization, broad usable power, and minimalism. View all While the underslung muffler is reminiscent, you might be excused in missing other similarities, as the forced induction 600cc parallel-twin engine is at first glance quite different to the big 1200cc V-twin of a Buell. In actual fact, it's not. Ariel Ace: The massively configurable motorcycle platform. A Current Affair: Have $770 and a Brain? You'll Want This Top-Notch Motorcycle Helmet. I want what everyone wants from a motorcycle helmet: A comfortable fit, phenomenal visibility and plenty of ventilation.

It should be as light and quiet as possible. And, of course, it’s got to keep my grey matter where it belongs if I ever go down. I found exactly what I’m looking for. Biker's Helmet Cam Captures Crash At 140 MPH. Honda's 750cc NM4 Vultus: A new species of motorcycle. Video Road Test: EBR 1190RX - return of the Great American Sportsbike. We put Erik Buell's latest American sportsbike through its paces in our latest video motorcycle road test (Photo: Noel McKeegan/ Review: BMW's intimidating S1000R streetfighter. BMW Motorrad USA. Arch Motorcycle Company. Every detail is considered. The true test of this commitment occurs when you look in places normally reserved for mechanics. Components such as the multi-functional oil pan/transmission mount and crossmember/battery tray are meticulously designed and crafted. Carefully chosen outsource partners share this demanding standard.

Kawasaki's 200-hp H2 Ninja – the fastest accelerating motorcycle ever. BMW unveils the 2015 S1000XR ... we quiver with fear. Ducati sets new torque benchmark with 205-horsepower, hyper-intelligent Panigale 1299. The 300+ horsepower Bienville Legacy and the return of American master craftsmanship. Video Review: EBR 1190SX, the world's most powerful production streetfighter.

Three ways the 2015 BMW S1000RR just saved my butt. KTM's 1290 Super Duke R falls mercifully short of expectations. Road legal turbine motorcycle breaks three world records. New Heritage. MT-10: Yamaha gets delightfully ugly with its new naked R1. Ducati's 2016 XDiavel: Lean, mean, stroked-out cruiser targets the American market. A Weekend With Honda HRC. 2016 Kawasaki Z800. Kawasaki Ninja H2.