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15 Javascript Web UI Libraries, Frameworks and Toolkits

15 Javascript Web UI Libraries, Frameworks and Toolkits
Almost all of the rich web applications that we currently see on the web today rely on a subtle set of UI controls, libraries or frameworks (or toolkits) that not only greatly simplify application development, they also provide a consistent, reliable, and highly interactive User Interface. What more could you ask for? Currently, there are a wide varied range of Web UI frameworks covering varied languages – for today we will focus on Javascript Web UI libraries. Not all libraries are suited for every project, but most developers will still rely on a single UI framework, a faithful friend they will always turn to in times of need… …so, if you are looking for a fresh UI outlook, below you will find the best 15 Javascript Web UIs, all offering, to different degrees, solutions. LivePipe: UI Components for Prototype LivePipe UI is a suite of widgets and controls for applications that has been built using the Prototype Javascript Framework. UKI – Simple UI Kit for Complex Web Apps jQuery UI Yahoo!

jQuery The Top 10 Javascript MVC Frameworks Reviewed - CodeBrief UPDATE 1/14/2012: Added Batman.js and Angular.js due to popular demand and because they looked impressive. Over the last several months I have been in a constant search for the perfect javascript MVC framework. Driven by a dire need for the right level of abstraction and features, I have tried out - some more cursorily than others - every framework I could get my hands on. Here lies a brief synopsis of each framework. Lastly, I share the framework which I ultimately decided on. Specifically, the following four features are very important to me: UI Bindings - I'm not just talking about templates, I'm talking about a declarative approach to automatically updating the view layer when the underlying model changes. The Contenders Here is a table showing all of the frameworks support for the above features. 1. Backbone.js is the web's darling framework. Pros: Strong community and lots of momentum. Cons: Lacks strong abstractions and leaves something to be desired. 2. Pros: Bindings support. 3.

Uglify JS Stylus Simply require the module, and call render() with the given string of Stylus code, and (optional) options object. Frameworks utilizing Stylus should pass the filename option to provide better error reporting. We can also do the same thing in a more progressive manner: var stylus = require('stylus'); stylus(str) .set('filename', 'nesting.css') .render(function(err, css){ // logic }); .set(setting, value) Apply a setting such as a filename, or import paths: .set('filename', __dirname + '/test.styl') .set('paths', [__dirname, __dirname + '/mixins']) .include(path) A progressive alternative to .set('paths',...) is .include(). stylus(str) .include(require('nib').path) .include(process.env.HOME + '/mixins') .render(...) .import(path) Defer importing of the given path until evaluation is performed. .define(name, node) By passing a Node, we may define a global variable. However, this is not always available, so Nib may define: Stylus also casts JavaScript values to their Stylus equivalents when possible.

CoffeeScript zepto.js — the aerogel-weight mobile javascript framework philc/shoulda.js - GitHub Drag and drop table rows with JavaScript | Redips | spideR Net REDIPS.drag was initially built to drag and drop table content. After publishing first version of REDIPS.drag, I received a lot of questions about dragging table rows also. Now is possible to drag and drop table rows as well as table content. First column and contained DIV element in this demo is a row handler, so you can try to drag table rows. It is very easy to define a row handler. event.rowChangedevent.rowClickedevent.rowClonedevent.rowDeletedevent.rowDroppedevent.rowDroppedBeforeevent.rowDroppedSourceevent.rowMovedevent.rowNotClonedevent.rowNotMovedevent.rowUndeleted Each event handler has access to the obj and objOld objects. REDIPS.drag has a new method: rowOpacity(el, opacity, color) to change color and opacity of the source row and mini table. REDIPS.drag takes care about background color of table cells and table rows. Happy dragging and dropping!

Slidorion, An Image jQuery Plugin | jQuery Slider and jQuery Accordion