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Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) Buy UPC Codes Instantly for Amazon or In Stores - Why do I need to purchase UPC codes?

Buy UPC Codes Instantly for Amazon or In Stores -

What am I paying for exactly? How do UPC codes work? In Short: You are technically paying for the licensing rights to be able to legally assign those UPC codes to your products. When you see a product for sale in a store, the UPC code on that product had to be purchased by the manufacturer in order to legally have the rights to that UPC code number. What you are technically paying for when you purchase UPC codes is the 12-digit UPC number itself. GS1 Vs.

We are asked on a daily basis from customers who are deciding on obtaining their UPC codes through GS1 or through us. Perfect for Physical Retail Stores If you are planning on purchasing UPC codes to put your products in physical retail stores you'll also need master carton codes, also known as SCC-14 codes. Free Stock Photos: The Best & Easiest Resources I've Found. Create a Better About Page {31 Days to a More Reader Friendly Blog} When I visit a new blog for the first time, I like to find out more about why the blog exists as well as more about the person behind the scenes.

Create a Better About Page {31 Days to a More Reader Friendly Blog}

This is when I seek out the about page of the blog. Yet too often, I click on the about page only to learn twenty quirky things about the writer, but absolutely nothing about the mission of the blog. In addition, it’s likely your about page is one of your most highly trafficked pages on your blog. How to Create Custom Tabs for Facebook Business Pages. Facebook business pages just went through quite a change with the release of the new page design that includes the addition of Timeline.

How to Create Custom Tabs for Facebook Business Pages

But that also means your old way of customizing page tabs -- the tabs you could use to pull in your own custom content alongside the standard tabs like "Photos" and "Likes" -- has changed. These tabs are important for your social media marketing, because they let you create a much richer user experience on Facebook and control the content that your followers see when they visit your page. So, with the new layout, how do you create your own custom Facebook tabs? Turns out it's not as difficult as you might think. Just follow these 6 simple steps to creating custom Facebook page tabs.

Wait, Where Do Tabs Exist on the New Facebook Page Layout? Before we get started, let's make sure we're all on the same page about where tabs now exist since the layout is still new to many. Legal Issues Bloggers Must Understand. Trademarks are issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and are used to protect intellectual property in commerce.

Legal Issues Bloggers Must Understand

For example, company names, product names, brand names, and logos are usually trademarked to ensure competitors in the same industry don't use the same names or logos, which could confuse and mislead consumers. Business communications typically use the copyright registration symbol (©) or the Service Mark or Trademark symbol (a superscript 'SM' or 'TM') following the trademarked name or logo the first time of that name or logo is mentioned. When other companies refer to competitors or other brands in their business communications, they are expected to include the appropriate copyright symbol (depending on the status of the trademark owner's trademark application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office) as well as a disclaimer stating that the name or symbol is a registered trademark of that company.

Incorporate Your Business. CSS Drive: Image to Colors Palette Generator. Get Color Palette By Uploading An Image. Color Pallete Generator is a free web-based application that is creates the color palette of an uploaded image.

Get Color Palette By Uploading An Image

It supports .PNG, .GIF, .JPG, .JPEG images & creates 4 levels of palettes: light, medium, dark, complete. The generator also prepares the related files for CSS & Photoshop swatches of the color palette created. Blogger Law. Five Free Tools for Getting Your Business Color Right. 8 Traits Of Remarkably Successful Brands. Let’s face it, very few brands are remarkable.

8 Traits Of Remarkably Successful Brands

Fortunately, those who are leave clues as to how they mastered a level of success most brands only dream about. In the past 10+ years of working with brands, I’ve noticed several recurring traits of those who are truly remarkable. There are many, but I want to give you these 8 core traits to incorporate into your business and allow you to add your own. Here ya go: Great brands focus on innovation. Truly remarkable brands are always the most focused. Remarkable brands not only love what they do, they love why they are doing it. This really goes without saying. Great brands are willing to change and adapt. All great brands have a strong competitive spirit.

Behind every great brand is a great leader. The best brands have something that makes them remarkable. You owe it to yourself to ensure your own brand is built with these same traits. Photo by EssG If you enjoyed this post, get email updates! Recorded MeetingBurner Meeting.