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CEFRIO - Veille stratégique 

CEFRIO - Veille stratégique

Royal Institute for Strategic Studies Strategic watch is the detection of weak signals and roots for change and heavy transformations. It is based on the collection, analysis and dissemination of relevant and reliable information essential for decision making. It represents a competitive advantage for institutions that practice it. Strategic Watch is one of the IRES’ essential missions. It is especially concerned with collecting and processing information and data made public in the political, economic and social fields, whether nationally or internationally. Turn Your Entire Life Into A List With Workflowy Being disorganized should be one of the seven deadly sins. Luckily there is a plethora of tools available that allow you to extend some order to the chaos and the newly launched YC-backed Workflowy is one of them. Hoping that Workflowy will eventually become like an external brain, founders Jesse Patel and Mike Turtzin have made the tool as easy to use as possible. In the same listmaking space as Evernote and like a web-based Omni Outliner, Workflowy has a simple use case but one that a has a great many applications. The founders liken the usefulness of their product to a philosophical issue; “Almost everything you create on Google docs is a list.”

40+ Online Competitive Intelligence Tools Rather than go into how you do online competitive intelligence, I’m just going to run through a free list of tools that have earned themselves and honorable mention here and give you some awesome tidbits for finding information online. I review competitive information on a daily basis; Ihave to warn you that its a lot of information. Don’t be afraid of simply sitting down and playing with one or two tools a week and seeing what you come up with. The real magic begins to happen when you start discovering that one tool provides the secret ingredient to turbo-charge the next tool. (some of them may have premium paid upgrades, but they aren’t necessarily required.)

“Working out loud”: Your personal content strategy While collaboration platforms are increasingly attractive to enterprises, most people still don’t know how to use them at work. After a brief introduction, individuals are quick to understand the concepts: the power of networks, the potential for shaping their reputation, the extraordinary commercial possibilities. But they struggle with what they should actually do. Here’s a good place to start. Beware the YACCs! Competitive Intelligence - A Selective Resource Guide - Completely Updated - July 2012 [Note: The accuracy and reliability of data and information published on the Web is subject to continuous verification. It is recommended that you use multiple sources, cross-check data and routinely perform due diligence reviews on sources and publications to which you cite and from which you source data. The Web is a dynamic entity - sites often change URLs, content focus, and ownership. Many sites go offline with little or no notification. This guide is updated bi-annually in an effort to document sources for researchers that have been verified at the time of publication. This latest version of the guide includes dozens of updated links, deletion of sites that are no longer live, as well as numerous new entries throughout.

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