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Business English Grammar Lessons

Business English Grammar Lessons

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150 Free Textbooks: A Meta Collection Free textbooks (aka open textbooks) written by knowledgable scholars are a relatively new phenomenon. Below, find a meta list of 200 Free Textbooks, and check back often for new additions. Also see our online collection, 1200 Free Online Courses from Top Universities.

Lesson One: Many Sounds In English Are Not In Your Native Language The main reasons why speaking English is so hard This special pronunciation section will explain to you why English is hard to speak correctly and give you some help on improving your pronunciation. These are the main reasons why English is so hard. There is a lesson for each one. Note that the pronunciation examples are in American English accent.

The English Blog This ad for French optician's Krys contains a lot of useful vocabulary for describing personality types, a slogan with a double meaning, and grammar point. Watch the video, and try the gap fill activity below. COMMENTS1. Of course, the 'I' who is speaking is the glasses, or perhaps Krys.2. 'Left', 'right', and 'middle' refer to one's political persuasion. Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching Return to MERLOT II Home Page Search all MERLOT Select to go to your profile Click to expand login or register menu Select to go to your workspace

Internet-Based Projects for Business English (Opp-Beckman, Westerfield) Growing Demand for English for Specific Purposes-Business English for Specific Purposes-Business (ESP-Business, also referred to as English for Business Purposes, or EBP) is a dynamic, growing field in the world of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). With the globalization of trade, companies, universities, and individuals are increasingly turning to educational specialists from the field of ESP-Business to develop and provide high quality learning opportunities in language and communication skills.

Over 20 Free Digital Classroom Tools… Customize… Plus No Log In This is a site that you are bound to find useful in your classroom. The tools are incredible and may even include items you have used on paper in the past… but can now bring digitally into the 21st century! Before this informative journey encompassing some engaging resources please take a moment and sign up by email or RSS. I enjoy sharing and I am also motivated by knowing that I am making a difference for you. Spread Of Plant Diseases By Insects Can Be Described By Equations That Model Interplanetary Gravity Researchers from Penn State University and the University of Virginia show that the spread of diseases by insects can be described by equations similar to those that describe the force of gravity between planetary objects. Their findings are detailed in the September issue of The American Naturalist. Insects tend to transmit diseases in the course of feeding on plants, and their movement between plants is influenced by plant quality (how good of a meal they'll get) and the distance between plants, or, how far they'll have to travel to get to the next meal, explain Matthew Ferrari, Jessica Partain, Janis Antonovics, and Ottar Bjornstad. "It turns out insects are more likely to move shorter distances between better plants," write the authors. "Interestingly, then, the probability of disease being passed between two plants goes up if they are closer and/or better, which parallels the stronger gravity between closer and larger planets."

Spelling Bee Visual Thesaurus Spelling Bee Your Score: - - - Round 1: 10 Commandments - Client Presentations 1. Tell a story. You do your research in categories, i.e. competition, the market... But the client will understand more quickly if you organize the information to support your overall message. 2. Science fair projects So your teacher has assigned science fair projects to your entire class? Well, DON'T PANIC! Whether you are doing elementary, middle school or high school science fair projects, a science fair can actually be fun! It all depends on your attitude, and getting the right information before you even start. It's not just educational, but it may be one of your few chances to show off your creativity and initiative. This site can help you:

Games, Jigsaw Puzzles and Monthly Contests Many of these games can be played on BrainBashers Games , and a few are third party, external games , otherwise they are part of BrainBashers. Some of the games have an image warning you of a large file size ( ). Some of these games require the latest versions of Java, Flash or Shockwave. Please read the disclaimer before playing any of the games.

250 упражнений на самые разные аспекты знания английского языка: от расширения словарного запаса, использования пунктуации и до употребления глаголов. Кроссворды. by grid22 Jun 24

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