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10 Excellent Platforms to Create your Classroom Website and Blog

10 Excellent Platforms to Create your Classroom Website and Blog
There are several web platforms that allows users to easily create their website in a matter of minutes. We have handpicked a list of the most popular platforms to start with. Check them out below and if you have other suggestions, share them with us in the comment form below. Enjoy Platforms to create websites for your class 1- Google Sites This is by far our favourite and anyone with a Google account have access to it. 2- Weebly for Education This is another popular platform for creating websites. 3- Webs Webs has a solid site builder that allows users to set up a website in as few clicks as possible. 4- Yola This is another great platform where you can create your websites for free. 5- SchoolRack This is more education focused and might be a good platform where you can build your classroom website. Platforms to create blogs for your class 1- Blogger Like Google Sites, Blogger is a service provided by Google and is completely free. 2- Wordpress 3- Edublog 4- KidBlog

Why you Should Create A Blog for Your Class + 5 Platforms to Use In an earlier post here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, we argued that setting up a class virtual space in the cloud is an indispensable task for today's teachers. This space can preferably be a website, a blog, or a wiki or, if possible, all of them. The educational benefits of having such a space for students include: Improve students writing skills through posting and commentingHelps students have a voice Promote the notion of independent and personalized learningPromote a spirit of collaboration among studentsEngage parents in the learning taking place in the classroomConnect with students from other schools and exchange with them learning experiences. As for teachers, they can use these class virtual spaces to : Blogger Blogger is a free Google service which provides users with a simple and easy to use blogging interface. Wordpress Similar to Blogger, Wordpress is also easy to use and is free for basic versions. Kidblog Edublog Glogster Edu

Here is How to Use Weebly to Create A Website for Your Class April 24, 2014 Weebly is perfect for creating classroom websites, student e-portfolios, and websites for assigned projects. I have been using this platform for sometime now and find it really interesting. I have also included in the popular " 10 excellent platforms to create your classroom blog or website" post. Weebly is very simple and easy to use and and has a drag & drop website editor which is stunningly simple to utilize, and appropriate for use with students of all ages. Weebly enables your students to express themselves creatively using a variety of multimedia features, all within a protected environment that you control. Here are some features that Weebly provides for its users: A Managed, Protected Environment for Your Students. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to create a free website for your class.

Teachers Guide on The Use of Wikis in Education Here are some platforms where you can start your wiki for free. They are among the best available for teachers : 1- Wikispaces : This is a free wiki host providing community wiki spaces, visual page editing, and discussion areas. It is my favourite platform and it is the first one I would recommend you try for your class. 2- PBworks This is another great wiki hosting platform that lets anyone sign up and create a new wiki but the free version is ad-supported. Examples of Educational Wikis 1- Classroom Wikis 2- Student Created Wikis 3- Higher-Ed Wikis 4- Group Project Wikis 5- Global Connections Wikis 6- PTO Wikis 7- Teacher Peer Wikis Wiki video tutorials: 1- How to Build an Educational Wiki 2- Using Wikis in The Classroom

Teacher's Simple Guide to Creating an Effective Classroom Website Being able to record audio content will give you many options when building your website. You can leave messages for students or parents that can tell about assignments or upcoming events. These tools can be used to create podcast for a variety of needs. It is important to include contact information on your homepage. Make sure you include somewhere on your homepage information such as: email, phone number, and address. This is a new area for me this school year. Images Adding images is the easiest way to enhance your website. Logos Now that you have created a website for your class how about adding your own logo? Graphic Springs - free logo creatorSupalogo - create an attractive text logo Photo Editing You and your students can have a great time being creative with all the fantastic free photo editing sites that are available with more arriving just about every day. Polls & Surveys I have enjoyed creating numerous free polls for my site. ScreenCasts Slideshows

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