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Three Keys to Writing Good Narratives (Grant Writing Tips) This column was originally mounted on the web as an example of the types of information available in Aid for Education, a CD Publications newsletter. Due to the transitory nature of the world wide web, it was captured and preserved locally on the Michigan State University Library Server so that future readers would not have any trouble locating it again. To review other funding tips current posted by CD Publications, click here. "Triangulate": That's the name for the strategy advocated by politicians these days for finding the most voters, normally clustered in the middle. Good grant writing, experts say, involves triangulating prose as well, transecting it with three clear elements: integrating key points throughout a proposal; establishing priorities and goals for a project; using compelling stories to illustrate points. A solid example from a classroom never hurts in indicating what strategy will work in solving a problem. Clear prose doesn't mean abstract and lifeless writing.

How to Write an Effective Nonprofit Mission Statement Mission statements have often been ponderous things, suitable mainly for an internal audience and to impress institutional funders. Today, mission statements are often shortened to a few, pithy words that can easily be used across communication channels. The best ones both express the authentic purpose of the charity and serve as a building block of its branding and marketing. An effective mission statement is more important than ever. There is no one way to write a mission statement. The Benefits of a Compelling Mission Statement Focuses your energy and clarifies your purpose. How to Write a Mission Statement That Is Memorable, Not Mundane Bring in many perspectives. 5 Things to Avoid in a Mission Statement Your mission statement is worth the time and attention you'll lavish on it.

Funding for Research | Sustainable Sciences Institute Research Funding Resources Here we offer some resources for possible research funding and seed granting programs. *Please contact us to add others to this list! • Third World Academy of Sciences The Academy offers fellowships for postgraduate and postdoctoral training, fellowships for research and collaborative projects, and research grants of up to 10,000 USD for equipment and consumables. Click on the section marked “Activities.”• (Science Careers Grants & Funding) Free database listing grant and training opportunities for students and faculty at all educational levels, including undergraduate.

Government Grants For Women | Matthew Lesko Every year the US government sets aside billions of dollars in grants, loans, services and contracts just for women. There are scholarships to go to school, grants to start a business and free money to help raise children and much, much more. For the last decade Matthew Lesko has helped catalog these giveaways in a series of books detailed below. Brought To You By The Free Money "Guru Of Government Giveaways" Matthew Lesko Matthew Lesko has 25 years of experience educating everyone from Fortune 500 companies to average taxpayers about government money programs. It's All Inside the Government Money Club With the click of a mouse you can now access mountains of Free Money programs, ask questions from our live librarian, download actual approved applications and view informative videos designed to give you the right information to succeed. Join Now And Instantly Get Access To: ***24/7 Email Access to answer ANY question ***Top-secret interview videos with government officials

The Funding Center : An Overview The Funding Center contains information about all kinds of funders, the grants, scholarships and fellowships they offer, and related topics such as proposal writing and nonprofit administration. What is the Funding Center? Over 100,000 funders give out over $50 billion in grants every year to non-profit institutions. The Funding Center contains all the tools you need to identify these funders, including private foundations, corporate foundations, community foundations, corporations, government agencies, associations, and individuals. Many of the available tools are now electronic, making research easier than ever. In short, the Funding Center is a basic starting place for anyone interested in grants or funding. Additional points to remember about the MSU Funding Center. The Funding Center is a focal point for finding out information about foundations, grants, and related information. Who Can Use It? Anyone can use the Funding Center. Where Is It Located? When Is It Available for Use?

Grant Research | Grant Writing (Grantwriting) Finding and identifying foundations and other organizations that give grants for specific purposes or in specific subject areas requires considerable time, effort, and research. The resources on this page provide a starting point to help you do your own research. To be successful in winning a grant, there are a number of important steps that you will need to take. First, you will need to do research in order to identify appropriate funding organizations. Once you have identified potential funders, you will then need to determine how to approach them. In many cases, it is best not to submit a grant application to a funding organization that knows nothing about your activities. If you're not sure how to begin looking for grants, my Frequently Asked Questions page can help you get started. Getting a grant is hard work. For information on other sources of funding, please visit my Government Loans and Other Financial Resources page. Search grants by subject or from a listing of grantmakers.

OPS OMS | Oportunidades de Financiamiento Quiénes somos Nuestro objetivos, visión y misión Por qué invertir en la investigación para la salud Una serie de estudios de caso que muestran los beneficios de la inversión en investigación para la salud. Mandatos y documentos Política de investigación para la salud de la OPS. Comité Asesor de Investigaciones en Salud de la OPS (CAIS) Las Representaciones de la OPS/OMS La OPS tiene representación en toda la región de las Américas. Pasantías Para leer acerca de las oportunidades de prácticas en la investigación en diferentes entidades de la OPS, lea los testimonios de los ex becarios, o para aplicar visite nuestra sección de pasantías.En este momento, no hay más disponibilidad para recibir pasantes para el verano de 2016. Para una pasantía en una oficina de país de OPS/OMS, contacte o visíte directamente el sitio web del país deseado.

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