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Tails - Confidentialité et anonymat, pour tous et partout

Tails - Confidentialité et anonymat, pour tous et partout
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DE(E)SU - Liberté Linux Summary Liberté Linux is a secure, reliable, lightweight and easy to use Gentoo-based LiveUSB/SD/CD Linux distribution with the primary purpose of enabling anyone to communicate safely and covertly in hostile environments. Whether you are a privacy advocate, a dissident, or a sleeper agent, you are equally likely to find Liberté Linux useful as a mission-critical communication aid. Download Liberté Linux 2012.3, released on 2012‑09‑01 (pick binary image for full functionality): Why should you choose Liberté over alternative open-source, commercial, or military systems? Unobtrusiveness Liberté promptly installs as a regular directory on a USB/SD key, taking ≈210 MiB of disk space, and not interfering with other files present on the media. Security Liberté Linux is shipped with the Hardened Gentoo kernel, which includes all grsecurity/PaX security enhancements — radically improving system's resistance to software exploits. Persistence Communication Anonymity Invariance Privacy Desktop Integrity

Download Tails [EN] It is important to check the integrity of the ISO image you downloaded to make sure that the download went well. Those techniques rely on standard HTTPS and certificate authorities to make you trust the content of this website. But, as explained on our warning page, you could still be victim of a man-in-the-middle attack while using HTTPS. On this website as much as on any other of the Internet. As a consequence, they don't provide you with a strong way of checking the ISO image authenticity and making sure you downloaded a genuine Tails. In a dedicated section, we will propose you some more advanced techniques to check the authenticity of the ISO image. All Tails ISO image are cryptographically signed by our OpenPGP key. If you already know how to use an OpenPGP key you can download it straight away: Tails signing key Otherwise, read our instructions to check the ISO image integrity: Using Linux with Gnome: Ubuntu, Debian, Tails, Fedora, etc. The development of seahorse-plugins has stopped.

Privatix Live-System Free portable encrypted system on an usb flash drive or an external hard drive for safe editing and carrying along of sensitive data, for encrypted communication and anonymous web surfing Not everyone who finds privacy important while using the internet and communicating or is editing sensitive data always has their own computer with a safely set up operating system and the required tools at their disposal or want to carry it with them. That's why we created the Privatix Live-System (based on Debian GNU/Linux). It is an easy to operate safe and portable system that can be booted from a cd-rom, an usb flash drive or an external hard drive and ensures your privacy and confidentiality while using the internet and communicating or editing and encrypting sensitive data. Therefore standard applications such as browser, email client, word processor, image viewer and most importantly numerous data protection and encryption software are integrated.

Donwload Tails [FR] Il est important de vérifier l'intégrité de l'image ISO téléchargée afin de vous assurer que le téléchargement s'est bien déroulé. Ces techniques sont basées sur le standard HTTPS et les autorités de certification pour certifier le contenu de ce site. Or, comme expliqué sur notre page d'avertissement, vous pouvez être victime d'une attaque de type "man-in-the-middle" lorsque vous accédez à ce site. En conséquence, ces techniques ne vous permettent pas de fortement vérifier l'authenticité de l'image ISO et être sûr que vous avez téléchargé un Tails véritable. Toutes les images ISO de Tails sont signées avec notre clef OpenGPG. Si vous savez déjà comment utiliser une clef OpenGPG vous pouvez la télécharger directement. Tails signing key Sinon, lisez nos instructions pour vérifier l'intégrité de l'image ISO : En utilisant Linux avec Gnome: Ubuntu, Debian, Tails, Fedora, etc. You need to have the seahorse-plugins package installed. sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install seahorse-plugins

Download Privatix Live-System Bittorrent (Open this files with a Bittorrent client. The client will download the iso-image) English version (838 MB):privatix_11.04.11_en.iso.torrent (33 KB) English xfce version without gnome (631 MB):privatix_11.04.11_xfce_en.iso.torrent (26 KB) German version (862 MB):privatix_11.04.11_de.iso.torrent (34 KB) German xfce version without gnome (655 MB):privatix_11.04.11_xfce_de.iso.torrent (27 KB) Download from a mirror English Version: privatix_11.04.11_en.iso (838 MB) Mirrors: German Privacy Foundation English xfce version without gnome: privatix_11.04.11_xfce_en.iso (631 MB) Mirrors: German Privacy Foundation German Version: privatix_11.04.11_de.iso (862 MB) Mirrors: German Privacy Foundation German xfce version without gnome: privatix_11.04.11_xfce_de.iso (655 MB) Mirrors: German Privacy Foundation Source Sourcecode and build environment for Debian Squeeze: privatix_11.04.11_source.tar.bz2 (3.8 MB) Checksums

Lightweight Portable Security 15 June 2011: LPS-Remote Access was certified by AFNIC to connect to the GIG for general telecommuting use Lightweight Portable Security (LPS) creates a secure end node from trusted media on almost any Intel-based computer (PC or Mac). LPS boots a thin Linux operating system from a CD or USB flash stick without mounting a local hard drive. Administrator privileges are not required; nothing is installed. The LPS family was created to address particular use cases: LPS-Public is a safer, general-purpose solution for using web-based applications. The accredited LPS-Remote Access is only for accessing your organization's private network. LPS-Public allows general web browsing and connecting to remote networks. LPS differs from traditional operating systems in that it isn't continually patched. To get started, download an LPS-Public ISO image or LPS-Public Deluxe ISO image and burn it to a CD. Download the LPS-Public ISO image, version 1.5.6 (5 December 2014). Read the LPS-Public Datasheet.

The Haven Project Back¦Track-fr sécurité réseau & intrusion DemocraKey | Free software downloads Wiki Backtrack-fr Live RFID Hacking System - OpenPCD From OpenPCD Breaking Mifare Classic using bootable Live DVD tutorial video - breaking derived keys with mfoc for two cards and comparing card using kdiff3 Shows the captured waveform with the demodulated LF RFID tag data using our LF RFID frontend for USB soundcards The bootable Live RFID Hacking System contains a ready-to-use set of hacking tools for breaking and analyzing MIFARE Classic RFID cards and other well known card formats. The MFOC/MFCUK tools of the Live system won't work inside virtualization software like VMware as virtualization seems to break the timing requirements of the MIFARE Classic attack tools - please boot from the CD/DVD instead. Our RFID hardware projects for RFID Security Analysis Suggested RFID Reader for MIFARE Classic key recovery for this live system Tikitag USB RFID reader versus MIFARE classic room card of the Montreal Hyatt Regency Hotel @ RECON2011. Note for touchatag reader users If the pcsd daemon bails out on a touchatag reader with: Checksums