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Qubes OS Project

Qubes OS Project

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How to Setup A Hastebin Server Hastebin is a beautiful simple pastebin used for sharing little pieces of code or information between friends/coworkers. A friend introduced me to it about a month ago when we were trying to collaborate on a piece of batch script we were working through. After utilizing it for a couple of weeks and realizing its usability, I had the epiphany of hosting my own Hastebin! And a plus is, all collaboration is stored on one of my own machines and not out there in the wild somewhere (it helps me sleep better at night). Enjoy! Steps for installing a Hastebin Server How To Sync Your Movie to the Professional Jokes By Professional Comedy Professionals (AKA RiffTrax) Intro This guide started off as a sort of checklist for myself to try to refine, and speed up the process. I'm sure that there are a good number of things that can be improved upon, but in my opinion, the steps below produce pretty consistently good results. Hopefully this will help someone enjoy RiffTrax a little more.

Communicating with Others Most email providers give you a way of accessing your email using a web browser , such as Firefox or Chrome. Of these providers, most of them provide support for HTTPS Nomenklatura - Data Matching and Reconciliation Made Easy - Open Knowledge Labs Nomenklatura is a simple service that makes it easy to maintain a canonical list of entities such as persons, companies or event streets and to match messy input, such as their names against that canonical list – for example, matching Acme Widgets, Acme Widgets Inc and Acme Widgets Incorporated to the canonical “Acme Widgets”. With Nomenklatura its a matters of minutes to set up your own set of master data to match against and it provides a simple user interface and API which you can then use do matching (the API is compatible with Open Refine’s reconciliation function). Nomenklatura can not only store the master set of entities you want to match against but also will learn and record the various aliases for a given entity - such as a person, organisation or place - may have in various datasets.

A directory of direct links to delete your account from web services. Can't find what you're looking for? Help make better. easy Kawasaki J Concept Three-Wheeled Motorcycle Enlarge By now, well into the second century of automobility, you’d think that we’d be using something better than just yesterday’s bikes today. It isn’t just what critics of motorcycle engineering claim as the stultifying effect of motorcyclist conservatism, but because turning by leaning is so natural to us, as I try to explain in my 2008 book, Bodies in Motion: Evolution and Experience in Motorcycling. Attending Protests (United States) Think carefully about what’s on your phone before bringing it to a protest. Your phone contains a wealth of private data, which can include your list of contacts, the people you have recently called, your text messages and email, photos and video, GPS location data, your web browsing history and passwords or active logins, and the contents of your email and social media accounts. Through stored passwords, access to the device can allow someone to obtain yet even more information on remote servers.

Quickstart Guide How do you know if DSpace is the right choice for you? How do you get started in your evaluation process? Follow the steps below to explore DSpace in more detail. Step 1 - Watch a DSpace overview Watch the DSpace introductory video. - Boing Boing (see story here) "The Internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it." -- John Gilmore If your employer or corrupt, undemocratic, dictator-based government uses a filtering service such as Secure Computing's SmartFilter to block access to -- or anything else online -- you can try the following workarounds: Distributed BoingBoing mirrors everything on at random IP addresses to foil filters.

Secure Memorable Passwords Inspired by XKCD and Password Hay Stacks | Powered by This service is provided entirely for free and without ads, but the server is not free to run. Please consider making a small contribution towards those costs. Your browser (Firefox 17) doesn't apepar to be officially supported by the JQuery 2 library that powers this site. It may work just fine, but if not, perhaps consider updating to one of the 'standard' modern browsers.

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