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Tahoe-LAFS. Tahoe-LAFS. From Search Engines to Smartphones, Technology Gets a Privacy Overhaul. As the reach of the Internet has grown, so has the medium’s favored business model: targeted advertising.

From Search Engines to Smartphones, Technology Gets a Privacy Overhaul

Signals recording our activity are harvested as we browse the Web and, increasingly, as we use our smartphones. That information is used to build profiles that help advertisers target ads, and opting out is rarely easy. Some small companies are now redesigning smartphones and Web browsers to give people more control over that kind of data collection.

The founders of these startups claim that many people want an alternative to the data-slurping status quo, and that services such as search engines can be run profitably without harvesting much data. Blackphone, a smartphone to launch next month, is perhaps the most ambitious of these projects. Javier Agüera, cofounder and chief technology officer of Geeksphone, stresses that the device is not intended to be “NSA-proof.” To that end, the Web browser on the Blackphone will, by default, block ad-tracking technology served up by websites. Rest - padroes e melhores praticas. Java Core API - Dropbox. The Core API is based on HTTP and OAuth and provides low-level calls to access and manipulate a user's Dropbox account.

Java Core API - Dropbox

If you want to follow along, first register a new app on the App Console. You'll need the app key to access the Core API. Then install the Java SDK and you'll be ready to go. Authenticating your app The Core API uses OAuth v2, but the Java SDK will take care of most of it so you don't have to start from scratch. You'll need to provide your app key and secret to the new DbxWebAuthNoRedirect object.

DrobpoxAPI - Conectando com Dropbox API Java. Olá, pessoal! Hoje quero compartilhar uma experiência bem bacana que tive com a API do Dropbox. Estou trabalhando em um projeto novo e vamos usar alguns recursos do DropBox como ferramenta para poder automatizar alguns processos e facilitar a vida do usuário. A ideia deste artigo é mostrar como conectar sua aplicação com o DropBox. No início foi meio confuso de entender como funcionava a documentação do Dropbox. É até boa, mas o tutorial não é muito objetivo. Ir no e create app. Ao clicar na app que foi criada, teremos dois caras importantes, veja: Precisamos dessas keys para poder conectar a nossa conta.

Pronto, só isso. Série DropboxAPI: Gerando Token no DropBox API - Parte 02. Olá, pessoal!

Série DropboxAPI: Gerando Token no DropBox API - Parte 02

No artigo de hoje vamos ver como gerar um Token para evitar o problema que tivemos no último artigo, onde cada vez que a aplicação rodar será preciso autorizar novamente para obter o code. Assumindo que você acompanhou e meteu a mão na massa com o artigo anterior, vou apenas me limitar aqui a resolver o problema que identificamos de evitar múltiplos allow toda vez que a aplicação sobe e precisa conectar com o Dropbox. Crie uma nova classe no projeto (eu chamei de DropBoxGenerateToken). Esse código não foi eu quem criou. Lembro que encontrei nas minhas inúmeras pesquisas para resolver o problema. Feito isso, crie um arquivo com o nome que quiser do tipo .json (o meu chamei de cam.json) e crie um outro chamado de TOKEN.

2013/papers/narayanan-teaching.pdf. Free Haven's Selected Papers in Anonymity. Privacy Integrated Queries (PINQ) Privacy Integrated Queries is a LINQ-like API for computing on privacy-sensitive data sets, while providing guarantees of differential privacy for the underlying records.

Privacy Integrated Queries (PINQ)

The research project is aimed at producing a simple, yet expressive language about which differential privacy properties can be efficiently reasoned and in which a rich collection of analyses can be programmed. Substiantial progress has been recently made in the rigorous treatment of privacy-preserving data analysis, in the form of Differential Privacy: a formal and achievable requirement that a computation not reveal even the presence of any one individual in its input.

As powerful as this privacy criterion is, its formal nature challenges data analysts and data providers to design new analyses and verify their privacy properties without the help of differential privacy experts. AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Data Engineering Bulletin. Euro Cloud Security and Privacy Concerns. Cloud Security and Privacy. The Cloud Thing: Privacy and Cloud Computing. EPIC - Electronic Privacy Information Center. Organizations fear their privacy activities are insufficient. Posted on 26 September 2013.

Organizations fear their privacy activities are insufficient

The perceived level of maturity attached to organizations' privacy activities has decreased since 2011, as many organizations deem their existing privacy activities to be inadequate, according to a survey by Gartner. The survey found that 43 percent of organizations have a comprehensive privacy management program in place, while 7 percent admitted to "doing the bare minimum" regarding privacy laws. "More than a third of organizations still 'consider privacy aspects in an ad hoc fashion' and it is surprising that so many companies are saying that they are not conducting privacy impact assessments before major projects.

Sixty-two percent do not scan websites and applications, or conduct an organization-wide privacy audit every year. Organizations must put these activities on their to-do list for 2014," said Carsten Casper, research vice president at Gartner. Mr. Mr. "When storing and accessing personal data, organizations face a number of options.

IAM Management Console.