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RadioShack to auction off customer data, violating own privacy policy. Retail chain RadioShack is looking to cash in the information it holds on its customers as part of its bankruptcy sale.

RadioShack to auction off customer data, violating own privacy policy

According to Hilco Streambank, personal data including over 65 million customers' names and physical addresses, as well as 13 million email addresses, has been made available to the highest bidder. All this despite the fact that the company's online privacy policy quite clearly states: We will not sell or rent your personally identifiable information to anyone at any time. We will not use any personal information beyond what is necessary to assist us in delivering to you the services you have requested. We may send personally identifiable information about you to other organizations when: We have your consent to share the information (you will be provided the opportunity to opt-out if you desire). When a company collects private customer data on the condition that it will not be resold, it is the company’s responsibility to uphold their end of the bargain.

Uber goes Big Data, shares customers’ data with a hotel chain. Uber has joined the rank of Big Data sellers, up there with Facebook, Google and Visa.

Uber goes Big Data, shares customers’ data with a hotel chain

The product: data about customers' movements, where they shop, where they work, where they go and much more. This is how it started: about a month ago, Uber users who are also "preferred guests" of Starwood Hotels & Resorts were given the chance to earn "Starpoints" whenever they climb into an Uber ride. Redeemable for free stays! Upgrades! Air miles! Facebook explains when/why it peeps at your account. Facebook user Paavo Siljamäki recently posted a story about popping in to Facebook offices in Los Angeles to get some input as to how to better use the site.

Facebook explains when/why it peeps at your account

A Facebook engineer asked if it would be OK to take a look at his profile. "Sure", Siljamäki said, and without even asking for a password, the engineer logged in directly as Siljamäki, viewing all of his private content. Hand over your Facebook username and password if you want a job. Picture it: you are at a job interview, and the interviewer requests that you log into your Facebook account so they can shoulder surf as you lay bare your profile in its entirety.

Hand over your Facebook username and password if you want a job

Worse, what if they ask you to hand over your Facebook username and password? You might laugh and say I would never do that, but what if you really, really need a job? Many of us are desperate for work at the moment, so it is no surprise that some feel they must comply to avoid being stricken from the candidates' list. In the US, this tactic has been used with people applying for police officer or 911 dispatcher roles, according to an AP article. But the report says that it is happening elsewhere too. iPad / iPhone - Le tracker impossible à enlever. Comment Google a livré la tête d'un activiste aux Islamistes - Korben. Computer Security News, Advice and Research.

WhatsApp spy tool lets anyone track when you're online WhatsSpy Public illustrates that fiddling with your privacy settings doesn't stop people from tracking your status and any changes you've made to profile photos, status messages and settings.

Computer Security News, Advice and Research

Artificial Intelligence could make us extinct, warn Oxford University researchers Researchers from Oxford University have joined the growing chorus of sober, intelligent, technology literate people warning about the dangers of Artificial Intelligence by listing it as one of twelve risks that pose a threat to human civilisation or even all human life. New rules on drones and aerial surveillance issued by FAA, White House. Chiffrer entièrement un site web avec CryptoData. Chiffrer entièrement un site web avec CryptoData CryptoData est une extension Firefox sans prétention qui permet de chiffrer en AES du texte avec une simple clé de votre choix.

Chiffrer entièrement un site web avec CryptoData

Cette extension utilise l'implémentation AES CTR mise au point par Chris Veness et si vous êtes webmaster, en suivant ces recommandations, vous pourrez proposer des pages entièrement chiffrées (texte, images, JavaScript) que vos visiteurs pourront lire avec CryptoData. Browser fingerprints – the cookies you can’t delete. Combattre les Google Glass. A tous ceux qui détestent les Google Glass parce qu'on ne sait jamais si celui qui les porte est en train de vous photographier ou vous filmer, Julian Oliver a une solution pour entrer en résistance.

Combattre les Google Glass

La NSA saura quand vous êtes aux toilettes. Si vous travaillez de manière intense, avec en plus un boss collé dans votre dos qui en exerçant une simple pression psychologique vous empêche de vous relâcher quelques secondes pour faire un break, vous appréciez surement d'aller vous poser sur le trône au taf.

La NSA saura quand vous êtes aux toilettes

Un petit moment, seul, pour souffler et se relaxer, jusqu'à ce que ... BANG BANG, le connard du 3e qui ne sait pas faire la différence entre rouge - occupé et bleu - libre, vienne filer plusieurs grands coups sur la poignée de la porte. Après chacun sa technique... La reconnaissance faciale facile grâce à NEC. Spyware app turns the privacy tables on Google Glass wearers. Critics of Google Glass usually remark on how the device allows its owner to take photos and videos of other people without their knowledge or consent, which has contributed to some backlash, including bans on Glass in some establishments and an alleged assault on a Glass user.

Spyware app turns the privacy tables on Google Glass wearers

But a spyware app developed by two researchers has shown that Google Glass can be used to secretly take photos of whatever a Glass wearer is looking at without their knowledge - making the Glass user the one whose privacy and security is potentially compromised. The lens display usually lights up whenever Glass is in use, which is the only way to tell when Glass is on - other than witnessing voice and gesture commands used by the wearer such as "Okay Glass, take a photo. " However, according to media reports, the app takes a photo every 10 seconds when the display is off, meaning the wearer (or anyone in view of the camera) is unaware that it's recording. Eye spy Lady told