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MOREDAYS, plan your life with fun and style Which VPN Providers Really Take Anonymity Seriously? | TorrentFreak - Iceweasel As detailed in yesterday’s article, if a VPN provider carries logs of their users’ activities the chances of them being able to live up to their claim of offering an anonymous service begins to decrease rapidly. There are dozens of VPN providers, many of which carry marketing on their web pages which suggests that the anonymity of their subscribers is a top priority. But is it really? Do their privacy policies stand up to scrutiny? Over the past two weeks TorrentFreak contacted some of the leading, most-advertised, and most talked about VPN providers in the file-sharing and anonymity space. 1. 2. This article does not attempt to consider the actual quality of service offered by any listed provider, nor does it consider whether any service is good value for money. P2P Supporting VPN providers NordVPN Response to Q1: As stated in our terms of service, we do not monitor, record or store any VPN user logs. NordVPN website Private Internet Access Private Internet Access website BTguard TorGuard 1.

Vanish: Enhancing the Privacy of the Web with Self-Destructing D Clipperz - online password manager Colocation, Dedicated Servers, Web hosting, VPN Tunnels, Privacy services. - Iceweasel PeriQ Networks AB - PRQ.SE Svenska | Start News Services About the company Order Contact us | Dedicated servers | Co-location | Web/mail/shell hosting | Tunnels and anonymizers | Special/Limited offers | Domains | A tunnel allows you to get real static IP addresses with your own reverse DNS, and to bypass filters and surveillance at your ISP. The tunnels work with most broadband ISPs and operating systems. For more information about setting up the tunnel service: PRQ Forum. Package 1: 1 static IP address Your own reverse DNS records (hosted by us) The available bandwidth is rate limited to 512 Kbps Price: 94 SEK/month 0.03 BTC/month Package 2: The available bandwidth is rate limited to 10 Mbps Price: 156 SEK/month 0.04 BTC/month Package 3: The available bandwidth is rate limited to 30 Mbps Price: 250 SEK/month 0.07 BTC/month Package 4: 2 static IP addresses The available bandwidth is rate limited to 100 Mbps Price: 750 SEK/month 0.19 BTC/month Additional IP adresses: 31 SEK/month per IP address Encryption:

Privacy is dead, and social media hold smoking gun tunnel past censorship with a proxy and take back your freedom! - Iceweasel If you are a resident of Africa, Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey, and the Far East (Indonesia, Vietnam, etc): Send us an email to to sign up for an account. You cannot do it yourself due to the large amounts of fraud. We accept cash, BitCoin, Western Union, pay by phone and bank transfers as well as LibertyReserve. You need to pay for one month of service (minimum) to test our service. IF you do not like our service in the first 7 days we will provide a full refund. Si vous êtes un résident de l'Afrique, Europe de l'Est, la Russie, la Turquie et l'Extrême-Orient (Indonésie, Vietnam, etc): Envoyez-nous un e-mail à pour vous inscrire à un compte. A few things you should know before contacting us Cryptocloud is a service brought to you by the Cryptocloud team. The Cryptocloud team is available 24/7/365. Currently we are actively seeking team members with high-level competence in marketing analytics and public relations.

Aza’s Thoughts » Making Privacy Policies not Suck Privacy policies are long legalese documents that obfuscate meaning. Nobody reads them because they are indecipherable and obtuse. Yet, these are the documents that tell you what’s going on with your data — how, when, and by whom your information will used. To put it another way, the privacy policy lets you know if some company can make money from information (like selling you email to a spammer). Creative Commons did an amazing thing for copyright law. Creative commons reduced the complexity of letting others use your work with a set of combinable, modular icons. In order for privacy policies to have meaning for actual people, we need to follow in Creative Commons footsteps. Understanding Data Flows With the rise of web services, your information can end up in unexpected places. Here’s what that looks like as a wall of text, which is the typical privacy policy mode. The difference in understandability is huge between the text and the schematic. The simple form

Best Free VPN Services To Anonymize IP & Secure Internet Connection - Iceweasel Last week, we discussed the advantages of virtual private network over leased line-based private and hybrid networks, VPN tunneling technologies and types, and also showed you a simple way of creating a VPN connection. Apart from encrypting the communication, VPN is also used as an alternative to proxy servers to secure the communication between two clients & client and server, on a network. One of the reasons why most users prefer using VPN service instead of proxy server, is that, VPN provides strong encryption, and in some cases, multi-hopping connectivity, making it very difficult for external sources to trace down the connected systems. proXPN proXPN is a free, cross-platform VPN service that focuses on securing the communication and preventing ISP logging system and other external sources from checking the websites you visit. proXPN VPN client is available for both Windows and Mac OS X. The basic account allows connecting with US (Miami) VPN server. Visit proXPN Tunnel Bear RiccoVPN