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Latest Awesome Best anniversary gifts Every Day on the Gadget Join Gadget Flow Today For Free Login Login with facebook or iTypewriter: Yes, It's An iPad Typewriter Some say typewriters ruined writing, making it too impulsive. Others insist the word processor really did it in, making it too editable (and thereby even more impulsive). But as a writer, for whatever my flimsy badge be worth, I think it’s pretty clear that the iPad (and iPhone) ruined writing, as every ducking word that I type comes out wrong. So maybe it’s fitting that Austin Yang designed the iTypewriter--a real, functioning typewriter that strikes its hammers right against the iPad’s Gorilla Glass keyboard instead of paper. Why developers are like artists A few weeks ago my team at MuleSoft created a video describing what it’s like to be a developer at the company, and I noted in the video how developers are like artists. In response, I received numerous questions and comments about it being an interesting metaphor and requests to elaborate on the concept. There are a whole variety of reasons why I see real similarities between developers and artists.

Latest Exciting geeky gadgets for your special ones Join Gadget Flow Today For Free Login Login with facebook or Real Engines Of Growth Have Nothing To Do With Growth Hacking Editor’s note: Dan Kaplan helps startups tell their stories. He’s done marketing for Twilio, Asana, and Salesforce and blogs about marketing, growth, and storytelling at Threadling. Imagine you’re a 17-year-old girl at a well-to-do high school in Los Angeles and you just discovered Snapchat. Until that moment, every time you thought about sending risqué photos to your romantic interest, you had to worry about images of your naked self ending up on the Internet. When you wanted to gossip with your peers about a crush or a friend or an enemy, you had to worry about your words falling into the wrong hands and being seen by the wrong eyes.

There are unique and best Christmas gifts Join Gadget Flow Today For Free Connect with: or Don't have an Account? Register Here Forgot Your Password? Bitcoin's Technology Could Revolutionize Intellectual Property Rights The bitcoin block chain is well known for its use as a ledger for digital currency transactions, but it has the potential for other, more radical uses too – uses that are only now beginning to be explored. The online service Proof of Existence is an example of how the power of this new technology can have applications far beyond the world of finance, in this case, giving a glimpse of how bitcoin could one day have a substantial impact in the fields of intellectual property and law. Although in its initial stages, Proof of Existence can be used to demonstrate document ownership without revealing the information it contains, and to provide proof that a document was authored at a particular time. Manuel Aráoz, a Buenos Aires, Argentina-based developer, who built Proof of Existence as a decentralized method of verification, a kind of cryptographic notary service explained: How it works

Kickstarter project promotion Why is it so that out of all the incredible crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter, only a certain few become big time names such as Oculus Rift (which has now made its way to being another Facebook acquisition) or Avegant Glyph? We’ve discussed 21 tips in our last article that can help your project gain mainstream popularity and today the list extends into the next chapter. This time, we are focused on discussing one of the most important aspects of launching a Kickstarter project: promotion. This is indeed one of those vital tasks which, if done well, can soar your project towards success.

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