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Latest Awesome Best anniversary gifts Every Day on the Gadget Join Gadget Flow Today For Free Login Login with facebook or Finder - RFID Locator by Chu Wang, Qiujin Kou, Qian Yin & Yonghua Zhang Key Control Finder is a two-part RFID Locator comprising of the main terminal and tab stickers. Basically you are supposed to stick the tracking stickers to objects that you tend to misplace often, like keys, phone, wallet etc. Configure the sticker with the appropriate label on the main terminal and you are set to use it. No more lost keys again, yay! Latest Exciting geeky gadgets for your special ones Join Gadget Flow Today For Free Login Login with facebook or Top 20 Best Of Best From Red Dot Concept Designs 2010 Top 20 Best Of Best From Red Dot Concept Designs 2010 Dot, dot, dot…The Red Dot Concept Design Awards 2010! Yes, the results are out and for many young-guns its time for jubilations! A high-profile presentation ceremony in Singapore, love and envy from your peers and acknowledgment from the best in the industry; that’s what Red Dot is all about!

There are unique and best Christmas gifts Join Gadget Flow Today For Free Connect with: or Don't have an Account? Register Here Forgot Your Password? Bento Laptop Tablet Hybrid by René Woo-Ram Lee Bento is quite an exceptional and forward thinking concept by René Woo-Ram Lee. It’s quite a plausible scenario that most of use/own a tablet, a PC, external hard drives and a smartphone. Now combine the power of these to have fully customizable Bento Laptop! The Box accommodates all the gear to work as one whole unit or individually; as you see fit. Features Laptop with 15″ OLED screen11″ tablet and 4″ phone sit in shallow depressionsSolar powered lithium-ion battery1TB SSD drive Kickstarter project promotion Why is it so that out of all the incredible crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter, only a certain few become big time names such as Oculus Rift (which has now made its way to being another Facebook acquisition) or Avegant Glyph? We’ve discussed 21 tips in our last article that can help your project gain mainstream popularity and today the list extends into the next chapter. This time, we are focused on discussing one of the most important aspects of launching a Kickstarter project: promotion. This is indeed one of those vital tasks which, if done well, can soar your project towards success.

The Matterform 3D Scanner The Matterform 3D Scanner - The world’s first, truly affordable 3D scanner for anyone! If you've ever wanted a 3D scanner now's your chance. By pledging support to this project, you can have your very own 3D Scanner. All the Early backers, batch #1, #2, #3 and #4 packs are sold out and batch #5 is now closed. The Matterform 3D Scanner allows anyone to take a physical object, and turn it into a digital 3D model on your computer.