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Brian Solis - Defining the convergence of media and influence

Brian Solis - Defining the convergence of media and influence
inShare235 Guest post by Gib Bassett, Global Program Director, Consumer Goods, Teradata There’s no question that the shopping journey has been disrupted by consumer behavior in online, social media and mobile channels. What’s less certain, especially within the branded consumer products industry, is the best way to serve this now commonplace “connected consumer.” The pursuit of this answer, and the quest to learn more about connected consumers, is commonly referred to as “digital transformation.” inShare589

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World of CEOs Jobs, Opportunities and Talent Getting the top job How to give yourself the best possible shot As a former CEO headhunter and CEO confidant, Steve Tappin, our founder, is accustomed to helping CEOs get the top job. Here are his top tips: Go direct yourself How Innovation and Focus are Positioning Kraft Heinz For Growth In the 18 months since the 3G Capital-owned H.J. Heinz Co. bought Kraft Foods Group, creating the third largest food and beverage company in North America and fifth largest worldwide, the Brazilian investment firm has prioritized cost-cutting to create efficiencies in the new Kraft Heinz Co. The strategy for focused growth at the snack and food products giant was not a surprise; 3G uses the same model in the beer industry for the hundreds of brands it controls under the AB InBev umbrella. Also exciting analysts and investors: Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway acquired a 25% stake in the new Kraft Heinz.

Cauliflower rice is freaking out the rice industry — Quartz Beijing Holding her six-year-old son, Deng Na’s looks into the camera, her face both tired and determined. The picture accompanying the online crowdfunding call for her son Chen Junnan’s bone marrow transplant was taken in a hospital close to Beijing, where Deng, 27, has spent much of her time since Junnan was diagnosed with leukemia four years ago. Deng, who used to work as a nurse in her hometown in Guangdong province, turned to crowdfunding to meet her urgent financial needs after her son’s cancer returned. Since she posted about her son’s condition on Tencent Gongyi, an online charity platform run by technology giant Tencent, donations by over 12,000 people came to almost 30% of the 500,000 yuan ($72,500) she needed. “We are a poor family and still owe our friends and family 200,000 yuan.

tech tomorrow's Channel (videos) Upload Subscription preferences Loading... Working... 99 Essential Twitter Tools And Applications - Smashing Magazine 99 Essential Twitter Tools And Applications Advertisement If you haven’t heard of Twitter1 by now, you must be living under a rock! 25 Top UK Startups The London startup scene is well-documented. But the UK innovation ecosystem is not confined to the city. All types of companies are emerging from surrounding places, in Cambridge, Edinburgh, Brighton, Manchester, Birmingham, small Welsh villages, an island in the English Channel.

Refreshingly Uncommon': Inside Tapestry Collection by Hilton It’s already been a busy 2017 for Hilton. First, it finalized the spinoff of its timeshare and real estate investment businesses, and now it is launching a new brand: Tapestry Collection by Hilton. The chain’s 14th brand, Tapestry is described as a “gathering of original, upscale hotels, offering travelers independent hotel experiences combined with value and reliability.” Inspired by feedback from customers and its property managers, Hilton CEO Christopher Nassetta told Skift: “It became really apparent that when you look at our 13 brands, which are fabulous brands and cover a broad spectrum of the industry, that this was a type of product that I would describe as unique upscale hotels that have their own individual spirit, if you will, and that are generally smaller hotels.” These are boutique-style hotels, added Nassetta, “that a lot of our customers don’t necessarily want every time they travel, but periodically, it’s a product they want.”

techcrunch At Google’s Marketing Next conference, the company is announcing a new beta for Google Attribution, a free tool for examining the role that different marketing strategies play in customer purchasing decisions. Regardless of device or marketing channel, Google wants Attribution to be a home for evaluating marketing campaigns. By creating a tight loop between strategy, ad spend and feedback, Google aims to make the tool attractive to marketers that feel last-click models don’t sufficiently explain customer behavior.

Techland - Tech and Gaming News and Reviews - Regulators are wary of facial recognition software Facebook rolled out a new photo-sharing app in the U.S. this week, but it won’t come out in Europe in the near future due to concerns over how it uses facial recognition technology. The app, called Moments, allows users to share photos with each other privately based around specific events and uses facial recognition software to detect which friends are in a given photo. The technology, which is used to offer photo tagging suggestions on Facebook proper, is automatically set to be used on all users in the U.S. However, in Europe, Facebook will be forced to make facial scanning and tagging an opt-in feature, Facebook head of policy Richard Allen told the Wall Street Journal. Moments could roll out in Europe after the company develops an opt-in process.

New Media, Marketing, Advertising & Interactive News & Jobs You know you’re working in UX when … I’m sure you’ve heard the expression 'Never work with children or animals' right? Well, after you’ve read this lot, I reckon you’ll want to add participants, facilitators and even clients to this list. You see, since my last blog I’ve spent a few weeks “playing journalist” sourcing weird, wonderful and downright bizarre stories from the UX (User Experience) Community. The idea came to me while I was telling a friend how I had to sit throughout a whole study earlier this year in Norway, trying not to crack up every time a participant had to fill in his name on a form. Thing is, he was doing it with such a straight face that for a long time I thought it really was his name.

Study Hacks - Decoding Patterns of Success - Cal Newport The Opposite of the Open Office October 19th, 2016 · 12 comments The Bionic Office Louis Vuitton x Supreme Collaboration Combines Luxury With Street Cred Despite the significant age difference, new collaborators Louis Vuitton and Supreme were both founded on innovation. The former was founded in 1854, after it designed stackable trunk luggage with a flat top instead the traditional rounded one. And the latter in 1994, with a store designed so its skateboarding customers could ride straight inside to shop. Now the odd bedfellows are teaming up for Louis Vuitton’s new collection. The menswear line, called FW17, debuted this year at Paris Fashion Week. Not surprisingly, the combo collection caught even fashion insiders by surprise.

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