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Graphic Design Theory: 50 Resources and Articles

Graphic Design Theory: 50 Resources and Articles
As designers, we often focus on the practical aspects of design above all else. We focus on what works, with little regard for why it works. And in our day-to-day work, that outlook serves us well. It lets us get our work done in an efficient, professional manner, and generally nets good results. But spending some time on the theory behind the graphic design principles we use every day can expand our design horizons. General Design Theory There are a lot of general design theories and principles out there that apply to all forms of design, whether in digital or print mediums. The Principles of Design This article from Digital Web Magazine covers the basics of design theory, including balance, rhythm, proportion, dominance, and unity. Graphic Design Theory? How Good is Good? Can Graphic Design Make You Cry? The Lost Principles of Design An illustrated guide to the basic principles of graphic design. Want to Know How to Design? Layout Principles Color Theory Typography Related:  Visual Designweb design stuff

Before and After: A Craft Resource for Graphic Design One of the best things about working with students in digital platforms is that they have an opportunity to bring visual design to their writing, leveraging talents, interests, and modes of expression that would not otherwise find a place on an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of lined paper. The opportunity to work on the text, but also express the text visually, seems to draw in many writers who otherwise might have held back from a writing task. But this also opens up the question of finding resources to enrich their understanding of the craft of design...something that might not be readily at hand in many writing classrooms. While some students might be very adept at design, many are 'enthusiastic novices' (like me). One resource I've found that succeeds in making principles of graphic design accessible to novices is Before & After Magazine. Before & After does just what its name suggests: it takes readers through a simple makeover process to illustrate an element of practical graphic design.

How to seek inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci How to seek inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci Posted by Richie on Monday, June 7, 2010 · 57 Comments Who do you look for inspiration in your daily life? Who influences your work and your profession the most? It’s quite evident that we underestimate ourselves and our true potential. Most of us assert the fact that creativity is fixed at birth and only those who are born with it are able to pursue it in the right manner, whereas the rest of us who pick the art of understanding design via schooling and appropriate courses and sometimes self-learned, cannot reach the levels of creativity achievable by the former. The human brain is certainly the most complex system in the entire world. 500 years after the renaissance, when people started to question the very foundations of science and art, the world has rapidly evolved into a whole new dimension of information exchange and is experiencing a rapid expansion in knowledge, capitalism and interconnection. The 7 Da Vincian principles are:

Canva Course: Graphic Design Theory in Social Media Intro My name is Jeremy Deighan and I am thrilled to be a part of the Udemy team of instructors, helping others achieve their own personal goals. I have had quite the range of skills and hobbies through my lifetime. I really enjoy teaching and hope to provide information to others on anything and everything I know how to do! Art and Design I have an extensive background in different forms of art and design. I also have a history in live visual arts, specifically lighting design for music events, festivals, theaters, and corporate gigs. Music One of the first things I did as a young lad was learn music. I feel music can provide so many emotions and feelings, and also has science and mathematical characteristics. Math, Science, and History I can't tell you what the latest Kardashian is up to, but I can definitely tell you a lot about Crab Fisheries and the Egyptian King Khufu. Healthy Eating and Exercise To live a long and balanced life, you need to eat right and take care of your body.

10 Wicked Freebies That Every Designer Should Download Sometimes designing your own graphics from scratch can be a timely and daunting task, and going to the professionals can be very costly. In this post I have assembled an amazing collection of well designed free graphic elements that we do think are worth mentioning…for example; Flat icons, Flat design UI Kit, PSD website template and PSD Business card template… just to name a few. These high quality graphic elements and PSD templates can be very useful and save you lots of time with your web design project without reinventing the wheel. So why not start benefiting from these great resources by downloading them now. 1. Give your flat design a boost with this Flattastic UI kit, designed by Vlade Dimovski, free to download and simple to use. 2. Flat design — which is more of a rejection of 3D artifice than it is a style — fits so perfectly into the contemporary landscape that it’s already hard to envisage a time when it wasn’t de rigueur. [adsense] 3. 48 Flat designer icons 5. 7. 8. 9. 10.

The Framing Effect: Influence Your Audience By Setting The Conte Is the glass half full or half empty? How does seeing it one way frame everything else you later decide about both glass and water? Would seeing it the other way change your view? Imagine you and I are walking across the desert with a single canteen. In either case there was exactly the same amount of water in the canteen, however my reaction and determination of how much water is in the canteen frames the situation. The Framing Effect The framing effect is the idea that manipulating the way information is presented can influence and alter decision making and judgement about that information. Framing is used exceedingly often in politics. The context in which information is delivered shapes assumptions and perceptions about that information. People reach conclusions based on the framework within which a situation is presented. Positive frames tend to elicit positive feelings and result in risk taking and proactive behavior. The Expectation Effect The Exposure Effect Think branding. Summary

How to become a designer without going to design school | Karen X. Cheng I got my job as a designer without going to design school. I had hacked together my own design education in 6 months while working a full-time job. I didn’t think I was ready but started applying for jobs anyway – and got a job at a great startup, Exec. To be clear, I’m nowhere near as good as those design prodigies that come out of a 4-year education at an elite school like RISD. Maybe you want to change careers and become a designer full-time. This is a guide to teach yourself design. Update: I first published this blog post over a year ago. Step 1. First, learn how to draw. You don’t have to sit in a room with a bunch of other artists trying to draw a naked woman.You don’t even have to get that good at drawing. Learn graphic design theory Start with the book Picture This. Learn some basics in user experience Learn how to write Here is a sure sign of a bad designer: their mockups are filled with placeholder text like Lorem Ipsum. Step 2. Learn Illustrator Learn Photoshop Step 3. Step 4.

Visual Literacy: An E-Learning Tutorial on Visualization for Communication, Engineering and Business Useful (Offline) Utensils and Toolkits for Designers | Tools Most web designers start new projects on their computer. There are hundreds of tools out there for creating wireframes, mockups, prototypes, and doing various other planning activities on your computer or online. But there are also tons of offline, paper-based tools that can speed up your development and design process. Why start completely from scratch when you can use one of these pre-made guides to save time and better direct your creative energies? Here are more useful designers toolkits articles you might want to check out: Downloads The tools below are all available for free download. Paper Browser A simple, printable browser window for wireframing. MBTI Sketching Paper for Ideation The MBTI Sketching Paper contains four distinct areas for coming up with ideas for the four specific buying modalities: competitive, spontaneous, methodical, and humanistic. Concept7 Sketching Paper This sketching paper provides a browser window with pre-made grid lines, plus a notes area on the side.

Teach yo'self: A guide to online graphic design education Welcome to class! It’s a new era of graphic design. In a discipline that has always grown with, and been defined by technology, the computer is now one of the sole forces moving the medium. We are now able to teach ourselves and work for ourselves, from wherever our computers may be. Oh, and it’s free. Thanks internet! Here we have compiled a course just for you, featuring all the steps we believe will make you an even more killer designer than you already are. We will: Start with principles of designBuild skills with hands-on tutorialsGet into your client’s headGrow your freelance business Although most of these educational options will not grant you a degree, some of them have the option of acquiring a certificate of completion. Alright class, lets begin! 1. Duke Graphic Design Principles Index Let’s get started with your basic design principles. You can go all the way through, or jump ahead to an area you are particularly interested in, like Use Color to Create Memorable Moods. 2. Coursera

Four Types of Visual Content That Cut Through the Noise From the beginning of time, people have been expressing themselves through visuals. It is very natural for us to pay immediate attention to illustrations and graphics. And in an increasingly noisy digital landscape, marketers must use them to stand out. "Blogs were one of the earliest forms of social networking where people were writing 1,000 words," says Dr. William J. Now, I do believe that blogs, as well as micro-blogging, still have its place and are not going away any time soon. Besides just an image or a video, I would also consider multiple instruments of visual aggregation and curation of information. Here is an example of my paper on Our customers are hungry for good content, but any more they expect it to be presented in a snackable and quickly-consumable format. Here are four types of visual content that cut through the noise. 1. Create custom images to use on multiple networks. Here's an example of how Real Simple uses its Pinterest board... 2. 3. 4.

Cognitive Dissonance: How Contradictory Ideas Affect Design | Va One hot summer’s day a Fox was strolling through an orchard till he came to a bunch of Grapes just ripening on a vine which had been trained over a lofty branch. “Just the things to quench my thirst,” quoth he. Drawing back a few paces, he took a run and a jump, and just missed the bunch. The above story is an example of cognitive dissonance. This simple principle impacts design and marketing and it’s important to understand what it is and how people alleviate cognitive dissonance when confronted with it. Psychology and sociology impact both design and marketing. What is Cognitive Dissonance? Cognitive dissonance is a state of mental discomfort that occurs when a person’s attitudes, thoughts, ideas or beliefs conflict. The theory of cognitive dissonances suggests that people are motivated to reduce dissonance by either changing or rationalizing attitudes and beliefs. It is not a perfect and has its strengths and weaknesses. Ho Do People Alleviate Cognitive Dissonance? Design Marketing Summary

9 Great Subreddits for the Graphics Designer Designing a logo? Layouting a user interface? Looking for resources on your next personal project? Graphic design is hard work and most of us go to sites like Reddit to unwind with cat pictures. But Reddit is no longer a place to pass the time (or maybe, it still is). So I’ve compiled a list of subreddits for you to peruse for your pleasure. 1. Get an A with Comic Sans The mothership of all design subreddits, /r/design boasts over 100,000 subscribers with topics ranging from graphic design to furniture design. 2. If you want to put your Photoshop skills to the test, /r/photoshopbattles is the best subreddit for you. Catdalf Unlike most subreddits where the actual image is submitted as a link, the offerings of /r/photoshopbattles are in the comment section. There is also a themed photoshop battle each week. 3. With over 55,000 subscribers, /r/graphic_design is one of the most active design-related subreddits. Simplify your graphs 4. Type vs Message 5. Designers and flipped C’s 6. 7. 8. 9.

This resource covers many of the topics asked for in our assignment this week- It has links about use of color and contrast, balance, harmony, etc, fonts, composition, etc! by dixiembeau Sep 4

This site is the smorgas-bord (spelling?) of visual design! It has resources in every aspect of graphic design organized by category! Cool! by dixiembeau Sep 3