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// AccelStepper.h///// \mainpage AccelStepper library for Arduino////// This is the Arduino AccelStepper library./// It provides an object-oriented interface for 2 or 4 pin stepper motors.////// The standard Arduino IDE includes the Stepper library/// ( for stepper motors.

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Review – Texas Instruments TLC5940 16-channel LED driver IC Use the Texas Instruments TLC5940 16-Channel LED Driver IC with Arduino in Chapter 57 of our Arduino Tutorials. The first chapter is here, the complete series is detailed here. Introduction Today we are going to examine the Texas Instruments TLC5940 16-channel LED driver IC. Our reason for doing this is to demonstrate another, easier way of driving many LEDs – and also servos. First up, here is a few examples of the TLC5940

Millimeter wave scanner Active millimeter wave unit A millimeter wave scanner is a whole–body imaging device used for detecting objects concealed underneath a person’s clothing using a form of electromagnetic radiation. Typical uses for this technology include detection of items for commercial loss prevention, smuggling and screening at government buildings and airport security checkpoints. Several countries employ the scanners for security screening.[1] It is one of the common technologies of full body scanner used for body imaging; a competing technology is backscatter X-ray. Millimeter wave scanners themselves come in two varieties: active and passive.

Scooterputer I spend a fair amount of time zipping around town on my scooter, and thought it would be cool to add a voltage monitor to warn when the battery might need recharging. Waiting until the electric starter no longer works is somehow lacking. So after an evening with an Arduino Duemilanove, I had a simple programmable voltage divider with 3 LEDs indicating battery low, good, and charging. Done.

phduino - pH meter using Arduino board for glass electrode. This project describes an open software open hardware pH meter using an Arduino/Freeduino board. In other words, this is an electronic circuit to be connected with a glass electrode pH sensor. It was possible by the idea from my friend Mr. Denis Vidal, the space that my supervisor gave me, prof. Dr. Easy Driver Examples Easy Driver Examples Sample code and projects to get your stepper running! Lots of folks buy EasyDrivers or BigEasyDrivers and then get them to work just fine in their project. But some don't, and so I thought it would be a good idea to write down some simple instructions for getting your Easy Driver working as quickly and easily as possible.

rh_count Relative Humidity Measurement using the Humirel HS1101 Sensor Arduino, BasicX BX24 and PICAXE-18X copyright, Peter H. Anderson, Baltimore, MD, Nov, '07 (Nov, '07). The discussion has be reworked to also include the Arduino. MiFi A Novatel MiFi 2372 "Intelligent Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot" A MiFi device can be connected to a cellular network and provide internet access for up to ten devices. The MiFi works at a distance up to 10 m (30 ft) and will provide internet or network access to any Wi-Fi-enabled peripheral device. The first MiFi device was introduced in the U.S. in May 2009 by Novatel Wireless,[2] and Novatel owns a registered trademark on the "MiFi" brand name in the United States.[3] The Novatel MiFi is also marketed as such in the Netherlands, Egypt, Spain, Portugal, Germany, India, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Ghana, Canada, and Mexico.[4][5][6][7] 3' "MiFi" is a similar line from Huawei under the name.[4][8]

Cheap Arduino Wireless Communications I was looking for a way to handle wireless communications between two Arduino boards. Other options like Xbee or Bluetooth were going to cost $50 to over $100. Then I found a cheap RF transmitter and receiver at Sparkfun. The total cost is only $9! playground - CM17A Overview: The CM17A is a dongle that sends X10 commands (ON, OFF, BRIGHT, DIM) via RF to X10 receivers. The receivers then send signals down the house wiring to control lights and appliances. The CM17A is relatively cheap (about 10USD on eBay).

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