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The 30 Best Mac Apps You’ve Never Heard Of Posted 07/16/2008 at 9:59am | by Johnathon Williams Would it surprise you to learn that the coolest Mac software out there wasn’t created by Adobe, Microsoft, or even Apple? We expose the most useful but least-well-known apps you should be running on your Mac to get more done, have more fun, and make more of the time you spend in front of the computer. When it comes to software, using a Mac is an exercise in irony. On the one hand, Apple famously includes 90 percent of the software most users need right out of the box. Productivity and OrganizationWe could all use a few more hours in the day. 1. Anxiety takes the dread out of task management with its smart design. This clever task manager single-handedly converted us to using the task functions in iCal and Apple Mail. 2. FileChute makes sharing files online cut-and-paste easy. 3. Yojimbo’s ability to encrypt notes makes it perfect for storing passwords and other sensitive information. This is where Yojimbo comes in. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

10 Things Mac Owner Should Know I've compiled a list of 10 things every first time Mac owner, particularly Mac Mini owner, should know about their new computer and operating system. This article should answer some burning questions, enlighten you about some features you did not know about OS X and just all around be helpful. Enjoy. Any questions can be directed towards me here. 256 Won't Cut It Upgrading to 512MB of DDR RAM is suggested and will get you off to using a Mac on the right foot while an upgrade to 1GB will really unleash some speed. No Need to Defrag Whenever a PC is acting sluggish the first thing you hear people ask is "Have you tried defragging the hard drive?" Closing Unresponsive Applications The Mac equivalent of CTRL-ALT-DEL to bring up a system tasks profiler for force quitting unresponsive tasks is CMD-OPTION-ESC (or Windows-ALT-ESC if you are using a PC keyboard). Where Did That Window Go? You will quickly learn that when you minimize your applications, they go to the dock. Updates System Profiler

480+ Open Source Applications Open source software is booming: here we round up over 480 open source applications for you to use or build upon. Feel free to add more apps in the comments. And don’t forget to subscribe to Mashable for the latest web news and resources. Accounting Adaptive Planning Express - An open source solution enabling medium sized companies to automate budgeting and forecasting by moving beyond traditional applications like Excel. Buddi - A simple budgeting program for users with no financial background. CheckItOut - A Ruby on Rails application to manage personal money accounts. FrontAccounting - A professional web-based accounting system for ERP chain; written in PHP with use of MySQL. GFP - A free java based personal finance manager with the ability to run on any operating system. GnuCash - Open source financial accounting software to manage personal and small business expenses and incomes. Librepos - A multi-user POS application designed for touch screens, customer displays and barcode scanners. Dr.