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A visual look at El Capitan El Capitan (OS X 10.11) offers a collection of neat enhancements that should make using Apple's new OS a visually pleasing experience. For example, El Capitan has a new system typeface named SF, a member of the font family used on iOS devices and Apple Watch. Apple designed the font for readability, which you can judge for yourself below. On the left, you see the SF font in use in Safari's View menu in El Capitan. Expert Product Reviews Our staff of reviewers and editors, each with a specialized portfolio of products and services, researches the marketplace and assesses the best choices. We focus on the needs of buyers by developing content that is unbiased, credible and thorough. The products and categories we include and recommend offer clear and valuable consumer benefits. We’re committed to clarity and transparency about how we work and how we present information and advice.

Minideck 3.0 USB 3.0 to DVI Display Adapter - SW-30195, $99.95 Easily add an extra monitor to your computer and enjoy the added graphics performance of USB 3.0 through a single USB port using Sewell’s Minideck 3.0 USB to DVI Adapter. Perfect for presentations and adding screen real estate to improve productivity at work and play. Product Features DL 3.0 Video-Tuned CompressionResolutions up to 2048 x 1152supports full 1080pIntegrated DVI (with HDCP)USB 3.0Backwards compatible with USB 2.0Protected video playback via HDCP 2.0Sleek design and small footprintMagnetic, allowing you to easily put it in an out-of-the-way place or stack multiple unitsDrivers on flash drive for quick and easy installation The Minideck 3.0 acts as an external graphics card, allowing you to use multiple high end monitors with standard PCs and laptops. With an upgraded chipset and new USB 3.0 technology, the Minideck 3.0 offers the best USB graphics available.

Scrivener Corkboard The cork notice-board is one of the writer's most familiar organisational tools. Before Scrivener, though, the index cards were not connected to anything; any alterations made to the sequence of cards on the corkboard would have to be replicated manually in the draft. In Scrivener, every document is attached to a virtual index card onto which you can jot a synopsis; moving the cards on Scrivener’s corkboard rearranges their associated text in your draft. Mark common themes or content using labels, or stack cards, grouping related documents together.

All you need to know about OS X El Capitan Apple has released the latest update to its Mac operating system. OS X 10.11 El Capitan is available as a free download in the Mac App Store. As Nate Ralph says in his review, El Capitan is more evolution than revolution, but it's the next step in Apple's relentless march toward efficiency, chock full of improvements along the way. And it'll run on just about every Mac purchased in the last few years: if your Mac can run Mavericks, you're all set. Before taking the plunge, learn how to prepare your Mac for OS X El Capitan. iOS 4.2: Our Complete Walkthrough A few minutes ago Apple announced the release of iOS 4.2 today. The download links aren’t live yet, and we speculate the engineers at Cupertino will flip the switch at 10AM PST. In the meantime,though, you can check out our complete iOS 4.2 for iPad walkthrough below. We have tested iOS 4.2 through all the betas and GM seeds Apple released, and there’s no doubt this is the OS we were all waiting for.

CopyPaste Pro - Essential Mac Multiple Clibpboard Utility When it comes to my Mac, most of the preaching you’d hear has to do with backups and a handful of essential Mac utilities; those little tools that do better than what Apple builds in to OS X. Here’s one of the best. It’ll make you more efficient, accurate, and productive, which will, in turn, make you a nicer person. Main DataGraph is a powerful and easy to use graphing and charting application. DataGraph minimizes the fuss and frustration associated with creating clean and accurate publication quality graphs and charts. DataGraph also includes powerful function fitting and statistical analysis capabilities, which enables high quality analysis of the data. Import data from files, paste in numbers from a spreadsheet, and enter them in manually. Export graphics to files, or copy and paste into presentations.

OS X El Capitan: how to use the new Mission Control OS X El Capitan now features a redesigned Mission Control that’s smarter and more efficient. Now, all of your apps are easily viewable with just a swipe up gesture on your trackpad. Because OS X now arranges all windows in a single layer, it’s now easier than ever to see everything that you have open on your Mac. Mission Control El Capitan also places windows in a position relative to where they currently are on your screen. This makes it easier to quickly locate the specific app that you’re looking for when entering and exiting Mission Control But that’s not all.

HP 11 Chromebook Review As I was about to publish my review about a month ago, the HP 11 Chromebook sale was put to an halt upon report of overheating charger. It was decided to wait until how this will affect the future of the device before putting the article online. At the core of the issue, there were “nine reports of chargers overheating and melting during use”. The recall affected 145,000 units. The charger was from a 3rd party, and not from HP, subcontracted by Google. On the 12/17/2013, Google and HP officially started the charger recall/exchange program. OWC USB-C Dock Pre-Order: The USB Dock designed for MacBook USB dock designed for MacBook Pre-order today for only $159 Estimated Shipping: January 2016 Pre-Order Your OWC USB-C Dock 10 Ports ForYour New MacBook Meet the OWC USB-C Dock, the complete connectivity solution for your 2015 MacBook. Power your laptop and charge your mobile devices, connect fast external drives and other USB accessories, a 4K display, and much more with a single cable. With ten ports, USB-C Dock is the gateway to possibility for your new MacBook. 4 USB 3 Type-A ports 1 USB 3 Type-C port SD card reader HDMI with 4K display support Gigabit Ethernet Combo Audio port 1 USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-C Computer Link Available in 3 colors Five Full-Powered USB 3.1 Gen 1 Connections The OWC USB-C Dock offers five full-power USB 3 ports for connecting your camera, bus-powered external storage, tablets, a printer, and more. With two standard USB 3 ports, two additional high-power USB 3 ports for fast device charging, and a USB-C port, USB-C Dock is an ideal hub for any USB device.

Business PowerPoint Templates Professional Free corporate and keynote templates, Your business presentation starts here. OS X Yosemite (OS X v10.10.x) Compatible Models Last Update: 7 September, 2015 Most Brother models offer support for OS X Yosemite (OS X v10.10.x). The charts below indicate what models offer support for OS X v10.10.x including drivers and utilities available for download. For the latest drivers and utilities we recommend using the "Go" links in the chart to take you to the download page for your model on the Brother Solutions Center. Printer Driver The latest Brother original Printer Driver for OS X v10.10.x is available from the Downloads section for your model on the Brother Solutions Center.

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