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IDTechEx: Market Research on Emerging Technologies

IDTechEx: Market Research on Emerging Technologies
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Our Future World: global megatrends report This report describes the outcomes from a CSIRO global foresight project. It presents six megatrends that will have a major impact on Australia over the next 20 years. In this seminal report, CSIRO Futures identified six social, economic and environmental megatrends that will have a major impact on Australia over the next 20 years. Our Future World: Global megatrends that will change the way we live The six interrelated megatrends identified in the report are: More from less — The earth has limited supplies of natural mineral, energy, water and food resources essential for human survival and maintaining lifestyles. Download the report Our Future World report (CSIRO Research Publications Repository)

Conducting Electrical Panel Infrared Inspections | Kens Korner | PDU Cables Conducting Infrared Electrical Panel Inspections Why Infrared Scanning Increased resistance and heat are the primary reasons most electrical components fail. Before electrical components fail, they heat up. Infrared scanning is used to inspect electrical equipment because excess heat is usually the first sign of trouble. Infrared Scanning Responsibilities With the cost of infrared equipment dropping all the time, buying and using even low end equipment can generate tremendous cost savings. I believe that every time an electrical panel is accessed, it should be infrared scanned. If any hot spots are found or any components are outside of normal operating temperatures, an electrician or facilities supervisor needs to trouble shoot the problem. Infrared Scanning the Electrical Panel Electrical switchgear and panels are the lifeblood of a data center. Open and scan the electrical panel and look for hot spots. When a hot spot is identified, amp probe the circuit to measure the draw. Summary

OEM Off Highway-Off Road Equipment-Design Development-Component | low prices in Electronics, Books, Music, DVDs & more The Industry 4.0 manufacturing revolution Deloitte and Forbes Insights would like to thank the following for sharing their time and expertise: Flemming Besenbacher, chairman of Carlsberg Natasha Buckley, senior manager, Deloitte Center for Integrated Research Mark Cotteleer, managing director, Deloitte Center for Integrated Research Harold Goddijn, chief executive officer and cofounder, TomTom Mindy Grossman, president and chief executive officer, WW International, Inc. André Hoffmann, vice chairman, Roche Holding Ltd., and chairman, Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society Advisory Board Yoky Matsuoka, chief technology officer, Nest Labs Timothy Murphy, senior manager, Deloitte Center for Integrated Research Bert Nappier, president, FedEx Europe Tiffany Schleeter, Data Science Team, Research and Insights, Deloitte LLP Caryn Seidman-Becker, chairman and chief executive officer, CLEAR Brenna Sniderman, senior manager, Deloitte Center for Integrated Research Qian Xiangyang, chief executive officer, SAGW Cover image by: Livia Cives

RF-Powered Wireless Sensors TechCrunch - The latest technology news and information on startups Electronics World Magazine Radio News was started by Hugo Gernsback in 1919, he lost control of it in early 1929 and immediately started Radio Craft. The magazine was then published by Radio-Science Publications and Trek Publications In March 1938 Ziff-Davis Publications acquired Radio News. Radio News was changed to Radio & Television News in July 1948. and to Radio & TV News in May 1957. The magazine became Electronics World in May 1959. William B. In October 1957 Ziff-Davis started a new hobbyist magazine named Popular Electronics. Radio & Television News January 1949 Radio & Television News October 1955 Electronics World September 1959 Electronics World April 1963 Don Lancaster's first article Electronics World July 1964 Binary Computer Codes and ASCII

The Next Era of Human Machine Partnerships New Report Explores Emerging Technologies' Impact on Society & Work in 2030 Released July 12, 2017 Dell Technologies partnered with Institute for the Future to explore the emerging technologies shaping the future of the human experience over the next decade, and the specific impacts and implications they will have on society and work. At its inception, very few people anticipated the pace at which the internet would spread across the world, or the impact it would have in remaking business and culture. Today’s emerging technologies also feel like strange, new curiosities. With this in mind, Institute for the Future set out with 20 experts to explore how various social and technological drivers will influence the next decade and, specifically, how emerging technologies will recast our society and the way we conduct business by the year 2030.

ساخت تابلوهای کنترل و قدرت | Vahhaj Sanat Energy مشخصات فنی عمومی بدنه تابلوهای برق فشار ضعیف و فشار متوسط مشخصات سیستم رنــگ جهت آماده سازی و اجرای عملیـــات رنگ آمیزی ابتدا كلیه قطعات تابلو كه نیاز به رنگ شدن دارند پس از عملیــات زنگ زدائی و چربی گیری و فسفاته نمودن قطعات به صورت غوطه ور در وانهای مخصوص و تحت حرارت لازم شستشو شده و پس از خشك شدن قطعات پروسه رنگ به روش رنگ پودری الكترواستاتیك به شرح زیر اجرا میگردد. مشخصات عمومی مونتاژ الكتریكی تابلوهای برق فشار ضعیف كلیه شماره سیم و كابل ها توسط دستگاه های شماره زنی پارتكس سوئد كه اخیرا توسط این شركت خریداری گردیده است و به روش چاپ بر روی تیوپ های حرارتی( شرینگ حرارتی ) و لیبلهای پلاستیكی و بدون محدودیت در كد گذاری سیم ها و با ماندگاری و دوام بسیار بالا انجام می شود . كنترل كیفیت جهت تست و كنترل كیفی تابلوها پارامترهای مشروحه زیر بر اساس استاندارد های ملی و IEC به دقت بررسی میگردد .

3. Technologies It’s interesting to compare consumer focused smart connected business models to industrial B2B models. The industrial players are moving so slowly to evolve their business model designs they risk implementing solution concepts developed in the late 1990’s by about 2020. Why is this? Apple, Google, Amazon and others present an interesting case for how B2B companies should be thinking about designing and developing smart services business models. Players like Apple and Google have developed a business design mode that pulls together technologies from multiple domains and packages that solution in a way that wins buyer acceptance. Visions of wireless sensors have been in abundant supply for several years now. In our years of work on the Internet of Things phenomenon and its real-world effects on business, we have not encountered very many compelling visions about the complete integration of things, people, systems and real-time / real-world inputs.