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Make PCBs at home with magazine paper and your laser printer

Make PCBs at home with magazine paper and your laser printer
How to make PCBs at home in 1 hour & W I T H O U T special materials What you need You need also: a blade cutter, scotch tape, sandpaper, kitchen paper, cotton wool, vice, hacksaw. How it works Laser printers and photocopiers use plastic toner, not ink, to draw images. Finding the right paper The perfect paper should be: glossy, thin, and cheap. Paper preparation I discard pages heavily printed, preferring pages with normal-size text on white background. Printer setup Laser printers are not designed for handling thin, cheap paper, so we must help them feeding the sheets manually instead of using the paper tray. Printing Disclaimer: your laser printer is not designed to handle this kind of paper. This is my PC thermometer circuit printed on IEN magazine paper. How to cut raw material PCB material is fibreglass like, and a trick to cut it effortlessly is to score a groove with a blade cutter or a glass cutter. Cleaning the board for transfer Preparing for transfer Iron it! Peeling The hanger tool .

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Transformers Introduction Transformers have been an essential component in electrical and electronic circuits since the 1830s and although new technologies in some electronic circuits have reduced the need for transformers, they are still essential in many applications. How Transformers work. Capacitor uF - nF - pF Conversion Chart Capacitors and Resistors for Tube Electronics - JustRadios Capacitor uF - nF - pF Conversion Chart When reading schematics, repairing radios and buying capacitors, you often must convert between uF, nF and pF. Paper and electrolytic capacitors are usually expressed in terms of uF (microfarads). Short forms for micro farad includeuF, mfd, MFD, MF and UF. Mica capacitors are usually expressed in terms of pF (micromicrofarads) (picofarads). Short forms for micromicrofarads include pF, mmfd, MMFD, MMF, uuF and PF.

CadSoft EAGLE PCB Design Software - Circuit Board Design Software CadSoft's EAGLE PCB Design Software makes designing printed circuit boards easy. Electrical wires are fixed onto the board, connecting a central processor to other components on the board. Nearly all electronic devices contain one or even more printed circuits boards. The award winning EAGLE is a powerful and flexible PCB design software offering high level functionality of expensive commercial circuit board design software at a fraction of the cost for over 20 years. » PIC18F2550 KS0108 Graphical LCD Oscilloscope Using the PIC18F2550 GLCD Text Test as a basis for further experimentation, I put together a simple and accurate graphical oscilloscope using a PIC18F2550 microcontroller and a AGM1264F graphical LCD. The oscilloscope measures the average voltage, the maximum voltage, the minimum voltage, the peak-to-peak voltage, and the zero-crossing frequency for a DC signal over 100 samples. The oscilloscope has a built in edge trigger function that can be set to capture on rise or fall (or disabled altogether). The time scale for the display is variable and can be easily redefined using the changeTimeDivision function.

Electronics Contents of Electronics section My Audio Sweep Generator Article from "Electronics World and Wireless World" My "Circuit Ideas" from How to Build a Robot Tutorials - Society of Robots What are microcontrollers? They are what their name suggests. Today they can be found in almost any complex electronic device - from portable music devices to washing machines to your car. They are programmable, cheap, small, can handle abuse, require almost zero power, and there are so many variaties to suit every need. This is what makes them so useful for robotics - they are like tiny affordable computers that you can put right onto your robot. Augmented Microcontrollers and Development Boards In a pure sense, a microcontroller is just an IC (integrated circuit, or a black chip thing with pins coming out of it).

Easy PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Fabrication, Using Laser Printer Toner Transfer, with a Household Clothes Iron and Glossy Inkjet Photo Paper; DIY at Home; Better AND Cheaper than Press-n-Peel ( PnP / P-n-P )! Making, Cheap , Economical , fastest fast tur PLEASE, help support my efforts by checking out some of my other pages: Gootee Curve Tracer's Homepage (also: DIY Kits) My zillions of SERVICE MANUALS and hard-to-find test-equipment (and other) manuals that are For Sale, on CD (OR BY EMAIL!) - Order Online! Small General Purpose Audio Test Set Circuit : Rodney Byne, UKEmail : Description This is a small general purpose audio test set. It comprises a low 0.3% distortion phase shift oscillator and a level meter. The level meter is set at 100mV FSD and can be used for gain measurements and general testing. Current consumption is just under 4mA. Circuit Notes The oscillator is a phase shift based around Q1 and associated components.

Electronics Demonstrations BasicsA/C CircuitsPassive FiltersOther Passive CircuitsDiodesOp-AmpsMOSFETsTransistors (Bipolar)Combinational LogicSequential Logic555 Timer ChipTransmission LinesMemristorsTunnel DiodesSpark Gaps Voltage Comparator Switch Circuit : Andy CollinsonEmail : Description This circuit will provide an indication whenever the input voltage differs from two defined limits, V1 and V2. The limits are adjustable and the circuit made to trigger from the adjustable "window". Notes This circuit will provide an indication whenever the input voltage differs from two defined limits, V1 and V2. The supply voltage, Vcc must be higher than the highest input voltage by at least 2 volts. One application here is to monitor a 12V car battery.

Memorial to G3YCC - QRP SITE The QRP world heard of the passing of Frank G3YCC - who most know of from the masses of information he put at our disposal through his website. Frank put a lot of time & effort into this and it would be a great pity if that work was lost. Permission to reproduce his site has been granted by Frank's wife who is pleased that he can be remembered in this way by the hobby he loved. The maintainer of the site, K3HRN, believes it should be a living work in progress as a tribute to Frank, and will make corrections and additions as occassion warrants.

UltrasonicSensor Better library: NewPing The example below is a simple implementation that is easy to understand and great for simple testing. However, it is slow, is not meant to be run from interrupt code, and does not bound the pulseIn call by adding ", 38000" or whatever the appropriate maximum timeout (in microseconds) is for your sensor.