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Sci.Electronics FAQ: Repair: Pinouts FAQ Contents: 7.3) Misc / Power Power Connector Male Speaker Connector Turbo Indicator Connector pin assignment pin assignment pin assignment 1 +12V 1 -Speaker 1 +5V 2 +12V return 2 [key] 2 -High Speed 3 +5V return 3 GND 3 +5V 4 +5V 4 +Speaker +5V AT LED Power and Key Lock AT Backup Battery pin assignment pin assignment 1 LED power 1 Batt+ 2 GND 2 [key] 3 GND 3 GND 4 Key Switch 4 GND 5 GND Motherboard Power Connectors pin P8 assignment pin P9 assignment 1 Power Good 1 GND 2 +5v (or N.C.) 2 GND 3 +12v 3 -5v 4 -12v 4 +5v 5 GND 5 +5v 6 GND 6 +5v MIDI 5pin DIN MIDI In MIDI Out pin assignment pin assignment 1 N/C 1 N/C 2 N/C 2 GND 3 N/C 3 N/C 4 Current Src 4 Current Sink 5 Current Sink 5 Current Src 7.5) Floppy 7.6) Game Port Game Port DB15-Female pin assignment pin assignment 1 +5V DC 2 Button 4 (A_PB1) 3 Position 0(A_X) 4 GND 5 GND 6 Position 1 (A_Y) 7 Button 5(A_PB2) 8 +5V DC 9 +5V DC 10 Button 6 (B_PB1) 11 Position 2(B_X) 12 GND 13 Position 3(B_Y) 14 Button 7 (B_PB2) 15 +5V DC 7.7) Serial Port

Network Taps Next: ConclusionUp: Receive-only UTP cables and Previous: Receive-only cables Subsections The alternative. TAP stands for Test Access Port. Obviously, Network Taps are more expensive than making your own receive-only cables, but they have more advantages. There are several companies that develop these products. It is interesting to note that all Tap manufacturers claim their copper Taps are fail-safe (no disruption to the link on powerloss). Schemes The diagram 11 describes two ways to represent the Tap connection scheme. A Tap captures network traffic in both directions and sends it to a monitoring device, such an IDS or a statistics traffic generator. To build a Tap like that is trivial. More solutions for analyze traffic with Taps are discussed later on section 4.3 `Implementation Examples'. Adaptive Taps Adaptive Taps are designed to make signal conversions, in addition to capturing traffic. Regeneration Taps Aggregation Taps Taps versus Span (mirror) Ports Traffic integrity.

the 5-in-1 network admin's cable ethernet / crossover / modem / null modem / Cisco console featured in the premiere edition of Make There is nothing worse than showing up for an on-site visit without the correct cable you need for a job. For quite some time I've been carrying a single CAT5 ethernet cable in my laptop bag along with "the world's shortest crossover cable" and an RJ45 coupler. But after putting together four simple custom adapters, I now have an ethernet cable, a crossover ethernet cable, a modem cable, a null modem cable, and a Cisco console cable all by carrying around just one standard ethernet cable. Do you find yourself toting several of these cables everywhere you go? Here's how to make your own: RJ45 pin 8 has to connect to both 1 and 6 on the DB9 connector. Here's how to use it: DB9/RJ45 - ethernet - coupler - Cisco adapter Remember that the Cisco adapter is not reversible. Notes: This solution is somewhat similar to the Yost wiring standard which I have long found to be quite useful. Extras: