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80017A VCF VCA JUNO-106 VOICE CHIP FILTER IC REPLACEMENT. Introduction The most common problem with juno-106's is one or more of the voices going dead or that keep hanging.


The problem is the poorly manufactured 80017A or 800170 IC (short for A1QH800170 or A1QH80017A) custom vcf and vca ic. Moog Modular Clone. Musikding PCBs. Free Audio Schematics - Schematics. Sound Skulptor - Calculators, Microphone Preamplifiers, Class A Mic Pre, Vintage Transformer Preamp, Professional Audio Kits. Easy PCB Holder (prototype) - 3.

PCB Support for EXPERT and HOTBEAM 05 - PCB Holder and Flex-Support Bars. All PCB clamps and PCB holders from 40.5 family can be used on EXPERT rework machines and HOTBEAM 05 underheater devices.

PCB Support for EXPERT and HOTBEAM 05 - PCB Holder and Flex-Support Bars

These products provide free space between heating surface and PCB of 40.5 mm distance. PCB Holder Project. I have been getting rather busy with assembling avionics units being sold through the store and my alligator clip ‘helping hands’ were getting fairly hopeless holding the boards for soldering.

PCB Holder Project

I decided to have a look around to find something better to do the job and saw this online: Very nice but expensive. I don’t have a 3D printer available yet and there is a great design on Thingiverse that certainly would have done the job: I decided to raid the scrap bin and see if I could quickly come up with a workable solution. After a couple of hours in the workshop, here is what I came up with: It is made of scrap MDF, plywood and cedar deck planking offcuts. The base is a 12″ x 6″ x 5/8″ piece of scrap MDF. In-house PCB Manufacture. For a certain number of projects, including first-prototype, surface mount 'breadboarding', layout experimentation, rapid multiple-revisions, and 1-hour deadlines doing your own PCB etching can be quick, clean, and very very inexpensive.

In-house PCB Manufacture

The method set up in the Media Lab basement is somewhat-similar to that of large pcb manufacture shops, except in scale and automation. There is no system for through-hole plating, automated drilling/routing or multilayer design. However, you can make precisely aligned doublesided boards with simple registration techniques. Added 2/7/04: The etching setup is now in the Holography darkroom, in the LL across from the shops. To get access/training please email or visit me (ladyada@ml in office 020D) A super cheap $6 PCB holder from ebay that's rather useful. On the subject of the $6 holder, I just wanted to share what I did to make mine a bit more useful.

A super cheap $6 PCB holder from ebay that's rather useful

Base plate is 150x150mm stainless (pre-cut on ebay, just needed to round the corners). The rods are 3/16" leaded mild steel square section, 300mm length from ebay. The rods are drilled and tapped M3 with standoffs to bring the PCB height to ~25mm. I added an extra screw and pillar to the joint between the two rods (half lapped, drilled and threaded again). 51502599, 160 x 235mm PCB Work Holder. PCB Holder by braincodec. If you're one of those people who like electronics, then you know how frustrating it can be when you need to hold a PCB for soldering a component.

PCB Holder by braincodec

That was my case when I decided to make a stand PCB. First I was looking at what was available in the market (Weller by example), in order to have some reference on which to base my design. Finally, I decided on a type of support that allows to turn the PCB in order to be able to have easy access to both sides of it. Wooden Vice For Soldering PCB (with a Fan) Tools : 1- Hand Saw .

Wooden Vice For Soldering PCB (with a Fan)

MIDI/Error!!: Bypassing the Valves on the Korg ESX and EMX. Needles to say there has been much debate on the sound quality of the valves contained in these machines - which, incidentaly, are made by Electro Harmonix.

MIDI/Error!!: Bypassing the Valves on the Korg ESX and EMX

This tutorial will show you how to bypass the valves permenantly, which gives a much cleaner sound (even with the valves on the lowest volume they add noise!). Put simply the valves colour the sound at all times. The first picture is a kick sound (with 0% valve). Picture 2 is the same sound with 100% valve. The third picture is the same kick one the valves have been bypassed.


OSH Park ~ Pricing and Specifications. There are currently three types of orders: The standard 2 layer order $5 per square inch, which includes three copies of your design.

OSH Park ~ Pricing and Specifications

For example, a 2 square inch board would cost $10 and you’d get three copies of your board. You can order as many copies as you want, as long as they’re in multiples of three. Orders go to the fab every business day, and have a turn time of about 12 calendar days. KP Components Inc. Z Praxe Zvukovej Techniky [Archív] - Hudobné diskusie a poradňa - O mikrofonoch vhodnych pre nahravanie:

Z Praxe Zvukovej Techniky [Archív] - Hudobné diskusie a poradňa -

Výroba striebriaceho roztoku - Svet Elektroniky. Breakout Boards. Shopping Cart 0 items log in register per page SparkFun 9 Degrees of Freedom IMU Breakout - LSM9DS1 Favorited Favorite 9. Ctrlr - Control your MIDI life (MIDI editor for all your hardware) Electronics I & II. Analog Devices is as passionate about educating the next generation of young circuit design engineers as it is about pioneering the next technological breakthrough. The University Program is a platform where Analog Devices, working with leading educational institutions has created and deployed new hands on learning tools for the next generation of analog circuit design engineers. The University Program brings the analog signal processing technology the company has developed to the academic community in a way that is open and accessible to faculty and students in the form of analog design kits and analog components, online and downloadable software and teaching materials, online support, textbooks, reference designs and lab projects to enrich students’ education about analog circuits and their application to core engineering and physical science curricula.

Consumer. Every DIY audio project in one place - DIYRE Wiki.


EEVblog. Malý stabilizovaný zdroj. Konkrétní zapojení zdroje je na obr. 2. Oproti obr. 15 je dokreslen usměrňovač a zapojení je doplněno několika dalšími součástkami, zlepšujícími jeho vlastnosti. Svítivá dioda LED2 indikuje zapnutý zdroj. Ostatní technika a elektronika (Stránka 1) - Výroba DPS fotocestou - Svet Elektroniky. Generátor a dynamo.