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LTspice IV

LTspice IV

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GLEAM Simulator The GLEAM Simulator system consists of the GLEAM Server and the GLEAMviz Client application. The GLEAM Server uses GLEAM as the engine to perform the simulations. This server runs on high-performance computers managed by the GLEAM project. HOW-TO: Build 3D models from Eagle files Overview Over the last few weeks we’ve been building 3D models of our projects in Google SketchUp using the EagleUp script. This script makes a 3D model of the board from Cadsoft Eagle board (.brd) files, and populates it with pre-existing models of components. Once you have a 3D model in SketchUp you are free to evaluate it, build custom enclosures around it, or interface your model with others. This tutorial will help you build 3D models of your projects. Be advised that to build full 3D models of your projects you will have to have models for all your components.

Vital Sign Simulator Do ACLS-Scenarios with just a cheap CPR-manikin and this free software! No costly high-fidelity-manikin or monitor/defibrillator needed! The vital sign simulator is intended for use in medical emergency training simulations. In combination with a (cheap) cpr-manikin, it offers a low-cost alternative to commercial high-tech patient simulation manikins. It is used with a pc and a dual monitor system: One monitor with controls for the operator and one providing the vital signs to the trainees. Truly global GPS tracking and messaging systems using Iridium satellite About The CORE The CORE is designed to provide a single-point of control for Iridium-based tracking devices. The system can support a multitude of different device types, allowing monitoring of all through a single console.

WWW.SIXMHZ.COM What's a sixmhz? This website is a compilation of instructions, ideas and plans for the really stupid and dangerous things I have built. It is my contribution to all DIY folks and dumpster divers, enjoy! Index of My Web Pages Easy Java Simulations Modeling and Authoring Tool written by Francisco Esquembre content provider: Wolfgang Christian and Félix J. García Clemente Easy Java Simulations (EJS) is a Java program that enables both programmers and novices to quickly and easily prototype, test, and distribute packages of Java or JavaScript simulations. Version 4.1 adds grouping and affine transformations to 2D drawing Elements. Version 4.2 adds new ODE solvers and zero crossing events.

Electronics: Soundcard-Oscilloscope Most of today's personal computers are equipped with quite advanced soundcards. These soundcards often contain powerful analog/digital converters, able of up to 100 ksamples per second at 16 bit or more. Why not use this capability and build a digital storage oscilloscope around it...? How to Collect Free Energy from Atmosphere - Circuit Diagram Attached - Homemade Circuit Projects A free energy collector circuit helps to convert surrounding radio frequency waves to electric power and can provide 40 watts to 10 watts indefinitely.An option to increase the output power is achievable through proper set-up of an antenna. Placing an antenna in a close proximity of a large metal object helps generate additional power. The wire of an antenna should be more than 150 feet long, which has to be placed horizontally on a higher platform to derive the best result. The more the higher an antenna is set, the more it is able to act efficiently. However it is advisable to keep the circuit closer to an antenna. The proposed free energy collector circuit on the other hand, also acts as a passive detector.

Bank Teller & ATM Simulator Bank Teller Simulator & ATM Cash Machine & Cash Register Money Games for Kids! Play the latest in the #1 ATM Game with Bank Teller Simulator, ATM Cash Machine, Cash Register Simulator, and Money Vault Rewards! Have you always wanted to draw money or cash from an ATM Machine? How about open up a Vault full of Wads of Cash! Stash away all your money into your pretend checking account! How to Set up Multiple Monitors – Add Monitors to Your Computer For better or worse, it is a multitasking world we live in. And multiple monitors are uniquely useful for keeping track of numerous programs running simultaneously on your computer. Plenty of studies have pegged the productivity gained by adopting multiple monitors at anywhere from 9 to 50 percent (even if productivity for you means blasting opponents in StarCraft II while tweeting to your followers about how you totally pwned the Zerg).

HOW TO BUILD YOUR VERY OWN 8×8 LED MATRIX Today we will be starting our adventure into the deeply complex, yet totally incredible world of LED Matrices. This post will be the first of an entire Arduino Matrix Programming series by Circuit Specialists. Make sure you subscribe to our facebook, twitter, and newsletter to keep yourself updated! First things first, what the heck is an LED matrix, and how does it work?? Simply put, an LED matrix is a grid of lights arranged into rows and columns. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, so like with other diodes, electricity flows through it in only one direction – from anode(+) to cathode(-); doing so illuminates the light.

Circuit Specialists Blog A push­-pull power amplifier that was exhibiting higher than normal levels of distortion was used to demonstrate some of the features found in the low cost Hantek DSO5202P. The troubleshooting operation was also performed using a Fluke portable DSO, to compare various models presently available to the technician and engineer. These units vary in cost from a few hundred dollars for the Hantek, to several thousands of dollars for the Fluke. A 1 Khz sinusoidal signal was used as the input source and the waveform was monitored from input to output with both scopes. Screen shots of the two scopes illustrate the essentially identical waveforms displayed on each of two DSOs. Since any semiconductor amplifier has non-linearities inherent in the devices, we naturally expect to see distortion products produced even in a properly functioning circuit.

Forrest M. Mims III 1 Domain of the 'devil's cigar' reaches to Geronimo Creek; 20 January 1999. 2 No need to call MUFON; 'flying' spiders do exist; 17 February 1999. 3 Flood of '98 is not forgotten; 24 February 1999. 4 Birds are guided by 'compass in the sky'; 3 March 1999. 5 Exposure to UV rays can lead to cancer, other health problems; 10 March 1999. 6 It's time to look for albino wildflowers; 18 March 1999.

Build a Beautiful Seismometer to Detect Quakes and Explosions Volcano eruptions, slippage of faults, explosions, landslides, drilling, and even traffic can create vibrations in the Earth’s crust known as seismic events or earthquakes. Seismometers are devices that detect seismic events, usually by mechanically or electronically detecting the movement of a suspended mass. Miniature accelerometers inside smartphones and video games also employ tiny movable masses to detect movements, and even seismic events.