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MainStage 2 – Ein komplettes Live-Rig direkt auf deinem Mac. AutoFry® Electric, Ventless Fryers The AutoFry MTI-10 Series offers compact design along with high-volume capacity. Up-to 4 lbs of product can be prepared per fry-cycle with the simple push of a button. Fully enclosed and automated, the Autofry keeps employees safe from the enclosed cooking chamber while preparing the food product to perfection each and every time. MTI's proprietary Simplifry™ technology offers multiple programmable pre-sets, standby mode and heat/time compensation intelligence. Warranty: 1 Yr. (Counter Top Model - Shown with optional heat lamp) Autofry MTI-10 Setup and Operation Autofry MTI-10 Daily Cleaning

Pianoteq - Virtual piano, physically modelled acoustic and electric pianos Acuna88 The Acuna series is a totally new high end, though extremely affordable keyboard controller for a wide range of applications. Housed in a solid metal casing and offering Fatar's TP 100 lightweight hammer action keyboard, Acuna 88 allows for the perfect integration of your iPad into a serious music environment. It is the touch, that made Studiologic synonymous with quality keyboards for musicians wanting more than just black and white keys. With the Acuna, you will experience a unique touch and feel sensation that truly deserves the claim of "Excellent". We know that weight is an issue, so we have included the first light weight hammer action keybed in the world. Check out the Acuna series at your local dealer to feel the difference between black and white keys and the Studiologic touch!

brightup smart lighting Eclipse Bundle: ab jetzt gibt es das brightup Bundle auch in Schwarz! Das Eclipse Bundle beinhaltet die Zentraleinheit und drei Zwischenstecker für 249€. Diese Angebot ist exklusiv nur über Indiegogo verfügbar! brightup ermöglicht das automatisieren, steuern und personalisieren der Beleuchtung Zuhause. Verbinden Sie einfach Ihre bestehende Lampe mit einem brightup Gerät und stellen Sie den Alarm mit dem Smartphone ein. brightup weckt Sie sanft zur gewünschten Zeit durch langsames Heraufdimmen Ihrer Lampen. Stecken Sie Ihren Fernseher in einen brightup Stecker. Mit brightup können Sie Ihre Lampen mit verschiedenen Helligkeiten zu Szenarien gruppieren. brightup's cleverer Algorithmus integriert Wetterinformationen und weiß, wann es draußen dunkel ist. brightup bietet kontextbasierte Automatisierung ohne jeglichen Installationsaufwand. brightup geht einen Schritt weiter und bietet echte Automatisierung! Wir vier haben eine doppelten Masterabschluss in Ingenieurwesen und Management.

Preview: LinnStrument Designers of Innovative Electronic Musical Instruments A Revolutionary Pressure-Sensitive Multi-Touch Musical Instrument with 3D Note Expression Shown with user-swappable note layout overlays. Click pictures for large view Finally, a keyboard that unlocks the expressive potential of synthesis The promise of synthesis was to produce any instrument sound from a MIDI keyboard. 3D Note Expression The heart of LinnStrument is a pressure-sensitive multi-touch surface scanned at high speed and resolution. Software Frets: there when you want them, gone when you don't A guitar's frets allow you to easily play in tune but prevent the type of pitch nuances a violin can create. Once you've touched the surface, the frets are turned off, permitting unencumbered vibratos, bends and note-to-note slides. Speaking of frets, the boundaries between note regions on LinnStrument's playing surface are raised to provide tactile feedback. Grid is Good Works with your computer via USB Roger Linn Design • Berkeley, CA, USA

Life with Nest Protect Nest Protect constantly monitors its batteries and sensors. If the batteries are low, you’ll get a message on your phone. You can get new batteries long before an annoying, low-battery chirp jolts you awake at 2am. madronalabs hardware and software for electronic music Soundplane A The Soundplane A is a computer music controller with the sensitivity and feel of an acoustic instrument. It detects a wide range of touches on its walnut playing surface, from a light tickle to a very firm press. True force sensing The Soundplane is a true force sensor. Very high speed The Soundplane is incredibly fast. Custom design The playing surface, the high speed pressure sensor underneath it, and the high bandwidth DSP computer that analyzes the data are the end results of a three-year design process. Easy to use Our own experiences performing live have given us an obsession for simplicity. Made in USA The Soundplane is made entirely in the USA. Compatibility The Soundplane requires a computer running Mac OS, for now. With the Soundplane comes the Soundplane client application, which reads the raw pressure data over USB and converts it into customizable MIDI and OSC touch data. Demonstration Ordering Order / return policy Why?

Our Story Jaro is the brainchild of Vivant Ltd, a leading digital ideas company based in Sydney, Australia. The idea behind Jaro was born out of a desire to use digital engagement to help charities generate funding in a more efficient manner. We launched Jaro in the UK on April 16, 2013. Jaro’s beginning The desire to create Jaro came to Anthony Farah in his 1988 High School economics class. Anthony believed that if he could find a way to ask every person in the world that could afford to spare $1 for those that couldn't - it could change the world. Fast forward to 2008. Over the course of the next five years, Anthony and his team at Vivant Ltd began working on concepts and designs to create the platform around the Jaro game. Beta launched in 2013, Jaro exists because of Vivant's passion and belief that innovation can bring about positive social change. Our charities We’ve partnered with the world’s most respected charities to guarantee your contribution is put to good use. Friends of Jaro

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