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Dr Quantum - Expérience de la double fente

Dr Quantum - Expérience de la double fente

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The Awakening - Mécanique quantique du cerveau humain et la conscience «Times End Game Before reading this interesting and potentially life changing blog, it would be a good idea to watch the following short videos at the links provided below; and read the article, third link below, as a prerequisite if one does not understand the double slit experiment or basic quantum physics. Dr. Granville Dharmawardena of the University of Colombo writes that psychologists often speak of the mind and the body as two separate entities for convenience, but most acknowledge that they are intimately entwined. Yet none knows exactly how or how intimately. So the mind body problem keeps stubbornly resisting a definite solution. Philosopher John Searle (Mills Professor of Philosophy, University of California, and Berkley) says that today’s philosophers are reluctant to tackle such big problems as how people have been trying to understand their relationship to the universe.

An Idiot's Guide to Teleportation » SciFi Ideas / SciFi Ideas With contributor Harel Dor recently sharing with SciFi Ideas a story idea that makes full use of teleportation technology – Meet the Beamies – I thought it was high time we discussed teleportation in detail. Teleportation is one of science fiction’s most fascinating and useful ideas, being both a cool gadget and a clever narrative device; however, with lots of talk about quantum entanglement, ideas about how teleportation might actually be achieved can also be very complex. To help you understand what the science geeks are talking about and dispel some of the myths about the reality of teleportation, here’s an idiot’s guide to what this word actually means. Is Teleportation Possible? Teleportation is impossible.

Rethinking Feyerabend: The “Worst Enemy of Science”? Citation: Kidd IJ (2011) Rethinking Feyerabend: The “Worst Enemy of Science”? PLoS Biol 9(10): e1001166. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1001166 Published: October 4, 2011 Copyright: © 2011 Ian James Kidd. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. The Power of Outrospection Introspection is out, and outrospection is in. Philosopher and author Roman Krznaric explains... Introspection is out, and outrospection is in. Philosopher and author Roman Krznaric explains how we can help drive social change by stepping outside ourselves. The RSA is a 258 year-old charity devoted to creating social progress and spreading world-changing ideas. For more information about our research, RSA Animates, free events programme and 27,000 strong fellowship, visit

World’s First Perpetual Motion Machine? Can this machine operate forever? Since at least the 12th century, man has sought to create a perpetual motion machine; a device that would continue working indefinitely without any external source of energy. A large scientific contingent thinks such a device would violate the laws of thermodynamics, and is thus impossible. Memory finding may help brain research › News in Science (ABC Science) News in Science Wednesday, 5 October 2011 Simon RoachReuters Memory mechanism A variation in a part of the brain may explain why some people have a better memory of reality than others and could advance understanding of brain disorders like schizophrenia, say scientists. In a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience , researchers from Cambridge University tested a group of volunteers and found differences in their ability to distinguish between real or imagined memories. The scientists then found a direct link between these results and the size of a specific area of the brain called the paracingulate sulcus, or PCS. The PCS is one of the last regions of the brain to develop before birth, and the study found that people with a larger PCS were better at discerning real experiences from imagined ones.

R.I.P. Shel Silverstein From Dr. Legume Since Brother Shel Silverstein died this week, it got me looking through my archives, where I dredged up this little gem I thought I'd share with you all, a poem that bears a message VERY close to our hearts. ---------------- The Perfect High Leverage - Time Management Training from MindTools Achieving Much More with the Same Effort Achieve more with the right lever. © iStockphoto/dlerick "Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand, and I can move the Earth." – Archimedes To lift a heavy object, you have a choice: use leverage or not.

Physicists Achieve Quantum Teleportation of Photon Over 25 Kilometers For the first time, a team of physicists have successfully teleported a quantum state of a photon to a crystal over 25 kilometers away through a fiber optic cable. This effectively showed that the photon’s quantum state, not its composition, is important to the teleportation process. The team was led by Nicolas Gisin of the University of Geneva and the results were published in the journal Nature Photonics. "Psychological Disorders": Just Maladaptive Qualities of Intense Myers Briggs Personality Types? Part 2 In part 1 of the discussion, I touched upon psychological disorders just being the neurotic aspects of different breeds of humans. Let's start the journey towards matching what Myers-Briggs breeds are more likely to get a certain "disorder" classification for one of their more extreme members. As a baseline, the MBTI types to be matched are acute ones (60 or more on each letter).

Some Theosophical Ideas Modern Theosophy postulates that the field of existence embraces more than this material and passing reality we perceive through our senses. In fact, the lack of knowledge about the higher aspects of reality makes us see things from a wrong perspective, which is the root cause of suffering. We can gain knowledge of the Real, both in the universe and in human beings, by means of a holistic spiritual practice that includes study, meditation, and service. Below are some of the basic ideas the Theosophical literature offers for consideration. However, the Theosophical Society does not ask its members to adhere to any of these ideas in particular. Members are only expected to be in agreement with the Three Objects of our organization.

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