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Speech Recognition in a Browser

Speech Recognition in a Browser
Instructions: Click the microphone icon and begin speaking. Dictate about one sentence at a time. When the speech is recognized, it will appear in red. If it's not right, click the "Alternatives" button to view other 'recognitions', edit the text, or just try dictating again.

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Get Schooled on EdTech with instaGrok - Boundless Blog As the edtech sector grows, so too do the companies at the heart of revolutionizing education. Several of these edtech startups find their footing in incubators, like Imagine K12, SIIIA Education Division, and others. At Boundless, we know how important it is to have support from both the education and tech communities to get your ideas off and running, which is why we’re pleased to introduce “Get Schooled on EdTech,” an interview series with the best and brightest minds in education technology. First up: Kirill Kireyev, Founder and CEO of instaGrok, a “next-generation search engine for learners.”

How to use Voice Dictation on Your iPad and iPhone Do you see that microphone button at the bottom left of the iPad screen when the keyboard appears? I always knew about the dictation feature, but I never really used it before a couple weeks ago. I’m actually writing this post by speaking it, all while in the car!

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Blogging With Students Skip to content Blogging With Students This series guides you step by step through the process of class and student blogging. Each step includes links to class blogs being used by educators so you can check out how other educators use their blogs. Many of the examples are from primary grades but the same principles apply regardless of student age including adult learner.

Mic Note 1.1.11 CRX - Free Productivity App for Chrome - Crx4Chrome Free Productivity App Published & copyrighted by Editors' Words: Record voice while taking note synced, for lectures,meetings,conferences,interviews,memos.... ☛ Mic Note is an audio recorder + notepad, 2 in 1 tool. ☛ If you are looking for a voi ... Read More > or Install Now > How to get story ideas for writing fiction By Cliff Daigle Updated December 16, 2014. By far the most common question asked of professional writers is where they get their ideas. We all like to think that brilliant, fully-formed story ideas just pop into the heads of our favourite authors.

12 Valuable Wordle Tips You Must Read…Word Clouds in Education Series: Part 1 Welcome to a series of posts devoted to the use of Word Clouds. I know you will find new information… whether you are a seasoned user of word clouds, or brand new. I enjoy working with teachers and helping them use word clouds in their lessons because they are a great way to get any teacher started with integrating technology. In this series of posts I will cover:

Mic Note From Treebeard Bros.: Record voice while taking note synced, for lectures, meetings, conferences, interviews, memos. Mic Note is an audio recorder + notepad, 2 in 1 tool. If you are looking for a voice recorder and still want to take notes in the same time, you are right here. Where do you get your ideas? The question authors fear most ... Neil tackles it here. Every profession has its pitfalls. Doctors, for example, are always being asked for free medical advice, lawyers are asked for legal information, morticians are told how interesting a profession that must be and then people change the subject fast. And writers are asked where we get our ideas from. In the beginning, I used to tell people the not very funny answers, the flip ones: 'From the Idea-of-the-Month Club,' I'd say, or 'From a little ideas shop in Bognor Regis,' 'From a dusty old book full of ideas in my basement,' or even 'From Pete Atkins.'

Using Wordle in Education « Online Blogucation My summer courses are winding down again and I wanted to try something different for my final discussion topic where students reflect on what they’ve learned that term. I decided to try using Wordle as a visual tool for summarizing text, instead of simply using the typical discussion board posts. For those of you who haven’t used Wordle before, it’s a fun tool that creates “word clouds” from text that you provide. The largest words in the cloud are ones that are used the most in the text, and the smallest words are used the least. You can experiment with different layouts, fonts and color schemes (as well as editing your original text to eliminate words or make others more prominent).