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Video explains the world's most important 6-sec drum loop

Video explains the world's most important 6-sec drum loop

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Funky Soul Playlist Upload FireMorph Loading... Working... ► Play all What the radical left can learn from One Direction My entire generation is traumatised by something that hasn’t happened yet. Shaking and sleeplessness, autoimmolatory alcoholism, fits of violent rage and sobbing breakdowns, weeks of self-imposed seclusion, an epidemic of anxiety. Generation Todestrieb. The accusatory inner voice that used to constantly seek out our weaknesses and insecurities doesn’t even have to bother any more. These are the sounds left behind when you compress a song to MP3 If you're listening to music right now, you can probably hear the vocalist's slight pitch-shifts, or hiss of a drummer's hi-hats, or the padded thump of a synth bed. But do you ever think about what you're not hearing? If you listen to MP3s, your music library lost some of its sonic weight during the audio compression process, but it's likely you'd never realize anything was missing.

SweetVinyl™ introduces the SugarCube™ SC-1 - The first non-destructive, click & pop removal The SugarCube SC-1 and SC-2 are the first audiophile products to feature real-time, non-destructive, click & pop removal on any vinyl LP record. SweetVinyl's sophisticated algorithm is able to detect, isolate and remove only unwanted noise separate from the music. Previous demonstrations of the SugarCube's live removal of clicks & pops has garnered rave reviews from press and attendees at other events. The SugarCube SC-1 is a stand-alone component with RCA line-in and line-out and can easily integrate with other analog components. It brings together many unique features: Complete Palestrina Edition NTIL RECENTLY, I did not realize the complete works of GIOVANNI PIERLUIGI DA PALESTRINA (d. 1594) are available online. The edition is by Monsignor Francis Xavier Haberl (d. 1910), a student of Proske, and what he produced is nothing short of miraculous. Moreover, his modal sensitivity is not what we might expect from a 19th-century musician. 1 Some might not understand how to read the clefs used by Haberl—but all you have to do is click here.

The 10 Best Movies Influenced by Kierkegaardian Philosophy Soren Kierkegaard was an interesting man. A Danish philosopher, he is often considered the first existentialist (though yes, existentialism is much older than Kierkegaard), as well as a theologian and social critic. His works deal with faith, ethical life, repetition, choice, despair, and everything else related to living as an individual. Many of his writings are responses to Hegel, and all of them spurred controversy. Kierkegaard was born into a wealthy family in Copenhagen and was well educated. His father died at a young age, and Kierkegaard himself was convinced that he would die before he was to turn 33, thanks to a curse.

Download 30 Gigabytes-Worth Of Rare Cassettes From The '80s There is no better way to start the week than digging into vast quantities of rare underground releases. This recently unearthed batch from hails from the days when audio cassettes were the standard method of music sharing, rather than collectable items. The selection includes “tape experimentation, industrial, avant-garde, indy, rock, DIY, subvertainment and auto-hypnotic materials,” although its curator cautions that “most of what you are about to hear is rather difficult to file.” Download the full 30 GB package via here, and check out these 10 cassette labels keeping tapes alive in Germany today. (Image via tapeline)

8 TV Commercials that were 
 Better than any TV Show in 2015 - Seton Magazine We Western viewers tend to skip past commercials. Sometimes that’s a mistake. Below are eight parent/child-themed commercials that were released this year. And they have me wondering whether we should skip through television shows to get to the ads. Enjoy. Bach & Roll: 10 Modern Songs Written By Classical Composers by Meghan O'Keefe 7/31/2013 If you’re one of those people who swears that they hate classical music, you may want to sit down because you’ve probably been listening to classical music this whole time without knowing it. Sure, everyone uses the same finite number of chord progressions in pop music (many of which can be traced back to Bach), but it also turns out that some of your favorite hit songs, indie pop gems and classic standards aren’t modern at all. They were ripped off. Your favorite graduation song is Pachelbel’s “Canon in D Major,” one of Elvis Presley’s greatest hits is actually a sappy 18th century ballad and Robin Thicke’s real breakthrough song, “When I Get You Alone,” is Beethoven’s Fifth.

With vinyl sales on the rise, this startup lets anyone press their own LP We often talk about the lost magic of owning a physical thing, whether that’s books, CDs, or the wondrous black slab of plastic that is the vinyl record. Holding that object in your hand, flicking through its dog-eared pages and admiring its intricately crafted artwork, imparts a sense of ownership that you just can't replicate with a Kindle or a convenient subscription to Spotify. The trouble is, making physical objects is hard, not to mention expensive. That's especially true of the vinyl record, where pressing plants aren't exactly ten a penny.

Animated Epics: The Canterbury Tales This 1998 production from the BBC and HBO is an animated version of Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. Adapted by Jonathan Myerson, it follows a group of pilgrims from London who are their way to the tomb of Thomas Becket in Canterbury. The travellers recount tales and stories to each other to provide amusement on the journey. The series includes the tales from the Nun’s Priest, the Knight, the Wife of Bath, the Merchant, the Pardoner, the Franklin, the Squire, the Canon’s Servant, the Miller, and the Reeve. It features the voices of Sean Bean, Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton and John Wood. The series is divided into three episodes:

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