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Bret Victor - Inventing on Principle

Bret Victor - Inventing on Principle

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Python Sourced[edit] And what defines a 'python activist' anyway? Blowing up Perl installations worldwide? Ivan Van Laningham, June 2005, on comp. lang. pythonAs it seems to me, in Perl you have to be an expert to correctly make a nested data structure like, say, a list of hashes of instances. In Python, you have to be an idiot not to be able to do it, because you just write it down. Peter Norvig, August 2000, on comp.lang.functionalPython is more concerned with making it easy to write good programs than difficult to write bad ones. At This Vending Machine, Swapping is the New Buying - Environment We're used to putting money in a vending machine and instantly receiving consumable goods—a bag of chips, a soda, or even a new pair of headphones—in return. But what if vending machines became a fresh way to reuse, recycle, and trade with people in your community? That's the vision of the Swap-O-Matic, a New York City-based vending machine project that wants to "shift culture away from an emphasis on unconscious consumption" by encouraging people to donate and receive used items for free.

How Things Changed With @Evernote I'll admit it. I have to be one of the most unorganized people on the planet. I have notebooks in just about every bag I carry. Multiple calendars and I still miss appointments. Slips of papers as reminders with some string of illegible thoughts on them, that, when I find them, I don't have a clue what I was thinking when I wrote them. I have more than 10 different types of projects going on at anyone time. When There's No Simple Solution At Work, Learn To Embrace The Mess This is the third in a series excerpted from a new chapter in the paperback version of Good Boss, Bad Boss, a New York Times bestseller by Robert Sutton. Read the first installment, Are You A Power Poisoned Boss? here, and the second, What Good Bosses Do With Bad Apples, here. The best bosses strive to simplify things for themselves, their people, and their customers. In addition to the subtraction mindset already considered, Good Boss, Bad Boss shows the value of checklists, of instilling predictability during scary times, and offers A.G.

Welcome to the SICP Web Site Wizard Book n. Hal Abelson's, Jerry Sussman's and Julie Sussman's Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (MIT Press, 1984; ISBN 0-262-01077-1), an excellent computer science text used in introductory courses at MIT. So called because of the wizard on the jacket. One of the bibles of the LISP/Scheme world. Also, less commonly, known as the Purple Book. from The New Hacker's Dictionary, 2nd edition (MIT Press, 1993) This site is a companion to the influential computer-science text Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, by Abelson, Sussman, and Sussman.

Diamond light, brighter than the sun Imagine that the only thing limiting you is your imagination – that the physical means of achieving what you see in your mind’s eye is right in front of you. That, according to Professor Mark Hodson, is how it is for scientists at the Diamond synchrotron in Oxfordshire. With its curving walls, lined with walkways, pipes and colourful, clunky-looking machines and gadgets, it’s a sight that wouldn’t seem out of place in an early episode of ‘Doctor Who’. Diamond light, brighter than the sun Digital Differentiation Technology is a tool that can be used to help teachers facilitate learning experiences that address the diverse learning needs of all students and help them develop 21st Century Skills. At it's most basic level, digital tools can be used to help students find, understand and use information. When combined with student-driven learning experiences fueled by Essential Questions offering flexible learning paths, it can be the ticket to success. Here is a closer look at three components of effectively using technology as a tool for digital differentiation. Note: The interactive graphics you see below have been updated.

Empathize Like A Doctor, Design Like An Entrepreneur Every day it seems that we read about the launch of a new startup or technology application claiming to disrupt and reinvent the health care system. This flood of activity comes at a time when the health care industry is in dire need of entrepreneurial spirit, fresh perspectives and new skills. But to create products and services that have the potential to make a large impact, entrepreneurs and health care professionals need to work together. Defining Success For new products to impact health and health care outcomes, we must find a way for them to be adopted by physicians, patients, health care institutions, third-party payers, and regulatory agencies.

Fix error handling first Created 6 February 2003, last updated 24 January 2007 Often when unexpected errors first occur, I've found problems in the way the error is handled. This isn't surprising: error handling code is often the least-exercised part of your system, so it's natural that there are bugs in it. It is important to fix the error handling problems first, then the original error. Sometimes there is a whole chaing of problems started by the original error condition, then compounded as layers of error handling code mis-handle the condition. How to Build a Tiny, Off-Grid House for $2500 (Video) Paul Wheaton/Video screen capture From life inside a tiny, 7'x12' portable house to touring an infamous roundhouse, we've been pretty fascinated by the DIY tiny house movement. Here's a great video on how to build your own tiny, cordwood, off-grid roundhouse—including some detailed tips and ideas on both the drawbacks and strengths of this particular approach.

Google Chrome Theme Creator Online Make Custom Theme Free There are hundreds of Google Chrome Themes available in the Chrome Web Store gallery. But still, many of us like more choice and more control. We need a custom theme built to our taste and choice. But, how do we create our own theme?

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