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New genuary: tom johnson. Tom Johnson, 25 Tell me a bit about yourself and where you grew up?

new genuary: tom johnson

New genuary: introducing vicki king. Vicki King Tell me a bit about yourself and where you grew up?

new genuary: introducing vicki king

I'm from a small village on the outskirts of Leicestershire, three generations of my family have lived there. Its pretty but most of the time there I was planning some sort of escape. I didn't particularly get on well with the structure of school and left quite young. How Rihanna took us to fashion church in 2016. If her memes are any indication, Rihanna is the go-to avatar for female fantasies.

How Rihanna took us to fashion church in 2016

The singer can put “bad gal” in her Instagram handle without a single layer of irony. To be Rihanna is to eye-roll magnificently and get your revenge daydreams directed by Harmony Korine. Catching up with the ultimate enfant terrible, David Bailey. An interview with David Bailey is never quite what it says on the tin.

Catching up with the ultimate enfant terrible, David Bailey

But this is why it’s so delightful. In you’ll go with questions pegged to whatever project he’s just published, in this case, he’s re-released a section of his long sold out book, NW1, but it’s always Bailey’s way. And you’re best to just let him take you where he pleases. In 2016, fashion got obsessed with the bootleg. There has been no ‘it’ bag or sneaker collab to better accompany any outfit these past 12 months than a dose of self-awareness.

In 2016, fashion got obsessed with the bootleg

Over the course of 2016, brands borrowed other companies’ motifs, riffed on forgotten band merch and created pop culture tributes that came, largely, in the form of t-shirts. With social media acting as a driving force, there was a sense of fun and spontaneity to the whole affair, as labels looked and felt freer to play with their own self image and the perceptions of consumers. Like most trends which have dominated the industry lately, you can probably place a lot of the blame in Vetements’ direction. Other cases quickly followed. Nike Air Max 95 Essential Trainer. Thomas Turgoose on This Is England and being a teen tearaway. Before Brexit came This is England.

Thomas Turgoose on This Is England and being a teen tearaway

For the last decade, it has been with us, amplifying the voices of the Thatcherite era’s malcontents. But augury aside, This is England’s magnificently sentient characters would be reason enough to call it the most important British drama of the century. Shaun, played by the madly gifted Thomas Turgoose, has grown up in front of us, from the 12-year-old of the 2006 film through three TV series.

Clayton Patterson: shoot to thrill. Tonight, after a decade-long closure, legendary Lower East Side documentarian Clayton Patterson is re-opening The Clayton Gallery & Outlaw Art Museum on the ground floor of his home and studio at 161 Essex Street, New York, formerly home to shows by Dash Snow and Genesis P-Orridge.

Clayton Patterson: shoot to thrill

To celebrate, we revisit his Cult VIP profile by former visual arts editor Francesca Gavin, taken from the June 2009 issue of Dazed. ​harley weir talks about shooting the homes and houses of the calais jungle. Beauty isn't often something you associate with Calais' refugee camp, The Jungle, for obvious reasons.

​harley weir talks about shooting the homes and houses of the calais jungle

Yet the images that make up Harley Weir's new photobook, Homes, a document of the camp, undeniably have a sense of beauty about them. Something melancholic too, but certainly, Harley's photos are unlike most of the photos you'll have seen coming out of Calais in the last year. Take a trip with kitty callaghan’s surreal collages. Kitty Callaghan has been making things ever since she was little.

take a trip with kitty callaghan’s surreal collages

As a kid she'd spend her days cutting, pasting, and building up her scrapbook in the Southern Highlands of Australia. Fast-forward to today and she's still doing exactly that. Behind the walls of Andy Warhol’s secretive Factory. Stephen Shore, who quietly documented the glittering figures of Andy Warhol’s Factory between 1965 and 1967, has to go down in history as the least phased 17-year-old boy to have ever come into contact with extremely cool people.

Behind the walls of Andy Warhol’s secretive Factory

As the influential photographer recalls in Factory: Andy Warhol, the just-published treatise by Phaidon, he was granted permission to take photographs of Warhol and his inner circle by simply walking up to the artist and asking if he could. Their collaboration began around a month later, in 1965, with a phonecall from Warhol to Shore: “We’re filming at a restaurant called L’Avventura; do you want to come and take pictures?” For the next three years, Shore would regularly visit the Factory and take candid photographs of the faces that, much like himself, were drawn to what was going on there. For Shore, speaking over the phone as Phaidon’s tome is released, these are simply events that happened over 50 years ago.

The exhibition trying to make art less ‘wanky’ Joe Goicoechea, Charlie Warcup and Sam Hamer openly admit there’s no real plan as such with their exhibition Loose London: they simply want to promote the art they love in whatever way they can, minus any pretence. It just so happens that the art they love is the art we love too. Hetty Douglas, who Dazed touted as one of ‘London’s new generation of painters’ will be on show with her work that takes our flippant social media interactions and intertwines them with her honed brush work. Then there's Megan Doherty, a rapidly rising young photographer who captures the painfully beautiful, neon-lit big dreams in the small sticky-floored enclaves of Belfast. Legendary skateboarder and artist Ed Templeton also makes an appearance among a cast of emerging artists, while Snffn Glue casts a fresh eye over real life documentary photography, spanning everything from pasta to piss.

Sasha Lane’s star is born. Taken from the 25th anniversary issue of Dazed: “I had a meeting with someone and for the first 40 minutes I wanted to punch him in the face,” says Sasha Lane, stirring her latte. Recently, the budding actress experienced her first bad setup with a Hollywood producer. “He did the whole power shark thing. You know? 10 cult film characters to be for halloween. Dot, Gummo: Pretty much anyone in any Harmony Korine character is a walking Halloween costume (although I can tell you from first-hand experience if you go as Spring Breakers, many people will mistake you for Pussy Riot).

But Korine's directorial debut, 1997's Gummo, is perhaps his biggest source of off-kilter wardrobe inspiration. This is likely because, in addition to acting in the film, Chloë Sevigny was its costume designer (she still has the pink wire bunny ears in her closet). Her own character, Dot, is a pretty easy Halloween option: take your pick between a tiger bathing suit or Poison t-shirt, then bleach all the hair on your body. Who knows, you might get cast for Alexander Wang's next show in the process. Frankenstein, Death Race 2000: Here's how Rotten Tomatoes describes this campy 1975 flick: "Cult hero Paul Bartel directed this low-budget satire in which America's passion for cars, violence, and sporting events are finally brought together in one convenient package.

" Celebrating eight decades of l.a. youth culture, from pachucos to post-punks. Dino Dinco, Untitled (Liza), 2001. Courtesy of the artist. Earlier this month, Gil Veni Vici opened East Side Story, a group exhibition that saw the model, designer, and curator celebrate his East Los Angeles neighborhood's rich history by embodying aspects of its vibrant culture and tradition. In one black-and-white portrait, Gil posed in front of a 50s car, dressed in a sharp suit; in another, he rocked a Tommy Jeans jacket, reminiscent of the excellent workwear one might find flipping through @veteranas_and_rucas — a public archive of Southern California's Chicano youth.

Tastemakers & Earthshakers: Notes from Los Angeles Youth Culture 1943 - 2016, a recently opened exhibition at L.A.'s Vincent Price Art Museum, considers similar subject matter. Gusmano Cesaretti, Mosca 1975 East L.A., 1975, archival pigment print. Janette Beckman, The Rivera Bad Girls East LA 1983, 1983. A Tribe Called Quest’s ‘final’ album is out in two weeks. After a heartbreaking year that saw the death of Phife Dawg, one of the group’s core members, rap trailblazers A Tribe Called Quest have announced a fresh and final dose of New York hip hop to mark the end of their career.

The announcement was made on Twitter in the form of a handwritten note in from the group’s co-founder Q-Tip. Q-Tip’s note speaks of the group’s performance last year on The Tonight Show, which was coincidentally the same night as the Paris terror attacks. The note reads that this night was the catalyst for the new project, stating, “As we left 30 Rock I felt the need, we all did, to get back to the studio and start that cook up!! So we got to it!!” Photos of Paris and London’s reckless and boisterous boys.

Unseen images of bowie and lou reed photographed by an nyc teen in the 70s. David Bowie, Madison Square Garden, 1978 New York City was a wild place to be in 1977. Economic hardship plagued the nation, but the Big Apple was especially bankrupt. The 20 best biographies and autobiographies of all time. Experience. Shia LaBeouf on Alcohol, Steven Spielberg and ‘American Honey’ A NASA Scientist Told Us Why People Love Bass So Much. Robert Alexander (photo by author) I'd never been to Las Vegas before, so I wasn't sure how often you got to meet former NASA scientists by the swimming pool of a swanky hotel. Noisey.vice.

Check out supreme’s latest collaboration with aquascutum. Its iconic club check has been worn by everyone from Sir Winston Churchill to Margaret Thatcher, Humphrey Bogart to Lauren Bacall. Why People Smoke Weed to Treat Depression. Iconic images of kate moss and naomi campbell, captioned by bret easton ellis. A new book of unpublished young amy winehouse photographs captures happier times. Amy and Charles formed a friendship during the course of shooting and the portraits show a happy, healthy and relaxed Amy which are in contrast to the barrage of far more depressing tabloid images that marked her last years. Meet Jude Liana, A Photographer & Zine-Maker Making It In NYC. Jude Liana is a photographer, model and poet based in New York City, who makes raw art and writes about real life stuff. The young gun takes candid film images of friends, landscapes and settings, drawing inspiration from the work of other female photographers like Nan Goldin.

Dark, Scary, Creepy, Twisted, Weird and Disturbing Movies - a list by LauraDaVinci. Giacomo Vesprini's Beautifully Surreal Street Photography. The Visual Encyclopedia of Russian Prison Tattoos. Documenting the zeitgeist of British subculture. The Haunting Photography of a Serial Killer. Follow these incredible photography magazines now. These Stunning Photos of New Zealand's Largest Gang Will Give You Sleepless Nights. Bam Margera Looks Nothing Like Old Self in 'Family Therapy’ Could 5-HTP Be the Answer to the UK's Antidepressant Dependency? pH Cure for Cancer. Here is a list of Websites I like to visit on LSD. The female gaze: the new wave of image-makers putting women first in Russian photography and fashion — The Calvert Journal.

Using the male gaze to call BS on gender roles. Crimes Across the UK: Exploring Why Burglary Is So Common in Leeds. How the Nazis Really Felt About Witchcraft. There Is No More Banter Left After the Hijacker Selfie Became a Thing. Photography. We need to talk about ezra miller. The Power of Coincidence. Everything’s Been Done Before. 14 Disturbing And Deeply Creepy Wikipedia Articles That Will Scare The Sh*t Out Of You. Huffingtonpost. Nine cancer cures that the Medical Mafia doesn't want you to know about - RiseEarth.

But To Answer Ur Question, No: An Interview With Kool A.D. Fabric warns of "troubling precedent" in statement on club's closure. The US Government Has Sent This Guy 300 Joints Each Month for 34 Years. The Tradition of Art Students Doing Weird-Ass Shit is Alive and Well in New Cross. From Actor, Advocate to Activist: Morgan Freeman's Important Message AnonHQ. I Spent 48 Hours in LA with King Krule. Young Thug is wearing a dress to his wedding. Lil Wayne Discusses Retirement: “Gimme Mine And I’ll Walk Off Free, Smiling.” An illustrative and humorous look at female sexuality. Young Creative Erika Bowes On London Fashion Week. Zodiac Signs NASA Changes Horoscope Dates New Ophiuchus. How the power of witchcraft gripped 70s Britain.

Hunting for Hallucinogenic Honey in Nepal. Kobe Bryant’s Disturbing Rape Case: The DNA Evidence, the Accuser’s Story, and the Half-Confession. Lil Wayne Discusses Retirement: “Gimme Mine And I’ll Walk Off Free, Smiling.” College Advice from a 75-Year-Old Who Went to School for 55 Years and Got 30 Degrees. Noisey.vice. Here’s what’s next for Gosha Rubchinskiy. What I've Learned Trying Not to Get Killed as a Transgender Sex Worker. I Was Tired of Being Single, So I Built an Imaginary Boyfriend Out of Clay.

How to Swear at Friends and Insult Strangers In Different European Languages. Five of the most X-rated anime films ever. Unflinching photos of Brooklyn’s gangsters and addicts. Why Does Everyone Think Women Only Like The Weeknd Because They Want to Sleep With Him? - Noisey. I Spent Seven Months Inside Brazil's Most Notorious Red Light District. Photos of the Last Remnants of One of Bristol’s Gentrifying Neighbourhoods. In photos // A slice of London's queer night dwellers - HISKIND. Sun-drenched photos of locals and young love on coney island. Berghain’s Sven Marquardt talks to us about his photography.

Shopping With Erika Bowes. The Little Death: Living and Loving as a Necrophiliac. The True Story Behind The Cover Of Blood Orange’s Freetown Sound. 10 Electronic Music Documentaries You Probably Haven't Seen Before. KOOL A.D. FORECASTS YOUR OCTOBER HOROSCOPES - PAPERMAG. Ten poems to change your life.