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Tim's Printables - Printables for Kids, Parents and Teachers How to Think Like a Computer Scientist — How to Think like a Computer Scientist: Interactive Edition This interactive book is a product of the Runestone Interactive Project at Luther College, led by Brad Miller and David Ranum. There have been many contributors to the project. Our thanks especially to the following: This book is based on the Original work by: Jeffrey Elkner, Allen B. The Runestone Interactive tools are open source and we encourage you to contact us, or grab a copy from GitHub if you would like to use them to write your own resources. Top 25 Collaboration Tools for Developers | ProfitBricks Blog Development projects typically depend on input from a slew of team members–management, designers, marketing, and even external stakeholders. Consolidating feedback from a multitude of sources is no simple task, let alone coordinating tasks among half a dozen team members and ensuring projects are on-schedule for delivery. That’s why collaboration tools are critical, especially for more complex projects. Whether you’re a freelance developer or you work in-house, these collaboration tools will help keep you on-task and on-track–not to mention impress your higher-ups with your exceptional organizational skills. Listed in no particular order of importance, the following 25 collaboration tools (listed in no particular order) are worth a try if you’re struggling to keep your teams on-task. Image via Flickr via Norman Lear Center 1. Key Features: Cost: Free: Up to 5 users, up to 5 GB. 2. 3. ActiveCollab is a project management, team collaboration and billing tool-in-one. 4. 4. Free 5. Cost: 6. 7.

Corrige tu Writing – ¿Se te atraganta el inglés? Hablemos… Online Python Tutor - Learn programming by visualizing code execution 8 of the Best Free Collaborative Tools For Programmers Programmers rarely code in isolation anymore. Except in the case of personal hobby projects, most modern projects have too vast a scope for one person to tackle alone. As such, if you’re a programmer and you aren’t yet sharing or collaborating, you’re behind the curve. Fortunately, this kind of sharing and collaborating is now trivial to incorporate into your workflow. Unlocking this raw power is as simple as signing up for a free account or two, then convincing your teammates to do the same. If you can get that far, you’ll soon reap the benefits of the web apps I’m about to show you. Bitbucket Bitbucket is a free hosting service for code repositories that are based on Mercurial or Git. It’s free for teams up to 5 people, which is more than enough for most hobbyists, and all plans provide unlimited private repositories. Github It heavily encourages an open source mindset by making all code projects public by default and making it extremely easy to fork projects with a one-click button.

Linkers and connectors - English Subject Area Contrast . In spite of / Despite Link two contrasting ideas. Followed by a noun phrase. . . . . . Reason and cause . . Purpose . . Consequence . . . Addition . . . For example / For instance Introduces an example referring to previously stated ideas. . . but / yet: followed by a noun phrase or a sentence. ‘The book is short but / yet interesting’ . in spite of / despite: It is placed at the beginning or in the middle of the sentence. ‘He arrived on time despite / in spite of getting up late’ although / though/ even though / in spite of the fact that: followed by a complete sentence. ‘Although / though / even though / in spite of the fact that the pupils had not studied, they all passed their exams’. . however, nevertheless, even so, on the one hand, on the other hand, on the contrary: ‘He was quite ill however/ nevertheless/ even so, he went to school’ . while, whereas ‘This film is very interesting, while/whereas that one is quite boring’ Reason and cause . because, as since, seeing that: Succession .

Home | LL-MAP Try These 7 Writing Exercises to Boost Students' Creative Writing Skills Using regular writing exercises with your students will help improve their creative and analytical writing skills immensely. The key to improving the craft of writing is with daily practice, of course. We know that there’s not always time for it in the class schedule, but not to worry. The 7 terrific writing exercises featured below are ones that students can use both in and out of class. Students will enjoy these challenges, and you’ll exercise their thinking skills at the same time you work to improve their love for writing. 1. Writing exercises that have students building stories from visual stimuli can be fun and engaging. In the article 5 Fun Storytelling Exercises to Try, writer Marian Schembari recommends looking at old photographs or postcards and creating new stories inspired by the images. “The story,” Miriam instructs, “should only exist inside your head. Here are some guiding questions to use as writing prompts: Who are the people in this image, and where did they come from?

TPEN Version 2.0 A New Tool for the Digital Humanities T‑PEN is a web-based tool for working with images of manuscripts. Users attach transcription data (new or uploaded) to the actual lines of the original manuscript in a simple, flexible interface. Interoperability T‑PEN... Is an open and general tool for scholars of any technical expertise level Allows transcriptions to be created, manipulated, and viewed in many ways Collaborate with others through simple project management Exports transcriptions as a pdf, XML(plaintext) for further processing, or contribute to a collaborating institution with a click Respects existing and emerging standards for text, image, and annotation data storage Avoids prejudice in data, allowing users to find new ways to work

Redacciones en inglés - Writing in English - Para mejorar tu estilo de escritura en inglés En esta parte te ayudaremos a redactar mejor y a mejorar tu estilo de escritura. Para eso, te invitamos a que nos envíes tus redacciones en inglés. Las mejores redacciones serán publicadas aquí. Hemos recibido más de 3400 redacciones. Siguiente Saber Inglés no se responsabiliza por el contenido de las redacciones. Otras páginas que pueden interesarte: