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What's your sign? Discover the world of signs and symbolic meanings.

What's your sign? Discover the world of signs and symbolic meanings.
Signs and symbols run like rivers through our lives. Because they are constant, we owe it to ourselves to closely investigate their meanings. In short, understanding symbolism can equip us for a better life. Adopting the power of symbolism helps us learn more about ourselves and our world. Incorporating our own personal emblems into our lives serves us in areas of self-discovery and self-expression. Moreover, understanding symbol meanings allows us to learn more about our past, present, and future, and leads us to broader awareness on many levels.

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ASTROTHEOLOGY & SHAMANISM, A review by Gerrit J. Keizer Review of the Second Edition With Colour Illustrations of ASTROTHEOLOGY & SHAMANISM: Christianity’s Pagan Roots. A Revolutionary Reinterpretation of the Evidence, by Jan R. Irvin and Andrew Rutajit (Gnostic Media, 2009). By Gerrit J. Keizer, clinical psychologist, mycologist and forest ecologist. Organizing Disorganized People - Time Management Training from MindTools Motivating Your Team to Change Do you work with disorganized people? © iStockphoto/SilviaJansen Imagine this scenario: After a week of hard work, you send an important report to your colleague. His task is to edit the wording and make a few key decisions to finalize some of the content.

Boston Artist Transforms Homeless' Signs Into Works Of Art Update, 5:00PM: Since this story aired Monday morning, WGBH News has learned that Michael Lehman is listed on the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board as a Level 3 offender. In an email to WGBH, Signs for the Homeless' Christopher Hope said he was not aware of Michael Lehman's status as a Level 3 sex offender: "The mission of Signs for the Homeless is to raise awareness around homelessness through hand painted signs and sharing the homeless's narratives around the world. The new information does not change our commitment in neutrally sharing the stories of the homeless." Maybe you see a homeless man sitting on a bench, or a woman holding a sign on a street corner. Maybe you strike up a conversation, give a few bucks.

Writing 101 – Observational Skills (c) Robyn LaRue 2014 Alright, alright…I’m calm now. Ladies and gentlemen, fellow readers and writers, thank you for bearing with us following last week’s breakdown…technical difficulties i.e. my rant. Regular programing will resume shortly…. Introduction to Cosmology Cookies on the New Scientist website close Our website uses cookies, which are small text files that are widely used in order to make websites work more effectively. To continue using our website and consent to the use of cookies, click away from this box or click 'Close' Find out about our cookies and how to change them Log in

Start Here By Leo Babauta I know a lot of people who fall into a slump, losing the habit of exercise, procrastinating with work, slipping into a bad diet, and generally not feeling motivated. It’s hard to get out of a slump like that. It’s hard to get going again, to get started when all the forces of inertia are against you. Do you know all of the following vocabulary words? You already know this, but the October SAT is just a few days away. As you study the hundreds or thousands of vocabulary words, make sure that you master all of the following words. If they’re missing from your flash cards, vocabulary books, or smartphone apps, add them. They appeared on a recent official College Board SAT exam (October 2012), and they are some of the test’s favorite words. Make sure that you know not only what the words mean but also how to use them in context.

The real-life Django: black Wild West marshal Bass Reeves who arrested 3,000 outlaws and killed 14 men Bass Reeves was born a slave in 1838 and later broke from his owner to live among Native AmericansReeves became a Deputy U.S. Marshal in 1875 at the age of 38During his 32-year career as a Deputy Marshal he arrested 3,000 felons, killed 14 men and was never shot By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 14:44 GMT, 19 January 2013 | Updated: 18:15 GMT, 19 January 2013 Bass Reeves, one of the first African Americans to become a Deputy U.S.

HumanitiesWeb Welcome to HumanitiesWeb Welcome to Humanities Web. The mission of HumanitiesWeb is to build a humanities site that will show the interconnections, the web, the links, between history, the arts, and culture - and how each plays off and influences the others. 4 Simple Principles of Getting to Completion “If your mind isn’t clouded by unnecessary things, then this is the best season of your life.” ~Wu-Men Post written by Leo Babauta. When I hear about a great idea that a friend has, I get excited. Fashion History Movies Music A list of slang words and phrases that were used during the 1940s, and their meanings. This is just icing on the cake when you consider what the decade already gave us in the form of patriotism, music, fashion, and movies. Now, a language! In no particular order: Take a powder – to leave

Bibi Fatima (as) Ki Kahani - English Transliteration - Urdu - English translation by me of the story of Janab e Fatima. One famous event about some Arab city, there lived the widow of a goldsmith who had only one son. One day when the widow water went to the well to get water, her son went along with her. Playforce A searchable database of games with learning potential, Playforce allows users to explore games related to specific learning content, academic standards or twenty-first century skills, like empathy, systems thinking or collaboration. Playforce provides an indispensable resource to educators and parents looking to use games in service of specific learning goals. Game perspectives on Playforce are player-generated and moderated by a user community. Which means they don’t focus on what experts think is good about game play, but rather on what players know, based on their own collective experience. By putting the experience of players front and center, Playforce lets educators and parents know exactly what to expect from the games they use. Developed in partnership with E-Line Media, Playforce is now in beta.

Feng Shui 101 for Your Living Space Do you have a lot of stagnant energy in your life right now? Maybe all you need to do is check to make sure the drains are working properly in your kitchen and bathroom. Or place a small fish tank somewhere in your home to attract more wealth and prosperity.

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