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Astrology in Depth

Astrology in Depth
From Astrology in Depth Welcome to! An interactive, encyclopedic endeavour aimed at the creation of a reliable source of astrological knowledge, based on the experience of astrologers and non-astrologers online. You are most welcome to contribute and share precious observations you may have with astrological elements. Please note that in order to maintain utmost reliability in our articles, we have put in place a system of drafts, which allow professional astrologers to examine contributions made, prior to their inclusion in the original article. Thank you for bearing with us!

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Pallas Athene - Unlocking Doors to Our Future. The Asteroid Pallas in the Natal Chart - Dena L Moore, Through Night's Fire Astrology I am pleased to share my other sites with you: This page was last updated August 4, 2012 Copyright July 2001 - 2012 Simplified Scientific Astrology, by Max Heindel, HTML Page 1 of 4 by A Complete Textbook on the Art of Erecting a Horoscope With Philosophic Encyclopedic Planetary Symbols Although we can learn something about the astrological meaning of the planets from their physical position in the solar system, the planetary symbols themselves are also extremely revealing. It is important to get to know these symbols, since they are part of the language of astrology, and practising drawing them - when you are on the bus or on the telephone - will help you to make them yours. As we develop our own relationship to the planets, we also develop our own particular writing style for the symbols. The planetary symbols, or glyphs, are derived from a combination of the symbols for Spirit, Soul and Matter, from which all life is said to derive in varying proportions.

How to Read Your Astrological Natal Horoscope March 2014 If you’re a 1.d4 player, then this book might well be for you A new edition of Dvoretsky’s magnificent work This book, the first of 3, covers the super complex Winawer Variation (sans 7.Qg4) Astrology Insights Current Transits As the planets of our solar system orbit around the Sun, they move into mathematical relationships with one another. These relationships are called "transits." Transits operate like a pen highlighting words on a page - they draw our attention to a particular area.

House System Astrology - Which House System? I have just read two illuminating books on houses systems in astrology. Robert Hand’s “Whole signs – The Oldest House System” and the “History of the Houses” by Robert Powell. Between the two Roberts I think I have found a house system that works and has the weight of history and scientific analysis to back it up. The whole of modern Western Astrology is based on the tropical zodiac, which is based on the seasons and nothing to do with actual star-gazing. The AC represents 0 degs Aries, the beginning of the vernal equinox, the start of the pagan year spring.

chartrules Return to Home Page Rules for Reading The Astrospect Chart This paper contains information helpful for reading the chart used in this method. Magickal Athenaeum - WikiPagan The Magical Athenaeum is the largest collection of magickal PDF books on the internet, with several hundred files. The resource is maintained by Asiya's Shadows. Books are in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and may be viewed and printed using Adobe Reader. Magical Athenaeum Jovian Archive Rave History - The Collection Rave History - The Collection includes all 3 Rave History courses, each of which is divided into five 1-hour lectures. Save over 40% by purchasing this package, only available until April 24th, 2014. Please Welcome HD China & Taiwan! learn more about Magi Astrology To learn the basics of Magi Astrology please select a lesson: One major difference between Magi Astrology and most other forms of astrology is that we use four charts. Other astrologers only use one. Learning about these four charts is essential.

Magickal Herbs V W X Y Z VALERIAN: Valeriana officinalis. Feminine, Venus/Mercury, Water/Earth. Origin: Over 150 species. Native to Europe, northern Asia, Africa, U.S.A., India and Japan. rectify.html If you like the project you can donate bitcoins to: 1E8rQq9cmv95CrdrLmqaoD6TErUFKok3bF Rectification Graph - Transits In my opinion, one of the major problems with astrology is that too many astrologers blindly depend on the time given them by the client, instead of rectifying the time in order to gain some real accuracy.

Crystals - Minerals and their Properties Minerals have been close to humans for as long as man has walked the earth and gazed with wonder at their natural beauty and mystery. There are thousands of types of minerals, each with it's own unique color patterns, shapes, energetic properties, and metaphysical properties. This is a list of minerals and their properties. You will find the minerals name, it's metaphysical properties, and a brief description of the minerals color and shape. This list is never complete, and will be updated constantly. ACTINOLITE This mineral is an immensely important tool.

How to read your Birth Chart - A Key to the Symbols The language of astrology is a symbolic one, and it has its own alphabet! This shorthand alphabet, or collection of symbols (also called glyphs, or sigils) is one that we need to learn if we are to be able to interpret a horoscope chart. Each symbolic glyph has a standard meaning, though, like a gem, it has many subtle facets which come to light when interpreted in a delineation of the chart.