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Tarot Cards & Divination

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Divination. In this section divination and various divinatory forms are examined.


How to read Tarot Cards (part IV): Preparing your deck for use. Friends of Wild Iris is a non-profit , 501(c) 3, organization established in 2006 to support the community space traditionally represented by Wild Iris Books.

How to read Tarot Cards (part IV): Preparing your deck for use

We have found that the mission of a “safe space” for our community often differs from the motive of a for-profit organization. We want to continue to provide a community center for the sharing of ideas and exploration of how we can better impact our society. Mission Statement: To create social, educational and cultural opportunities to empower a diverse feminist community. Vision Statement: Guide to Reviewed TAROT BOOKS. Learning the Tarot - An On-Line Course. Deviant Moon Tarot. Thank you for your support!

Deviant Moon Tarot

Ordering directly from this site will help fund the creation of the upcoming “Sister” tarot. Order your signed borderless deck + exclusive bonus artist card: $30 usd Already have the deck? Looking for just the bonus card alone? Single PROMO-ARTIST CARD-SIGNED on BACK Only $12 usd We also have the Queen of Wands as a beautiful 9 x 13 inch GICLEE/PRINT! Only $30 usd each (Print run of 25) (Photo courtesy of Donnaleigh de LaRose ) Filed under: Updates | Comments (34) I have a slightly damaged UNCUT BORDERLESS SHEET available at a discounted price.

Slightly imperfect sheet $75 usd. Tarot Card Spreads. Because Tarot cards are such a powerful and flexible magical (or "magickal") tool, it deserves special attention.

Tarot Card Spreads

The Lovers divinatory meanings. The Lovers tarot card is about love and love affairs, but The Lovers implies a doubt or hesitation in where a relationship is at.

The Lovers divinatory meanings

Is the right person for me? In our friends and partners we look for kinship, some kind of similarity, as this familiar. The Lovers is really about choice - is this what we really want? A weak Lovers card shows a lack of faith in our ability to make choices. If we screwed up in our choice of partner, where else has our judgement gone awry? There can be an obsession about choice with this card. More attributions of the Lovers. Daily Spreads. Tarot Meditations. All Rights Reserved.

Tarot Meditations

These mediations may work best with a BOTA (Paul Foster Case) or Rider Pack (Waite) Tarot Deck. Fool Meditation 9/30/75 Adapted from "Understanding the Tarot", column six, by Bill Heidrick (First published in "Gnostica") The Fool embodies whirling wind blowing between worlds. The Fool is pure existence, without substance or form. Magician Meditation 10/6/75 Adapted from "Understanding the Tarot", column seven, by Bill Heidrick (First published in "Gnostica") Before becoming the Magician, the Fool is a breeze blowing in light gusts everywhere in space. Look at the picture on the Magician card. Oracle Card Reading For Divine Guidance. Do you use divination cards to receive guided messages sometimes?

Oracle Card Reading For Divine Guidance

I have been enjoying the use of my Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards The cards are from Doreen Virtue and feature beautiful artwork of cross-cultural goddesses from Celtic, Mayan, Egyptian, Greek, Tibetan, Buddhist and others. Tarot FAQ by Michael Star. Michael's "Action-Figure" Method for Tarot Card Interpretation.

Tarot FAQ by Michael Star

Seeing the meanings in the images. Runes, Tarot Cards & Other Divination Tools. Tarot, Astrology, I-Ching, Numerology, Feng Shui and Psychics: T. The House of Hekat. There are very many uses to gain insight into the future, yourself, and anything that you can think of really.

The House of Hekat

I will provide a list of many different kinds of divining, then elaborate on those that are more widely used today. Palmistry Many people ask what the point in reading hands is. It may deal with the fact that there are thousands of nerve endings in your hand that have a direct connection with your brain. This connection goes two ways. To become more in-depth, your left hand is supposed to indicate the personalities you were born with, and your right hand your individual nature as it is now, and what your future might hold. Association for Tarot Studies. 78 Notes to Self: A Tarot Journal.

Tarot cards, reviews, information and insight, at Illumination T. Mystic Eye Tarot Symbols Glossary! This your website's holding page.

Mystic Eye Tarot Symbols Glossary!

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Cloud Hosting Lunarpages now offers Cloud Hosting plans that allow customers to control their resources, and pay based on what they use. Affiliate Program Lunarpages offers an exciting opportunity to our existing customers who sign up for our unique Affiliate program. Raven's Tarot Site. Main Page - Tarotpedia. Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night - Darkness Forums. 'Kelly', on 22 March 2010 - 09:35 PM, said: I want this deck. The depictions are realistic, beautiful and haunting...quite different from the cartoonish vampire decks. Take a look at the some of the cards: do you think? I really want this deck. The art is so beautiful. You're quite right in your description, haunting yet beautiful. I want. The Tarot Garden Database: General Search. Goddess Tarot Cards. There is an excellent choice of Goddess tarot decks available. These decks can be both an excellent way of familiarizing yourself with the attributes of the various Goddesses and a means of gaining a greater insight into your life.

The Goddess Tarot: by Kris Waldherr is probable the most well known Goddess deck. Index for Goals and Career Spreads. Symbols. This page presents a glossary and some discussion of a wide variety of different types of symbols used on tarot cards, to serve as a convenient reference for tarot readers and students. Click on a topic below to go directly to that section. I. ColorsII. Elements and Landscape III. The Tree of Life and the Wheel of the Year Revisited. In Pagan and Druid practice alike this festival marks the beginning of the harvest and its abundance, and heralds the approach of autumn and the cold half of the year. The Irish god Lugh gives his name to this festival in many traditions; a solar god, he also had the title Samildanach, “possessing all skills.”

In ancient Ireland this was a season of horse races, athletic contests, and bardic competitions. Here again Pagan and Cabalistic symbolic systems come into close harmony. Hod is the basal Sphere of the Pillar of Form, and represents individuation, the process by which each thing and being in the universe becomes something uniquely itself, just as each seed planted during spring grows into a unique plant with its own character and form during the warm months of summer. INTRODUCTION TO TAROT AND THE TREE OF LIFE. Tarot Garden Library: The Higwayman. One of the most common questions we receive from new customers is: "How do I learn the meanings of the cards, and how to read them?

" Setting aside, for a moment, the fact that there are many, varied, and differing meanings assigned to tarot's 78 images, the simple answer is: practice, practice, practice! But practicing how to read tarot for others can be a very intimidating process. We worry about getting stuck, being "wrong", or looking amateur and foolish. But what if you could practice reading... without reading? What if you could lay out the cards, study and learn their assocations, become more comfortable with your deck, and even have fun at the same time? Numerology, Tarot, Astrology, Kabbalah, Lunar calendar 2010, Cha.

Tarot Reading Psychic - Your Free Tarot Reading Guide. Understanding Relationship Tarot Spread. Establishing the Nature and Potential of a Relationship is not easy. This spread will give you the answers you need. Emily Peach's Tarot For Tomorrow, has a tarot spread which explores Elemental Dignities in relationships. She says about this spread: Tarot Muse. Karma Card Readings.