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Synchronicity Gears of Time and Illusion Law of Attraction and Manifestation - Meaningful Coincidences - "The Secret" How the Hologram Works To understand how synchronicities work is the understand the nature of reality. It is in fact a computer generated hologram in which characters and events created are programmed experiences that on this level of consciousness are perceived of as real. Synchronicities bring people to Crystalinks ... which takes them on all sorts of journeys into awareness. Synchronicities are preprogrammed experiences that occur when one's DNA is programmed for a specific event in time. ... Today's journeys seem to be all about healing and energy. Synchronicities are patterns that repeat in time. Now more than ever, synchronicities are people, places or events that your soul attracts into your life to help you evolve to higher consciousness or to place emphasis on something going on in your life. Synchronicities may simply occur just to make a point. In the News ... Related:  Where's My Mind?

Is the Universe a Holographic Reality? The Universe as a Hologram by Michael Talbot Does Objective Reality Exist, or is the Universe a Phantasm? In 1982 a remarkable event took place. At the University of Paris a research team led by physicist Alain Aspect performed what may turn out to be one of the most important experiments of the 20th century. You did not hear about it on the evening news. Aspect and his team discovered that under certain circumstances subatomic particles such as electrons are able to instantaneously communicate with each other regardless of the distance separating them. University of London physicist David Bohm, for example, believes Aspect's findings imply that objective reality does not exist, that despite its apparent solidity the universe is at heart a phantasm, a gigantic and splendidly detailed hologram. To understand why Bohm makes this startling assertion, one must first understand a little about holograms. This insight suggested to Bohm another way of understanding Aspect's discovery.

Synchronicity Times - Four Types of Synchronicity Mystic Life is an author on personal and spiritual growth who enjoys sharing concepts from spirituality and psychology that help increase well-being. His books, articles and videos can be found It has become clear to me that although synchronicity may be described in terms of a specific type of event, there are subcategories that it is useful to explore and understand. 1. PS is a form of synch that diminishes the ego's grasp on reality. 2. GS is a subset of Predictive Synchronicity. 3. The two previous types of synch I mentioned both relate to future events. 4. ETS is a form of synch which I believe much of that which has previously been written about synch does not address. The four types of synch listed above are, of course, interrelated and you can find situations in which more than one definition applies.

Step 6: Upgrade Your Brain Your intelligence is infinite. Intelligence is not fixed. Studies have shown repeatedly that with training, supplements, and time – intelligence can always be increased. Neuroplasticity – your ability to reshape your nervous system and brain – is proven to exist and we even know how to increase it. However, your mindset often dictates your boundaries of intellectual capacity. People who believe intelligence is fixed are the ones who never reach their full potential. I’ve been brain hacking even longer than I’ve been hacking my body. 1. Before you get into the fancy techniques, focus on challenging your mind in new ways every day. 2. Now we’re getting into the cool stuff. This software program consists of 20 minute computer lessons designed to challenge every part of your brain necessary to boost your IQ. Dual N-Back Training improves memory, problem solving, imagination, and REM sleep. It takes about a month of daily exercise. 3. Acetyl-L-Carnitine Krill Oil (EPA/DHA) Upgraded Coffee 4. 5.

Synchronicity Times - Personal Stories Here is a collection of stories that help personalize the experience of synchronicity. Halifax...Again! I looked up this website after a strange event which happened to me yesterday. I had no intention of writing to you until I read the very first story on your "Personal Stories" page, which begins "I had come back from Halifax, Nova Scotia..." Okay, my story begins... Apartment Hunting I had comeback from Halifax, Nova Scotia to move home to Toronto. “Oh the pet might make a mess on the floor.” “She’s a cat, she’s litter trained.” “Oh no. I pleaded with her, if she would only meet me; she almost reconsidered but turned me down. Gavin was from Winnipeg and was 11 years older than me. The following day I met Mary. Melanie - Toronto, Canada Looking for Janice In 1978 I arrived at the tiny village of Toyabunka on Lake Batur in Bali. Unfortunately, she left the next day and I've never seen her since. Months later, I was landing at Moscow airport. No - that's not the end of it. Now - If... C.M.'

8 Subconscious Mistakes Our Brains Make Every Day--And How To Avoid Them Editor's Note: This is one of the most-read leadership articles of 2013. Click here to see the full list. Get ready to have your mind blown. I was seriously shocked at some of these mistakes in thinking that I subconsciously make all the time. Especially since we strive for self-improvement at Buffer, if we look at our values, being aware of the mistakes we naturally have in our thinking can make a big difference in avoiding them. Regardless, I think it’s fascinating to learn more about how we think and make decisions every day, so let’s take a look at some of these habits of thinking that we didn’t know we had. 1. We tend to like people who think like us. This is called confirmation bias. It’s similar to how improving our body language can also actually change who we are as people. Confirmation bias is a more active form of the same experience. Not only do we do this with the information we take in, but we approach our memories this way, as well. 2. 3. or 4. Well, no. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Synchronicity Times - Synchronicity Questions and Answers Mystic Life is an author on personal and spiritual growth who enjoys sharing concepts from spirituality and psychology that help increase well-being. His books, articles and videos can be found The following is an interview on the topic of synchronicity between Mystic Life and a freelance journalist... In your opinion, why do synchronistic experiences happen? I believe that our species is at an exciting point in its spiritual evolution. Carl Jung, who was a pioneer in the integration of psychology and spirituality, understood that there were external events guiding us towards greater self-awareness, and coined the term "synchronicity" to describe these events. The key to accessing synchronicity, as with all spiritual wisdom, is to be receptive. As I began to open up to a guidance, I would notice meaningful letters and numbers on license plates, songs on the radio, billboards, events in TV shows (especially "The Simpsons"), and other external sources. Yes, it does.

E SE IL TEMPO NON ESISTESSE AFFATTO? Traduco e sintetizzo nel seguito un lungo articolo apparso di recente su, ad opera di Brandon West, creatore di Project Global Awakening: “un sito dedicato alla ricerca di varie discipline spirituali e scientifiche e alla loro applicazione per la tua conoscenza e per aiutarti a vivere una vita ispirata e cambiare il mondo” (c.b.) E se tutto accadesse simultaneamente? E se il tempo non esistesse affatto? Ho visto di recente una descrizione dell’universo, come percepito in fisica. Per citare William Brown (da non confondersi con il William Brown che lavora per il Resonance Project): “Ciò che la scienza ha scoperto esplorando i livelli profondi della realtà, è che il nostro universo è strutturato in strati di creazione. Strati di creazione, dal livello classico e diverso, in superficie, delle percezioni quotidiane, ai livelli più profondi: le molecole, gli atomi, i nuclei, le particelle subatomiche, i mondi nei mondi.” Cosa è il Tempo? Ma le cose si muovono veramente?

Cases of Time Slips A white Ford pickup pulled up to cattle pasture near Ponca City, Oklahoma, in early Fall 1971, and stopped at a gate. Karl, Mark, and Gordon worked for cattle feed distributor and were sent to this remote area to pick up a feeder. What they found there has kept them silent for 41 years. “We opened the gate, which was barbed wire with no lock, and entered,” Karl said. They drove through the tall grass to the tank that sat close to a red barn and got out of the truck. “We realized the tank was almost half full and too heavy to load,” Karl said. The trio drove back to the cattle feed company and the boss said he’d drain the tank and they could pick it up tomorrow. “We went to the location to retrieve the tank the next night,” Karl said. They drove onto the property over the path they’d made through the grass the day before and loaded the tank. “It was no longer there,” Karl said. Did these men witness a slip in time? Time slips have been reported throughout history. What happened to Jake?

Coincidence is an Illusion - What is Synchronicity? All Coincidences Have Meaning Nothing Happens by Chance Have you ever experienced a coincidence so incredible that it left you stunned? If so, then you have just taken a step into the amazing world of Synchronicity. What happens in most people’s lives is beyond their control. Think about it, no matter how carefully you design your life, you cannot know how that design will be affected by a single random event. One small detail can and will change everything. Your most carefully planned project can be ruined by a single chance event, but a seemingly ridiculous idea could be a huge success due to chance! Cause and Effect are an Illusion How much has chance played a role in your life? It isn’t enough to just plan your future. Chance Will be the Defining Factor in Your Life Don’t believe it? Johnny Depp the American actor went to an audition with a friend. Why don’t people believe in chance? If you think luck doesn’t play a role in your life, you’re kidding yourself. Control is not the answer.

Howard Bloom Official Physicists Say Consciousness Might Be a State of Matter — NOVA Next It’s not enough to have a brain. Consciousness—a hallmark of humans, mammals, birds, and even octopuses—is that mysterious force that makes all those neurons and synapses “tick” and merge into “you.” It’s what makes you alert and sensitive to your surroundings, and it’s what helps you see yourself as separate from everything else. So MIT’s Max Tegmark is championing a new way of explaining it: he believes that consciousness is a state of matter. Theoretical physicist Max Tegmark says that consciousness is a state of matter, undulating through phases of change based on surrounding mathematical conditions. By “matter,” he doesn’t mean that somewhere in the deep recesses of your brain is a small bundle of liquid, sloshing around and powering your sense of self and your awareness of the world. Most neuroscientists agonize over consciousness because it’s so difficult to explain. Tegmark calls his new state of matter “perceptronium.”

Where is The Mind?: Science gets puzzled and almost admits a non-local mentalscape. This will be the last "home-produced" blog entry for a while [save the short "Everyday Spirituality" which will follow it as a sign-off] . West Virginia beckons tomorrow morning and off I will go to whatever that entails. As I said in one of the commentary responses the other day, I hope that reading two journal runs "cover-to-cover" will bring up a few thoughts worth sharing. This day's entry was inspired by two articles bumped into coincidentally which had scientists puzzling about a holographic universe and a non-local mind. Those scientists would cringe to see how I've taken their sign-posts-on-the-path, but that is their hang-up, not mine. The first of these articles [both from the New Scientist] was "Where in the World is the Mind?" That brings in the second serendipitous article. It reminded me then, also, of a moment when I was able to spend a [too short] time with David Bohm, the famous theoretical physicist.

8 Famous People Whose Creativity & Innovation Was Inspired By LSD Source: | Original Post Date: Growing up, I was conditioned to believe that LSD was one of the worse drugs, with its dangers and addictive properties following close behind those of heroin. This would all change when I fell severely ill in my twenties. After conventional medicine had failed me, I decided to embark on a journey with plant medicine. This eventually led to an interest in the healing properties of psychedelics, particularly psilocybin, which ultimately cured my depression. However, at the time I vowed never to explore LSD, as it was ‘synthetic’ and in my opinion could not be considered a natural medicine. So, imagine the surprise of those closest to me when I announced the inevitable –my interest in psychedelics finally piqued my interest in LSD. What I learned was that although LSD may not exactly be “natural,” when it opens the doors of perception, it simultaneously opens much more. Famous People Inspired by LSD 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Sources:

Jung's Active Imagination The following atrticle is excerpted from Jung the Mystic, now available from Tarcher/Penguin. There was a method to Jung's madness: active imagination. It, along with the transcendent function, are the two most important discoveries Jung made in the years leading up to World War One. I would even argue that they were the most important discoveries of Jung's career, and that everything that came later had its roots in these two fundamental insights. This being so, they warrant a bit of attention. Strangely, Jung seems to have done everything he could to hide these discoveries from all but his closest colleagues. Some suggest Jung kept quiet about active imagination because he considered it possibly dangerous. What, then, is active imagination? More abstractly, it's a method of consciously entering into a dialogue with the unconscious, which triggers the transcendent function, a vital shift in consciousness, brought about through the union of the conscious and unconscious minds. Notes: