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Astrology Signs - Explore The Star Signs & Compatibility

Astrology Signs - Explore The Star Signs & Compatibility

Astrologie: Afla ce inger te protejeaza Fiecare zi a saptamanii este protejata de un inger, care are obligatia de a le apara de rele pe toate persoanele nascute in ziua respectiva. Pentru a afla care este ingerul tau pazitor, trebuie sa stii ziua in care te-ai nascut. Cei nascuti in ziua de LUNI Ziua de luni este guvernata de Luna. Cuvinte cheie: vise, idealuri, energie pozitiva, sanatate, success pe plan profesional, familie. Culorile norocoase: argintiu si alb. Pietre norocoase: piatra lunii sau perla. Ingerul care protejeaza persoanele nascute in aceasta zi este Arhanghelul Gabriel. Cei nascuti in ziua de MARTI Ziua de Marti este guvernata de planeta Marte. Cuvinte cheie: afaceri, reparatii, comert, studii, activitati sexuale. Culorile norocoase: rosu, roz si rosu aprins. Pietre norocoase: safir, rubin, granat. Ingerul care protejeaza persoanele nascute in aceasta zi a saptamanii este Samuel. Cei nascuti in ziua de MIERCURI Ziua de Miercuri este guvernata de planeta Mercur. Culorile norocoase: portocaliu, bleu si gri.

COSMIC IDENTIFICATION Cosmic Identification ... the starry heavens, the solar system and the planetary spheres are all of them the manifestations of great spiritual Lives ... The Ageless Wisdom teaches, the macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm. If this is true, then we can better understand ourselves through understanding the nature of the universe in which we reside. Imagine yourself to be traveling through space at great speeds and suddenly, far away, an image appears. Drawing closer, you now see its body is ethereal, made up of many sparkling points of light ~ you realise each point is a star. As we enter the solar system, we notice the planets receive light and energy in the form of particles given off by the Sun; negatively polarised to the Sun, they are on the receiving end of the energy flow. But this does not mean the Sun is merely a transmitter of energy ~ it also receives, from sources outside the solar system. Stars Have Positive-Negative Polarity The Yoga of Synthesis Questions?

Astrologie: Semnificatie si totemuri in horoscopul mayas Mitologia mayasa este un sistem ce cuprinde trei calendare:Tzolk’in, Haab si Numaratoarea Lunga. Aceste calendare sunt asemanatoare cu cele ale civilizatiilor mesoamericane, precum Zapotec si Olmec, sau cu vechile calendare ale mixtecilor si aztecilor. Spre deosebire de zodiacul european, horoscopul Haab este impartit in 19 zodii si se axeaza pe interpretarea totemurilor, spiritualitate si caracteristicile oamenilor. CH’EN: 2 ianuarie – 21 ianuarie Nume indigen: Luna, Furtuna Neagra, Floare Semnificatie: Intra in binele intern al constiintei. Interpretare: spiritualitate Caracteristici: persoanele nascute sub semnul acestei zodii sunt firi sensibile si intelepte, foarte intuitive si cu un simt al umorului foarte bine dezvoltat. Nume indigen: Venus Semnificatie: Discipolul isi limpezeste mintea si este iluminat. SAK’: 11 februarie – 2 martie Nume indigen: Furtuna Alba, Trei Flori, Zeu Semnificatie: Norii si indoielile sunt risipiti. KEH: 3 martie – 22 martie

Sun Sign Astrological Compatibility with Dr Z Home > Sun Sign Compatibility Yep! Go figure... it appears that quite a few folks out there are (for some strange reason) interested in the subject of astrological love and compatibility... and chances are that you clicked on a link expecting to find one of those typical lists of "compatible Zodiac Sun Signs." Hang in there with me as we'll eventually get there... however, being a wee bit mischievous, I just can't bring myself to let you off the hook that easily... And surely you don't mind briefly putting on your "thinking cap" and doing a little work with that "gray matter" of yours? Dr Z's Simple Rule of Thumb for Sun Signs: It's actually pretty simple... really... in traditional Sun Sign compatibility you're primarily going to be looking for someone with a Zodiac Sun Sign located in the same or a complementary "astrological element." Hmmm... Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and Air Signs (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) are complementary astrological elements. A Wee Bit Controversial Yep!

Dictionar de vise, interpretare vise - semnificatia viselor The Witness of the Stars | The First Book, Chapter I Introduction | Table of Contents | Chapter 2 The First Book The Redeemer (His First Coming) "The sufferings of Christ" The First Book is occupied with the PERSON of the Coming One. It covers the whole ground, and includes the conflict and the victory of the Promised Seed, but with special emphasis on His Coming. The book opens with the promise of His coming, and it closes with the Dragon cast down from heaven. Chapter I The Sign Virgo The Promised Seed of the woman 1. Here is the commencement of all prophecy in Genesis 3:15, spoken to the serpent: "I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed: it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise His heel." VIRGO is represented as a woman with a branch in her right hand, and some ears of corn in her left hand. The name of this sign in the Hebrew is Bethulah, which means a virgin, and in the Arabic a branch. "Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, And shall call his name Immanuel." 1. 2. 2. 3. 3. 4.

Archangel Metatron Cube Merkaba DESCRIPTIVE: Archangel Metatron cube The chakras Metatron ascension meditation and Merkaba cube. Be successful harness the power of the Star Tetrahedron. Are you ready? This page has a lot of interesting information about the Angel Metatron cube, the Merkaba cube, and the chakras. Also, included is the Metatron ascension meditation. Be successful everyday and harness the power of the Star Tetrahedron. Metatron is the Scribe of God Archangel Metatron MerkabaRELIGIOUS AND SACRED TEXTDESCRIPTIONS Metatron is mentioned within many sacred texts, and religions. Judaic description of Archangel Metatron Enoch the human ancestor of Noah was transformed into the angel Metatron.the scribe of angel that is second in heirarcy to god.the duties of Arch angel Michael were transferred to Metatron. Judaic Sacred Text References Christian description of Angel Metatron The book of Enoch is not in the bible. Christian Sacred Text References Egyptian description of Angel Metatron Star Tetrahedron Chakras