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Where things come from

Where things come from

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¿Cómo se ilustra un clásico? >> Storyboard Ilustraciones de Caperucita Roja de Adolfo Serra. Adolfo Serra tenía que ilustrar un cuento para el proyecto final de la escuela de arte. Y eligió Caperucita Roja. MAGNETIC DANCE générique de films The main-on-end titles for Charles de Lauzirika’s psychological noir Crave take what is at root a basic child’s toy to grim extremes. Wind-driven, humanoid whirligigs are torn apart and re-purposed into disturbing wooden mechanisms acting out vigilante fantasies from the film — images from a nightmare. The angular type stands out from the grit and grain as the camera transitions from grisly scene to grisly scene, each segment part of a larger, interconnected machine which could only be stopped by its own friction. Director CHARLES DE LAUZIRIKA and main title designer RALEIGH STEWART discuss the creation of the sequence with us. Can you give us a little background on yourselves? CL: I was born and raised in LA and I was obsessed with cinema.

Jean Jullien are you ready? Japan to stop whaling in Antartica: happy april fool's day? I did this hoarding for Byron's new restaurant in Shoreditch, London. thanks to Charlie Smith design ( & Respect to Sir Mix-A-Lot. Parkour Santorini Emanuele Colombo_motion designer Marta Altes / Fun ways with pencil shavings Fun pencil shaving art by Marta Altes – love that expression by that flamenco dancer! Marta studied graphic design in Barcelona but moved to London to pursue her interest in illustration; and now she has a few children’s books under her belt! Via Gabriela The Ripple Effect Sugar Rush Colour Illustrations of Natsuki Otani Natsuki Otani, is a Tokyo-born illustrator currently working in England. We like the boldness in her colour choices, which create a rush of bright cheeriness on viewing them, and yet there is a more serious, thoughtful element to her work as well. Natsuki’s hope is that her illustrations can make people happy, even if for just a moment. I have a style that is best described in colour and realised in detailed design. Bold vibrant colour forms the basis of a working practice that seeks to unite dreams and reality.

Illustration Ink on paper by Alex Konahin Alex Konahin is an illustrator from Riga, Latvia. His drawings are made with dip pen using india ink or other materials. You can find some of his beautiful works here. » read more SUPER - Series 1 is now available! Buy two and... SUPER - Series 1 is now available! Buy two and get a SUPER Ralphie for free. This item will only be available for 36 hours; ending at 11:59 PM on Tuesday Dec. 4th. Each “grab bag” will come with three random, signed SUPER prints.

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