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Champoyhate's Comix Design You Trust LEPAGE - PHOTOGRAPHY - TWO-EYES.COM Daisy Balloon Diary Daisy Balloon | SHARED /April 6 , 2014 Communication Bar [SHARED] WHEN : April 19th, Saturday 21:00~05:00 (the following morning) PLACE : SHARED TERRACE – Gaien Icho Namiki (Address : Kita-Aoyama 2-1-15, Minato-ku, Tokyo) TEL : 03-5772-1585 This Spring will mark the 5th time that [SHARED] brings together designers and people from all over the world from all creative industries, including architecture, interiors, product design, fashion, art… and more.Come share the evening at a beautiful space with fine food and drinks, and good conversation. Cooperate : ORANGINA, Asahi, media one Artwork : DAISY BALLOON Photographer : Takuo Itayama Daisy Balloon | Book vol.2 “METAMORPHOSIS” /February 15 , 2014 Production : DAISY BALLOON Book Design : Takashi Kawada Editor : Arata Sasaki Translator : Saori Hamada Print : YAMADA PHOTO PROCESS CO. Book Size : W264.25×H327.25×D16.5mm Book Style : 136 pages / Book Cover Language : Japan, English Weight : 1350g ISBN978-4-9906090-2-3 Book Price : ¥8,400

The Burning Man Project :: Welcome Home Mrs. Deane : nothing is too amazing to be true non-digitally manip­u­lated hand print © Yaseen Al-Obeidy The Kuwait Weeks were born out of a con­ver­sa­tion I had with Kuwaiti pho­tog­ra­pher Mohammed Alk­ouh, who is cur­rently hav­ing a solo show at CAP Kuwait, which includes a num­ber of his recent stu­dio por­traits. We talked about his encoun­ters in the tra­di­tional por­trait stu­dios, which gave him the love for the hand-colored image, and how for him those pho­tographs, like real life instances of Oscar Wilde’s pic­tures of Dorian Gray, con­tained the pres­ence and the youth of a fam­ily mem­ber now in advanced age or even deceased. Instal­la­tion view with self por­traits of Al-Obeidy over the years © Hes­ter Keijser Some few weeks later it tran­spired that the Royal Trop­i­cal Insti­tute (aka Tropen­mu­seum) in Ams­ter­dam pur­chased a num­ber of Mohammed Alkouh’s prints from Tomorrow’s Past for their own col­lec­tion. Instal­la­tion view, after 1960s sil­ver gela­tine prints © Hes­ter Keijser

Quistography 2010 Absolutely Incredible Art made with Old Cassette Tapes | NoiseAddicts music and audio I’ve got 2 large boxes completely full of old cassette tapes (remember those?) in my closet. There are probably over 400 tapes sitting there, degrading, losing their magnetic information, slowly dissolving into silence, or perhaps more correctly, white noise. Will I ever listen to any of these again? Probably not. Heck, I don’t even own a tape player. I have no idea why I still keep them. Well, artist Erika Iris Simmons has definitely done something useful with her tapes. She is an artist who specializes in using non-traditional media such as old books, audio cassettes, playing cards, magazines, credit cards, basically whatever he can find. It feels great to work with strange, older materials. What she’s created with some old cassette tapes and reel tapes is simply remarkable. Jim Morrison: The “Reel” Marilyn Monroe: Robert De Niro: Ian Curtis Bob Dylan: Jimi Hendrix Incredible, aren’t they?

No Caption Needed Calikartel Tristan Manco Less travelled | UNLESS YOU WILL The other week I received these splendid series “Shiftless” by Raffaele Capasso & Francesco Claudio Cipolletta. Over the last few weeks I became a bit confused about what is what and what I want. Usually I do a lot of research and look through a lot of websites for UYW, but the more folios I looked through, the harder it became to make a decision. I guess there are times where we question everything. From what we are doing on a daily basis, to the more elaborate and seemingly unanswerable question of – what am I doing – what is art, where am I going next (unfortunately not to Tuscany), etc. I looked for that very answer in my studio, out for walks, over dinner, playing chess, drinking wine, staring at the moon at 3am, but the harder I looked the more it slipped away… but, this morning I finally came to the conclusion that art is doing. And before I go I leave you with this fantastic quote by Allan Kaprow