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photographers now Downloads Recent Releases in All Genres - Page 1 Monday, 14 April Review to follow shortly… "Rhys Chatham has trailblazed a course through late 20th century music, equally knowing in post-minimalist composition as he is in punk. Not since Roebling laid his span across the East River has there been an artist who builds bridges in both how we hear music and how we can appreciate art. His latest album, Outdoor Spell, is a further impressive document thats hard to classify, recording for trumpet and voice, both electrified and dry. " of the downtown greats looming larger than the Federal Reserve building." "Rhys Chatham's 'Harmonie Du Soir' presents three compositions. Cosmically inclined post-jazz and electroacoustic alchemy from the adventuous multi instrumentalist duo of Rob Mazurek (Starlicker, The Sao Paulo Underground, Exploding Star Orchestra) and Chad Taylor (Marc Ribot Trio, Side A (Ken Vandermark, Havaard Wiik), Digital Primitives)." 'Instrumental Tourist' is one of the year's most anticipated electronic music albums.

Massive Attack Thom Yorke Lists His Favourite New Sounds Photo: Sharjo Thom Yorke has unveiled his favourite contemporary songs through iTunes, perhaps giving us an insight into what the next Radiohead album will sound like. The singer hand-picked his choice ten tracks to appear on his ‘Celebrity Playlist’ – joining the likes of Brian Wilson and Samuel L Jackson who have submitted theirs in recent months. After immersing himself in Warp records in the late Nineties then, churning out the baffling electronic masterpiece that is ‘Kid A’, the question is whether his eclectic choices will be sculpting his band’s ever-evolving sound. Amongst those included on the list are Gigwise cover star Bat for Lashes, New York experimentalists Liars, the criminally under-rated Dears and former Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus. However, his favourite record of last year was Spank Rock’s ‘What It Look Like.’ Whether this list gives us an insight into what the new Radiohead will be like is anyone’s guess. His full playlist and all the blurb is as follows:

MS MR Les destinations favorites des dictateurs déchus C’est officiel, Moubarak fait désormais partie du club des ex-dirigeants. A la suite de l’annonce officielle de sa démission, il s’est envolé pour Charm el-Cheikh. Assigné à résidence sous le contrôle de l’armée, il attend la suite des évènements qui déterminera la prochaine étape de son périple. Le site The Christian Science Monitor revient sur les lieux de prédilection des ex-dirigeants, souvent contraints à quitter leur pays. Zine el Abidine Ben Ali, ancien président de la Tunisie, a fui son pays le 14 janvier 2011. L’ex-président d’Haïti, Jean-Claude «Baby Doc» Duvalier s’est réfugié en France en 1986 après avoir quitté le pouvoir. Elu président du Libéria en 1997, Charles Taylor faisait l’objet depuis 2003 d’un mandat d’arrêt international pour crime contre l’humanité. A l'instar de Ben Ali, l’ex-dictateur ougandais Idi Amin Dada dont le régime aurait fait pas loin de 500.000 victimes selon le site, choisit lui aussi l'Arabie saoudite pour sa vie d’exilé.

8bitpeoples From the depths of his sophomoric yet mischievous mind, Doomcloud has returned to unleash his latest creation, The Masquerade. This album is aggressively smothered with four original NES productions that even the Underworld would approve of. Please experience these tunes at your own risk. The day Radlib was asked to play Blip Festival NYC 2012, he immediately had the idea to put his own spin on some of his all-time favorite chiptune tracks. The result: four turbocharged dancefloor monsters, collected here in one killer debut EP. Armed with some old Sound Blaster 16 sound cards, Radlib keeps the party moving and creates electro-house free-for-alls via FM synthesis. "Philips MUSIC MODULE is exciting to use and unique in its simplicity. this is the first legitimate release from luke silas as knife city. he makes loud dance music using game boys, and loves to play it live for you. buy him a drink if you go to a show. plz&thx! The third release at 8bitpeoples from Mr.

Roger Waters - The Wall Live Thom Yorke’s Favourite Radiohead Song Is…? at The Idle Thoughts Of A DayDreamer I’ve made no secret in the past how huge a fan I am of Radiohead. I’ve said it before, and I will now say it again, there was NO better album in the 90′s than OK Computer. Indeed, has there been a better album since? “Thom Yorke’s Favourite Radiohead Tune Revealed” According to the NME, Thom’s favourite Radiohead song is “How To Disappear Completely” from the album Kid A, in 2000. The choice was not that of Radiohead fans. If I was forced to name my favourite Radiohead song, I would struggle! Make up your own mind by checking out each of the songs through*:How To Disappear CompletelyJustParanoid AndroidEverything In Its Right Place * Requires flash to play!

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