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Uwe Heidschötter

Uwe Heidschötter
Am 24.Dezember um 10:10 Uhr läuft DER GRÜFFELO und gleich im Anschluss DAS GRÜFFELOKIND im ZDF. Beide Verfilmungen der Kinderbücher von Julia Donaldson und Axel Scheffler wurden von Magic Light Pictures und Studio Soi produziert. Jakob Schuh und Max Lang haben die Regie für den Oscarnominierten ersten Teil geführt. Johannes Weiland und ich hatten die Freude, das beim zweiten Film zu machen. In England feiert am 25.Dezember um 16:35 Uhr ein dritter Film dieser Art auf BBC One Premiere. ROOM ON THE BROOM .

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Roman Muradov View high resolution This was made for Facegasm/CALA which I won’t be attending in person due to an immense fatigue that has been ruining my life & work for the last year or so, particularly recently. Probably this old thing that I’ve been neglecting for a decade. If anyone has any tips on dealing with chronic fatigue and resulting depression, drop me a line ok. This is the House Where Jack Lives - illustrated by Aliki This is the House Where Jack Lives - written by Joan Heilbroner, illustrated by Aliki (1962). Meg Park - Sketch Blog I really wanted to include more jungle creatures in my student film. Unfortunately, massive time constraints and the fact that the story didn't really call for it meant that I had to scrap the idea. Maybe this is what they could've looked like! I made these in Adobe Illustrator.

lindsey olivares Happy late mothers day to all the mothers out there. I'm sharing something I made for my mother aka MOMO. I wanted to illustrate various momo and me memories. This Nonsense joannaestep: faitherinhicks: My long road to get a digital drawing system set up has finally come to some kind of fruition … My first (mostly) complete digital comics page » finished traditional inks.

Aron Draws Hi there, and thank you so very much! The internet is pretty dang amazing. I first met my best friend Kyle online, and he taught me a whole lot! It’s pretty amazing for me to think I might not have met him or any of my other wonderful friends (or moved out here to Burbank) if it hadn’t been for the internet. Frank Chimero - Info Frank Chimero is a designer, illustrator, and writer. His practice focuses on design systems that bridge digital and analog formats, using the qualities of each to the other’s advantage. This method also extends to his personal work and publishing projects. In 2011, he was honored with the Art Directors Club Young Guns award and featured in Print Magazine’s New Visual Artist issue, highlighting twenty designers under the age of thirty.

Taija's Drawing Board Scan Preparation!Enjoy this video I made for you demonstrating how I use Photoshop process...