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The Abominable Charles Christopher - A Webcomic by Karl Kerschl

The Abominable Charles Christopher - A Webcomic by Karl Kerschl
Happy 2014, everyone!I'm starting off the year with another Colouring Contest! Just like last time, you can download the page, colour it, and post it on the Abominable Facebook Page. I’ll pick the winner randomly from the entries and then replace the strip in the archives with the winning version, to be forever a part of the Charles Christopher timeline.The winner will also receive the Book Two Hardcover, personalized with a sketch of whatever animal you’d like. Deadline is January 31, so get colouring!

What's New with Phil & Dixie Online Comics Welcome! The comics you'll find here were written and drawn in the 1980's and 1990's. They appeared in Dragon magazine: TSR's Dungeons & Dragons publication. So yes, they're all about RPGs and the gamers who love them. What's New collections on paper can be had from your local book or comic store, or our Studio Foglio Online Company Store.

BD Maniac la communauté 100% BD, Manga et Comics Les histoires d'amour durent 3 ans dit-on... La notre aura duré à peine plus mais elle en valait la peine !!! Vous l'aviez noté, BD Maniac tournait au ralenti depuis quelques mois... Puis un problème technique sur notre flux de nouveautés est venu mettre un coup d'arrêt net à notre activité en Juillet dernier.

comics! #1. The Beginning #5. It's Just Springiette The latest from Easel A parent theme for WordPress that has many adaptable hooks and filters to allow for an abundant of different addon’s and features. This theme has been designed from years of development of the ComicPress theme. Tech Support can be found in the forum. Features All of the latest and greatest features of WordPress 3.0Customizable layout’s via layout-head and layout-foot files.Hooks and Features for advanced customization and creation of Addons.Built as a parent theme to allow even more customization via child theme.A generic empty style.css with default style for when a child theme is not present.Plethora of additional widgets.Additional Avatar’s set creation ability for users who do not have a GravatarAssociated plugins that hook into the theme for yet, even more functionality.Multiple different layoutsSeveral different schemes (looks for the site) Addons

The Meek Le blog BD de Laureline Karaboudjan Les jurés ont rendu publique leur sélection pour le 40ème festival d’Angoulême. Qui pourrait être distingué du Fauve d’Or le 3 février prochain? C’est un des moments que les amateurs de BD attendent chaque année avec impatience. La sélection des oeuvres susceptibles d’être primées au prochain festival d’Angoulême vient d’être dévoilée. La liste comporte près de 60 ouvrages répartis en quatre catégories (sélection officielle, patrimoine, jeunesse et polar). Three Panel Soul Makeshift Miracle Story by Jim Zub Artwork by Shun Hong Chan Lettering by Marshall Dillon Now Available! Follow Us Jim Zub's Google+ Jim Zub's Facebook Shun Hong's Facebook The Rainbow Orchid - Webbledegook the blog: news and updates It was an early start on the Thursday - the first day of the festival, but one I would spend travelling - up at 5.45 for a train to East Croydon, then on to St. Pancras for the Eurostar to Paris. I was slightly anxious about the short time I'd have to get from Gare du Nord to Montparnasse for my train to Angoulême, but here's a top tip - I discovered you can buy Métro tickets from the buffet car on the Eurostar, so I got two (one for the return journey) and I was all set to get off the train and scoot right on to the Métro - plenty of time. I finally reached Angoulême just after 16.30 and made my way up the big hill and into the town centre to find Espace Para-BD, where the BD Must stand was and from where I could collect my pass. I introduced myself to Jean-Michel and his BD Must crew, as well as the artists already signing - Eric Heuvel and Vano from the Netherlands (I had met Eric before), and Patrick Dumas and Nicolas Siner from France. And so came my last day.

Orbital Self-Portrait Show and other stuff I’m honoured to say that I’ve been included in an exhibition of self-portraits by comic artists, curated by Camila Barboza, that’s taking place at the wonderful Orbital Comics in London. There are pics by a number of small-, medium- and large-press favourites such as Joe Decie, Adam Cadwell, Ellen Lindner and Gary Erskine, as well as me on a giant blue chicken. Here are some photos from the launch, but do take a look in person if you’re in the area. The (free) show runs until the 15th October. Hark! A Vagrant: Kate Beaton's Witty Comics about Historical & Literary Figures by Maria Popova Training for presidents, Victorian dude-spotting, and what the Brontë Sisters have to do with Jules Verne. From New Yorker cartoonist Kate Beaton comes Hark! A Vagrant — a witty and wonderful collection of comics about historical and literary figures and events, based on her popular web comic of the same name. Scientists and artists, revolutionaries and superheroes, suffragists and presidents — they’re all there, as antique hipsters, and they’re all skewered with equal parts comedic and cerebral prod. Beaton, whose background is in history and anthropology, has a remarkable penchant for conveying the momentous through the inane, aided by a truly special gift for simple, subtle, incredibly expressive caricature.