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Why Procrastinators Procrastinate

PDF: We made a fancy PDF of this post for printing and offline viewing. Buy it here. (Or see a preview.) pro-cras-ti-na-tion |prəˌkrastəˈnāSHən, prō-| noun the action of delaying or postponing something: your first tip is to avoid procrastination. Who would have thought that after decades of struggle with procrastination, the dictionary, of all places, would hold the solution. Avoid procrastination. While we’re here, let’s make sure obese people avoid overeating, depressed people avoid apathy, and someone please tell beached whales that they should avoid being out of the ocean. No, “avoid procrastination” is only good advice for fake procrastinators—those people that are like, “I totally go on Facebook a few times every day at work—I’m such a procrastinator!” The thing that neither the dictionary nor fake procrastinators understand is that for a real procrastinator, procrastination isn’t optional—it’s something they don’t know how to not do. Pretty normal, right? Notice anything different?

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Blame My Brain The revised edition of Blame My Brain – The Amazing Teenage Brain Revealed - first published in 2005 and updated in 2007 and 2013. Signed copies available from my online shop, unsigned copies from all good shops, and the ebook from wherever you normally buy ebooks! BLAME MY BRAIN was shortlisted for the Aventis prize for science-writing, is internationally acclaimed, and has been reprinted many times and translated into other languages. It is highly unusual (possibly unique) in being written specifically for teenagers to understand their own brains. “Nicola Morgan has that rare gift of being able to communicate science and make it fun. She brings the biology of the brain to the general reader in a way that will not only educate but entertain.”

Getting a good school routine - Family Lives The move to high school can come as a shock to both parents and children. You may feel your child isn’t ready to take the responsibility for what is probably a longer journey to school, perhaps using public transport. They will usually have a large amount of books and equipment to carry around and may find it difficult to organise themselves. As the school will be expecting your child to take greater responsibility, you should try to continue this at home as much as possible, but that can be easier said than done. At this age children start to want more privacy when they’re getting ready. REAL TELEKINESIS: YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS Telekinesis has been interesting to me since I was a little kid watching Star Wars. Those Jedis could move objects with their mind and I began a long quest studying ESP, Psychic abilities, the paranormal and of course Telekinesis. What is Telekinesis? Telekinesis is defined as the ability to move objects at a distance by mental power or other nonphysical means. This is everything from levitating objects to the classic bending of spoons.

Secrets of the teenage brain Several years ago Frances E Jensen’s 16-year-old son wrote off a car. A few years earlier, her other son had returned from a friend’s house with his hair dyed jet black. The University of Pennsylvania neurologist was finding her teenagers’ erratic behaviour increasingly taxing, so she decided to study teenage thought processes and gathered her research in the book The Teenage Brain. She found that while much had been written about teen psychology and parenting, no one had explained the neurons and cerebral connections that make those years such a unique – and terrifying – part of growing up. The teenage brain has only recently become a subject for serious research, which shows how little was known about it. Homework - Family Lives With all the pressure of school work, puberty, social life and other commitments playing their part, it's understandable that your child might sometimes feel a little overwhelmed by their homework. There are many ways to help ease some of this by supporting and guiding them - they might not tell you they want help, but by showing your support your child will pick up on your positive attitude and this can help encourage them to do the same when it comes to their education. The benefits of helping your child are endless.

How to Do Nothing with Nobody All Alone by Yourself: A Timely Vintage Field Guide to Self-Reliant Play and Joyful Solitude by Maria Popova A celebration of makers and hackers from half a century before they were called makers and hackers. Legendary psychoanalyst Adam Phillips has written beautifully about why the capacity for boredom is essential for a full life and Susan Sontag contemplated the creative purpose of boredom. This is It: Your Ultimate Public Speaking Cheat Sheet There’s a lot of advice out there about how to give a great talk. And—let’s face it—when you’re already panicked about public speaking, reading article after article can get a little intimidating. Which is why we loved this infographic, which boils down all the essentials—from ways to make an impact on your audience to tips to prepare 24 hours before—into one quick, fun read. Whether you’re giving a huge talk at a conference or presenting at your monthly staff meeting, consider this your ultimate cheat sheet. Infographic courtesy of London Speaker Bureau.

Teenagers and sleep - Family Lives Understanding your teen's body clock "My son David almost missed one of his GCSE’s this summer because he just can't get out of bed in the mornings," says 38 year old Ellen, from Huddersfield. "I have to leave the house at 7.30 and then I'm worrying the whole time, phoning him every 10 minutes to try and make sure he gets up on time for school. But he’s been late several times because he just can’t wake up." How hormones affect the teenage body clock

Teenagers and homework - Family Lives "Getting them to settle down to homework seems to be a bit of an uphill struggle. And as for the maths and science - I couldn’t even help them out!" Homework can sometimes feel as daunting for parents as it is for children. 17 Web Toys for Your Procrastination Pleasure Sometimes you need to take a break from work and just veg out by doing something mindless and pleasant. TV or a game of solitaire is good for that, but both require a set time commitment. There are hundreds of alternatives on the internet in the form of web toys. These are sites that offer strange visuals, often interactive visuals, that require no real mental effort but might bring a smile to your face for a while.

What it Really Means to Hold Space for Someone When my Mom was dying, my siblings and I gathered to be with her in her final days. None of us knew anything about supporting someone in her transition out of this life into the next, but we were pretty sure we wanted to keep her at home, so we did. While we supported Mom, we were, in turn, supported by a gifted palliative care nurse, Ann, who came every few days to care for Mom and to talk to us about what we could expect in the coming days. Four neuromyths that are still prevalent in schools – debunked It is no surprise that many teachers have an interest in neuroscience and psychology since areas such as memory, motivation, curiosity, intelligence and determination are highly important in education. But neuroscience and psychology are complex, nuanced subjects that come with many caveats. Although progress is being made towards understanding what helps and hinders students, there is still a disconnect between the research in labs and what happens in many schools. Many “neuromyths” are rampant in our classrooms, and research suggests that people are often seduced by neuroscientific explanations, even if these are not accurate or even relevant.

How To Master Your Time The secret to time management is simple: Jedi time tricks. Imagine you were a Jedi master called Bob (your parents, whilst skilled in the ways of the force weren’t the best at choosing names). The love of your life – Princess Lucia – is trapped in a burning building as you hurry to save her. You might think of Lucia as the embodiment of your dreams, your aspirations – she is your most important thing.

Don't Stop Procrastinating. Just Procrastinate Better. by Robert Montenegro Procrastination is often unfairly regarded as productivity's evil twin, writes Donné Torr over at Hootsuite. Sure, procrastinators can be slow and unreliable, but there exists research to suggest not all people who put things off are unproductive. Whether it's the sort of "research" that's not worth the paper it's printed on, I'll leave for you to decide.

I think I understand much better now! Thank you for Sharing. Don't feel like you have to write me, I don't want me on your list of things " I have to do" you might not WB. Let's keep the lines open. My mind is a total blank right now but maybe you can help me to take it easy sometimes and understand if something doesn't get done the sky won't fall! ... Your Friend.. Chelle... by mychelle21 Jan 16

Well ... Procrastinators actually do not get satisfaction neither from watching Utubes, or playing videogames... They believe they will get it instead of being productive. Even worse, a procrastinator feels often bad after having lost so many valuable lifetime playing games etc. My father and myself, both procrastinators, believe it or not, were extreme hard workers, and both of us dedicated our lives in being/trying the best at work, at university and at school and always driven by "deadlines". Dad died too soon at age 66 in 1991, and I lost my job in 2013 (after 34 years over full-time active and due to severe illness). I believe that in my case I became procrastinator because others sucked too many energy out of me incl. My mum who has always been psychologically ill,without getting in return the right and balanced reward, which is not money for me. Procrastinators are lived by others, and lack control on taking their own agenda to a primary level, because their agenda "has been lost". At least that's what I believe ;-) by stinnie Jan 12

Friend... Tell me ... If you get immediate satisfaction from watching a u tube video instead of doing something that needs to get done can't you get that same drug from doing something productive ? Let me give you an example : I have limited space but want my space to look as beautiful as I can, years back I needed a place to store all my quilting fabric so I searched and found a Gorgeous piece, a tall Cedar Cabinet. The only place for it is in my master BR. The day came when I ran out of drawer and closet space so I condensed my beautiful cabinet and devoted 3 shelves to clothing , at first this was an ok arrangement but getting dressed in a hurry led to cluttered shoved in unorganized, messy cabinet . ( trying to paint a picture) soon my cabinet was such a mess I had no idea what was where. I had to TAKE EVERYTHING OUT AND ORGANIZE IT! (Getting there) After a little thought as to what I wear most and seasonal I TORE OUT AND PILED EVERYTHING ON MY BED and just STARTED ORGANIZING! It took under an hour to perfect all my fabrics on the bottom and my clothes by favorite and hot/cold weather. How did I feel when I finished?! I felt Fantastic! I felt a sense of accomplishment accompanied by a high like feeling ( I suppose some sort of ____ amine) or serotonin release . So my question to you is if Procrastination and doing what you want rather than what you should be doing gives you that drug like high couldn't you get the same exact high by doing something in the. RIGHT NOW and finishing it?! You could start with 1 drawer or 1 paper. I would think if you START SMALL and do a 10-15 minute job and finish it wouldn't you get that "GOOD JOB! WELL DONE! " rush? When I have something I know I need to do and am not doing it I find it will bug me and drag me down until that's all I can think about. So I do it and maybe play a mind game with a BEAT THE CLOCK type attitude . Can you - the procrastinator do an experiment for me Please and do one very small job, anything that's been put off until later. Just try to do it QUICLY but with a little bit of PERFECTIONISM thrown in and SEE IF MAYBE YOU FEEL THE DRUG LIKE EFFECT LIKE I GET WHEN I "DO IT NOW! " I love the feeling of a job well done! I'm procrastinating right now, talking to you my opposite ( The dreaded procrastinator ) instead of what has been running through my head as I write and that is to get things listed... Now! Please take a minute to let me know how it goes! Oh and this is for TODAY! Not TOMORROW ! ... Chelle... by mychelle21 Jan 12

I should have read before the drawings started the first time... I get it! I know I would love to stop and play but I can't! No time! But what grabbed me was the fight then the lion and the tiger. Wow! Is that what it's like to procrastinate?! I'll give a little and you give a little and let's see where we can go:) by mychelle21 Jan 10

If you put it off until later... Then you have today's work and tomorrow's to do! And tomorrow will bring its own troubles... Also haven't you heard... " why put off until tomorrow what you can do today !" I'm here for you... I'd LOVE to make a convert... Do you think you can change? I have questions for you! ... Chelle... P.S. If I told you what I've accomplished since I posted last night I doubt you would believe me. by mychelle21 Jan 10

I never Procrastinate... I am married to the biggest procrastinator there is and my sons are all the "I'll do it later" type, This leaves me with EVERYTHING TO DO! It's overwhelming and now i am working with 2 ruptured disks that can't heal because i have so much to do! Is there anything i can do to change their ways?!!!! by mychelle21 Jan 10