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Cat and Girl

Cat and Girl

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Wondermark Dominic Deegan penny arcade Girly Starslip Storming the Tower - The Honest Diarist So, I'm quasi-returned, following a cross-country move with few stops and even less Internet access. I'll resume reviews in the next couple of days with a comic I've been sitting on for some time, but I wanted to bring your attention to the latest installment of Marc Ellerby's Ellerbisms (previously reviewed here). Diary comics are harder than they look, precisely because they require a degree of honesty that most of us are simply not able to offer up; either because we hesitate to stare our true selves in the face or out of respect for our lovely but flawed loved ones. James Kolchalka's American Elf, which I often hold up as the template for successful diary comicking, is often astounding in its honesty. There has long been a ghost of a narrative running through Ellerbisms, a story beneath Anna and Marc's relationship. It's a difficult scene for a number of reasons. Two, it's remarkable that Ellerby has shared this at all. [Ellerbisms]

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