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How to Start Making Your Own Electronics with Arduino and Other People's Code

How to Start Making Your Own Electronics with Arduino and Other People's Code
"DC Barrel Jack Adaptor (95¢): This adaptor connects the power supply into the breadboard directly" —- No it doesn't. The DC barrel jack adapter is not compatible with the breadboard. The comments on sparkfun's page confirm this. Unfortunately I didn't read those comments until after I bought it, trusting this article's information. So now I have to solder some wires to the adapter so I can plug it into the breadboard to avoid buying more parts. But this will make the DC jack less secure... This entire project is super easy if you do it the way Rajarshi explains.

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DIY Your Own Voice Controlled Lights Two quick things: There is a thriving knockoff market for Arduino boards and shields on eBay (a nano clone is less than $10) and many are pretty good quality. For a lot of my single purpose projects, I've started using Arduinos to program ATTiny chips rather than dedicating a dev board - works for more projects that I expected and the dedicated cost is ~$2 for the chip + whatever components you need. A single AVR shield can be used as a central command and could communicate to your projects all over the house, (you'd probably need zigbee or some form of network access on your projects). DIY Flexible Printed Circuits Get some thin sheets of polyimide which have copper on one or both sides. Polyimide is a yellow polymer with a high melting temperature and is sometimes called Kapton. A common type of copper-coated polyimide is DuPont "Pyralux" material.

Top 10 Things You Can Upgrade with a Little Electronics Hacking it is a skill to do a good solder joint, it comes with LOTS of practice. so most people who rarely do it will ever get good at it. Bingo. Of course, part of the issue is having a soldering iron at the right temp with a properly tinned tip. Newbies aren't using soldering stations but a cheap iron they got at rat shack (You have questions? Wi-fi Speakers - Stream Music Anywhere I want to put wireless speakers in 5 places in my house, but I don't have $900 to throw down for 5 squeeze boxes. What do you suggest as an alternative? Or are you just a shill for logitech?

You searched for arduino In the third part of this new series, Darren Yates shows you how to connect LEDs to your Arduino projects. In the second part of this new series, Darren Yates shows you a quick way to add environmental sensing to your projects. In this new series, Darren Yates takes you through basic Arduino concepts, starting with communicating with an ultrasonic sensor. Darren Yates answers a reader request and designs a big-screen timekeeper using an Arduino microcontroller. Long-time readers will know I’m not one to promote trendy marketing phrases and certainly ‘Internet of Things’ or ‘IoT’ is right up there with the best (worst) of them. But the concept behind the phrase is worth understanding as it drives the next generation of connected devices.

Build Your Own Electronically Powered Self-Watering Plant System For those that want an off-the-shelf option I bought one of these and I love it for the most part: The reservoir is 6.6 gal so it is huge which is a good and bad thing. Also it is gravity based so somehow you have to manage to lift the 6.6 gal box above all your plants. I ended up using a wood TV tray on top of my plant table and it worked great. How to Choose the Right Platform: Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone Black This article was originally posted at Michael Leonard’s blog and has been re-posted here. There are already many articles out there comparing Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and BeagleBone Black; this is not one of those articles. I believe it is clear that Arduino is in a different league than the Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone Black, and serves an entirely different purpose. What I was looking for and couldn’t find was a comprehensive article that would summarize all of the pros and cons of the Raspberry Pi and the BeagleBone Black, and what each platform is best suited for. When I couldn’t find that article, I decided to write it myself.

DIY Sound Localization Sensor with Arduino We have covered loads of motion detection projects, but what about sound? A sound localization sensor helps you to identify the location or origin of a detected sound and find out its direction and distance. Our ears do it for us, but building an artificial signal processor takes some work. The military has expensive equipment for this, but if you’d like to do it yourself at a low cost, this is for you. The DIY sound localization sensor uses an operational amplifier circuit alongside an Arduino and servo. The circuit amplifies the signal from three microphones, compares their amplitudes, and determines the origin location of the sounds.

You searched for arduino - Page 3 of 4 Stompy the walking robot. Isn’t he cute? Our first Arduino robot called Rolly in our February issue proved to be a popular project. Powered by an Arduino Uno board it was easy to put together and cost very little. In this project we upped the ante again with our first walking robot appropriately called Stompy

Hack Your Door to Lock and Unlock via Text Message @hahn: I don't know about all that. With the right safeguards in place, I think this would be secure enough for my tastes: 1. Ensure it only responds to messages from ones' own phone. (Perhaps with a log of attempts from other users.) About MAKE Whether your project travels in a suitcase or requires a tow hitch and trailer to move it around, get on the Road to Maker Faire Challenge — you could win $2,500 to bring your project to New York City this September for World Maker Faire! Grand PrizeOne Grand Prize Winner will receive $2,500 to bring their project to World Maker Faire New York 2013. 2nd PrizeTwo Runners-up Prize Winners will each receive 1 Maker’s Notebook, a 1-year subscription to Make: Magazine, and 2 Adult weekend passes to World Maker Faire New York 2013. Contest InstructionsTo enter in the Road to Maker Faire Challenge, you will need to submit an Entry Form with all of your project details.