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Double Helix Telex External Link Internal Link Inventory Cache Double Helix This nOde last updated November 27th, 2004 and is permanently morphing double helix noun The coiled structure of double-stranded DNA in which strands linked by hydrogen bonds form a spiral configuration. 604 track _Double Helix_ MP3 by Digitalis off of _All Boundaries Are Illusion_compilation CD from 21-3 604 track _Triple Helix_ MP3 by Planet B.E.N. and Spiralkinda samples: "A person from another planet might disagree with you" - from the film _The Day The Earth Stood Still_ (vhs/ntsc) ; "Earth, biosphere. My investigation had led me to formulate the following working hypothesis: In their visions, shamans take their consciousness down to the molecular level and gain access to information related to DNA, which they call "animate essences" or "spirits." Like the axis mundi of shamanic traditions, DNA has the form of a information. photons, which are electromagnetic photons of biological origin, or "biophotons." Jeremy Narby - The DNA.

Computer Vision Algorithm Implementations General Image Processing OpenCV (C/C++ code, BSD lic) Image manipulation, matrix manipulation, transforms Torch3Vision (C/C++ code, BSD lic) Basic image processing, matrix manipulation and feature extraction algorithms: rotation, flip, photometric normalisations (Histogram Equalization, Multiscale Retinex, Self-Quotient Image or Gross-Brajovic), edge detection, 2D DCT, 2D FFT, 2D Gabor, PCA to do Eigen-Faces, LDA to do Fisher-Faces. Various metrics (Euclidean, Mahanalobis, ChiSquare, NormalizeCorrelation, TangentDistance, ...) GradientShop (C/C++ code, GPL lic) GradientShop: A Gradient-Domain Optimization Framework for Image and Video Filtering ImLab (C/C++ code, MIT lic) A Free Experimental System for Image Processing (loading, transforms, filters, histogram, morphology, ...) (C/C++ code, GPL and LGPL lic) CImg Library is an open source C++ toolkit for image processing Generic Image Library (GIL) - boost integration (C/C++ code, MIT lic) Adobe open source C++ Generic Image Library (GIL) qcv BoofCV

MGI-Mouse Genome Informatics-The international database resource for the laboratory mouse BRAINMETA.COM - NEUROSCIENCE, CONSCIOUSNESS, BRAIN, MIND, MIND-BRAIN, NEUROINFORMATICS, BRAIN MAPS, BRAIN ATLASES DNA As Conductor Telex External Link Internal Link Inventory CacheDNA As ConductorThis nOde last updated December 8th, 2001 and is permanently morphing...(3 Muluc (Water) / 7 Mak - Double Helix Does Chemistry at a Distance-But How?In the newest Science, vol. 275, 7. DNA double helix. DNA as conducting wire instead of insulator What seems to occur is flow of electron current along DNA with very small resistance. quantum tunneling between adjacent building units of DNA and it should diminish exponentially with distance. There exist a theory which assumes that the current could flow along the interior of double DNA, that is the region between the bases of strand and complementary strand. 604 track _Cynabs_ MP3 by Orion off of _Trance Central Vol. 8_ on Kickin (2000) sample: "This direct contact from drug and receptor causes massive electrical activity electric current can flow freely without resistance. Charged wormholes could provide also a mechanism of superconductivity: Captured from Inventory Cache

Bioluminescence sagre gives his lightsaber and invisibility Mesurant seulement 45 cm de long environ, le sagre peut sembler nettement moins impressionnant que ses cousins, ​​les grands requins. Mais ce poisson a maitrisé l’art de la bioluminescence, en se dissimulant de ses proies tout en mettant en garde les potentiels prédateurs. Parce qu’il vit dans les profondeurs, il n’est pas surprenant que le sagre dispose de capacités bioluminescentes, mais ils sont une des rares espèces à utiliser cette adaptation de multiples façons. Sur le ventre, le petit requin a petite vésicules, appelées photophores, produisant de la lumière qui est visible au poisson qui passe sous lui. Le Dr Claes explique : C’était surprenant, pourquoi voudriez-vous essayer d’être invisible d’en bas, mais visible de la face dorsale ? Pour en savoir plus, consultez le document original complet sur Scientific Reports : A deepwater fish with ‘lightsabers’ – dorsal spine-associated luminescence in a counterilluminating lanternshark.

Les Algorithmes Génétiques 1.1 Principes généraux Les algorithmes génétiques sont des algorithmes d'optimisation s'appuyant sur des techniques dérivées de la génétique et de l'évolution naturelle1 : croisements, mutations, sélection, etc. Les algorithmes génétiques ont déjà une histoire relativement ancienne puisque les premiers travaux de John Holland sur les systèmes adaptatifs remontent à 1962 [Hol62]. L'ouvrage de David Goldberg [Gol89c] a largement contribué à les vulgariser. Un algorithme génétique recherche le ou les extrema d'une fonction définie sur un espace de données. Un principe de codage de l'élément de population. Figure 1.1: Principe général des algorithmes génétiques on commence par générer une population d'individus de façon aléatoire. 1.2 Description détaillée 1.2.1 Codage des données Historiquement le codage utilisé par les algorithmes génétiques était représenté sous forme de chaînes de bits contenant toute l'information nécessaire à la description d'un point dans l'espace d'état. 1.3.2 Scaling

Cell Cycle & Cytokinesis - Cell Cycle Regulation and the Control of Cell Proliferation (Cell Growth + Cell Division) Cell Cycle Research - General resource with links to relevant recent literature, news and job listings. (Ion Channel Media Group) Cell Division - Undergraduate-level lectures on cell division. (Cell Biology Lectures, Mark Hill, University of New South Wales, Australia) The Eukaryotic Cell Cycle and Cancer - Introduction to the eukaryotic cell cycle as it relates to the genetics of cancer. (Phillip McClean, North Dakota State University) (Just above Beginner's Level) ICRF FACS Laboratory Cell Cycle Analysis - Methods for cell cycle analysis using flow cytometry. See also the Apoptosis, Cell Senescence and Signal Transduction pages. Mitosis, Meiosis and the Mechanics of Cell Division See also the Cytoskeleton, Cell Motility and Motors page. Cancer Resources See also the Discussion Groups section of the General Resources and Tutorials page. Labs Studying Visits: The Biological Chip in our Cells by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf Light is in principle the oldest and most important food of the world, and still in addition - understood as electromagnetic wave - a perfect storage medium. We know today that life in the universe is a process which is always swiming against the river. Physics predicts that everything in nature is going towards a condition of a thermal equilibrium. With every energy consuming process always also warmth is produced, which cannot be completely reconverted into work energy. This is well-known to each power station operator. The universe favours disorder and decay rather than order and structure. In such an environment an organism can temporarily exist only because it constantly supplies new order structures to its body using energy , briefly said: by taking up food regularly. For this the plants found the simplest and most direct way. Light nevertheless plays a crucial role for animal and human life too. Not so with superconductors. This is actual the case.